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Lens I bought that should be very sharp is very soft. Why?


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Yes, it is 1:1 lens. I am was not inside minimum focusing distance. BTW, all the images are 100% crops.


None of the MF 55mms go to 1:1-the closest any will get is 1:2.


Still, though, the photo of the ruler shows that you are well within the focus range of the lens and there is definitely something wrong with it.

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Alan, here is a quick sample I shot this evening using that same lens. First image is the whole frame, the second image is a crop and represents about 2% of the frame's coverage. Shot at F3.5, on tripod, with led lighting, shutter speed about 1/2sec at ISO100 (on tripod, obviously). I focused manually using live view zoomed all the way in. Granted, it is black writing in a white background which "enhances" apparent sharpness, but you will note this lens should be sharp as a razor blade when used properly and all things are OK with the unit.

Images follow-



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