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Girl on a beach

Wilmarco Imaging

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girls become women but girls never get old.... ask one?




This looks like a shot that was setup, so some fill flash or supplemental lighting would have prevented the muddiness of the tones on her back and especially her arm. And, yes, have the sensor cleaned.


Most of my female friends are in their 50s and 60s, none refer to themselves as girls, and all know they’re older than their children and, in some cases, their grandchildren. We’ve moved beyond the days of Lucy and Ethel lying about their age.

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There’s always something new under the sun.
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I see absolutely nothing wrong with people using the term “girl” to refer to women.

Many men and women do that and no one gets their feelings hurt.

It is a simple matter of dealing with people as individuals and not lumping them into groups.

Classic political correctness run amok.

Grievance mentality from the same old worn out reliable source who thinks nothing of using profanity laced tirades against other members here, making fun of and ridiculing other members’ personal faith, ridiculing the moderators, ridiculing the site itself, or using deception to circumvent site policy.


And we need a lecture on referring to some woman, unknown to the detractors, as a “girl on the beach”?

Don’t think so.

You go girl!

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Was the photo taken by Angelina or by Paul (you)?

*Clean the sensor - it is dirty.

Remove that ugly big mark from the lower left corner.


Paul, ME, of course, took the pic. Angelina is the model. Did you really think I might have been the model?... THANKS! Makes me feel 20 years younger.


Mark in the left corner? mmm its not bothering me at all. I think it may be an animal's foot print.


Yeah, my Canon 20D has been around the block a few times. Cleaning it is no problem, Im not that particular so I guess I missed it. OH I may have done it since then...?




Set up? maybe a bit. it was more; "lets get a few shots by the water" then warm up in the car. It was a beautiful late fall crisp morning in the upper 30s F... yup, nipple raising for sure. We didnt think it was going to be so cold.


Your friends must have a miserable outlook on life if Lucy n Harriot are dead along with santa clause. Most of the old gurls I know wont tell their age n love being called gurlz. Perhaps peer censorship is going to wash that out too? Whats next, censor jokes?... oh they already do that. No sense of humor, got dam kidz ah.


The post work is not my cup of tea either. I do some fiddling, but im sure its way off n crude. Digital is not my thing. its only a play toy for the past 6 years to keep the gray matter pink. I hate computers doing the thinking for me. I also have a problem looking through such a tiny viewfinder. that peeper of a viewscreen doesn't allow you to see small details. Im use to something much larger. I also find the dash board info very annoying n distracting plus it uses up viewing space.


Fill flash, carry more stuff?..... I probably could use my Sunpak 611 but Im affraid I'd fry the camera. These digitals have very sensitive skin. Ive been wanting to build a small protector circuit but never seem to get around to it, electronic parts arent as available as they once were.


MOO VIN ON... yeah go gurl!








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The more you say, the less people listen.
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I suppose if you’re a dude dressed up in a skirt looking like a skank you too can be called a girl nowadays. Yes sir you can, sweet baby Jesus hallelujah! But don’t you dare call a woman a girl though, that’s damn “sexist” I’ll tell ya. LOL.


Boy, Is more needed to prove my point?

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