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Nikon Wednesday 2018: #35

Matt Laur

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please keep your image under 1000 pixels on the longest side for in-line viewing, and
please keep the FILE SIZE UNDER 300kb
. Note that
this includes photos hosted off-site
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. This forum's moderators are allowing up to three Nikon Wednesday images per week, so share some work!


So, I've been out walking the dog every night for the last few weeks, and keep telling myself that I really should get a shot of Mars while it's nice and close, flirting as it has been with the moon. I don't have the rig to really to the astro stuff right, but when the moon is going full-throttle and Mars is nice and close, I can't resist, even with my modest 200-500 on the D810. Here's a composite of the two, to get them inside the same 1000 pixels we're allowed here. Both were shot at the same 500mm, but exposed just a bit differently because the moon is so bright. They're placed side by side to help show how close Mars still is, despite pulling farther away every night. Didn't mess with the color temp - Mars really is that orange. Anybody else look above the horizon this week? Share some photos!moon_mars.thumb.jpg.6f0d4f6b9066249cfe7db3cec9aea6b1.jpg

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We were driving around Montana and came across a nest of Osprey. The dad flew off and came back with a fish, then sat guard on a nearby tree. I was mad at myself because I'd left my 150-600 zoom at our hotel. After we finished up and were putting our stuff back in the car, my husband said, pointing behind the seat, "Isn't that your long lens right there?" Massive facepalm.

Anyhoo, D750+70-300vr. Taken around Hungry Horse reservoir.





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