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Film Camera Week for December 15

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Welcome everyone to our new thread. It's been a busy month so far. I'll start with some shots from a roll of Kentmere 100 that I processed and scanned earlier this week.


old wheel, Minolta XE with Sigma 90mm f2.8 Macro



row of rocking chairs, same gear as above



waiting for light to change, Minolta XE with 50mm f1.4 MC Rokkor



empty chairs, Minolta XE and 50mm f1.4, cropped



press to order, XE and 90mm

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Been absent for a couple of months, Visitors, travel, rain, procrastination, etc. Finally got out with the Praktica L2 in an attempt to try out a Soligar 35mm f2.8 acquisition in M42. After a couple of shots I noticed a gap of about 1/16 inch between camera body and lens mount. Same on Mamiya and Fujica but mounted correctly on Pentax Spotty F, SP1000 and a Zenit.. Appears to be Stop Down nipple hitting Camera stop down Pedal to prevent the last turn on the thread. Thought this might throw out Focus but no evidence of this in the images, but, quite noticeable vignetting. However, this could be the rather poorly loved Soligar.

Anyway, here's a couple with the Sol;igar on a very wet day at the Fish Market Wharf. TMY in Pyro HD.



Wet Day on the Wharf #1.



Wet Day on the Wharf #2.

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Tony Evans
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A couple from the Rollieflex Automat K4 : 75mm Zeiss Jena Tessar f/3.5 : Ilford HP5 Plus : PMK Pyro


Cafe Open





Waiting for the Crowds




The lead-up to the festive season is always chaotic in my part of the world, with customers and clients always wanting everything "completed by Christmas". I haven't had as much time with a camera as I would have liked, but here are three from a Cambo Wide fitted with a 65mm Schneider Kreuznach Super Angulon f/5.6 lens, from some experimentation I did earlier in the year. Film and processing noted. I'll try to post some more later in the weekend if I can get time to finish a film in a Mamiya 645 1000s.


Early Hay (Fuji Acros : Ilford Perceptol)



Dreaming of Better Days (Fuji Acros : Ilford ID-11)



Stubble (Fuji Acros : Ilford ID-11)






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