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H. Fox Talbot, Esq - Photographic Inventor

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Thanks for posting these, Marc. Some gems therein. The article on Talbot is outstanding; and I love the picture of the amateur carrying his gear in page 59 (the Camera Club article).


The Simple Camera article is still a good introduction to flash illumination, if you keep to the concepts. I'd bet that when a large bulb went off below the improvised soft plastic shees, there was a nice smell of burned plastics. No doubt those eager youngsters had a lot of fun in the picture session.


The ads are always a source of inspiration. For instance, I did not know that the Konica I was a modification of the Konica II. That Pearl folder looks interesting. Zeiss-Ikon was in very good shape to solve your season gift problems back in 1952; Contax prices were well above Leica, where people probably were very busy developing the M.


Please keep these coming!

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