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Nikon 35ti Battery Cap Replacement


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Hi all,


I am desperately trying to find where I can purchase a replacement battery door lid for my Nikon 35ti.


I can't remember the name of the type of lid I need but I am attaching a picture of what it looks like.


If anyone has any leads it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.









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I'd suggest keeping an eye out for a broken 35Ti (or 28Ti - do they have the same battery compartment?) on auction sites. Not that I could see any when I last looked - I doubt these ever sold in huge quantities. I'm sure it's possible to bodge something that works with tin snips and a soldering iron, but I appreciate that, long term, you might want something prettier!


Just in case, have you tried officially with Nikon? They might have a spare part they can sell you.

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