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  1. Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows);

    © © 2013, John Crosley/Crosley trust, all rights reserved, No reproduction or other use without express prior written permission from copyright holder

  2. For sale used FS: Canon chargers and batteries. Hard to find. SET A: Canon battery charger NC-E2 and two NP-E3 batteries Charger works perfectly. Batteries will take a charge. Sold as-is. They work with Canon 1Ds and other similar bodies. $90 SET B: Same as above. My backup charger. Canon battery charger NC-E2 and two NP-E3 batteries Charger works perfectly. Batteries will take a charge. Sold as-is. They work with Canon 1Ds and other similar bodies. $90 Price is for one NC E2 charger and two NP E3 batteries. $90 net to me; buyer pays shipping. Seller accepts PayPal only. CONUS only. If you want BOTH SETS, I will discount to $165 for a savings to you. ***Note: I have two (2) sets of these. Second set is same price and terms.***
  3. Hi, I have EOS 3 camera and EOS 30 (elan 7e) film cameras. If I take the batteries out of the cameras and they were having film roll inside, will the information on the last frame shot be lost ? EOS 3 uses 2CR5 batteries and EOS 30 uses CR123A batteries.
  4. I was gifted two very clean SRT 101 cameras and assorted lenses. Mechanically, these guys are good to go. The meters aren’t really necessary, but I like to make at least some effort to bring them back to spec. The cameras were a little dusty with dead batteries. I dusted them off and plugged in my 675 hearing aid batteries with brass adapter. One of the meters works when I apply pressure to the power disk, the other nuttin. The battery compartments are clean, but I am guessing there may be some corrosion under the hood. Any suggestions or anything that I should look for before I pop the hood on these little tanks?
  5. I have three Nikon D300 bodies with power grips and wanting to get some use out of them for some game cameras on my property to get some critter shots. I am wanting to rig something up to power them for a say a week. I notice with the grip and two batteries, they work for a 2 days in standby and I have the AC power adapter but cant always have power in the field. I searched the web several times and really trying to find a way to power these in cold conditions for a week at a time. IE a dummy battery to mount using one of the large F Sony batteries etc. Again I have the dummy battery to the plug for ac. Anyone have any luck with this, The web has lots of El-15a set ups but none for the D300. Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, I found at home an old analogue machine, a Chinon CE-4S with 50mm 1.7 optics, it looks pretty well aesthetically, unfortunately it does not show signs of life, it does not turn on, does not shoot and does not even advance the lever for the ruler advancement, it is stopped at number "36" of the film, on various forums I read that this machine wants the battery not only for the exposure meter but also to advance the film and I suppose at this point also to shoot, I inquired and I found the batteries to put, the LR44 or G13, in the shop I found only the "AG13", the shopkeeper told me that they are fine the same, ok, put, 3 as required, unfortunately nothing changes, everything blocked, does not work nothing! What else do you think I should do? what do you advise me to do? :(o_O
  7. I am intrigued by the battery powered strobes coming out of China. I have been a commercial photographer for many years. I am winding down now and tired of lugging around my Speedotron black line power packs. I can live with having less power. What concerns me is the chance that 5 years down the road you need to replace the battery and the manufacture has either discontinued your battery, or has gone out of business. I've never heard of these brands before. Does this worry anyone else, or am I just over thinking it?
  8. Hello, Just was gifted the old Canon F-1. Looks as if it takes the old mercury battery. From posts that I've searched on here it seems an adapter plus the hearing aid batteries are the way to go. Does anyone have a preferred place to buy this? I found the below on ebay, is that good enough? Any place to buy it from the US? 1.35V MR-9 PX625 MRB625 Adapter + Battery For Film Camera/Light Meter MADE IN UK | eBay Thanks! Excited to shoot film for the first time.
  9. Its okay if the battery inside is dead. I need mainly need the battery holder case that is made of metal and plastic. Connectors etc must be working properly. Thanks for looking! Paul
  10. Hello everyone, I just bought my first RZ67 and it seems to have a problem. The first shot I got seemed fine but then the shutter cocking lever was blocked and I couldn't get the second shot as the mirror wouldn't get back to its position. I tried everything and of course I changed the battery so I don't know what's going on really... The only way around I found was after each shot to switch to mecanical mode so that I could use the lever and then go back to the regular mode not to be stuck with the 1/400 shutter. I have to do this after each shot it's gonna be annoying... Has this happen to any of you ? Is there something I missed ? Thank you for your help !
  11. Hello, I just dug up an Icarex 35S BM from my German granpa's attic and everything seems to work fine but the battery cover is broken. I want to 3D print a new battery cover but I can't find information on what this cover looks like. All I have are small broken pieces of the cover. I can draw and print it at my school but I need a reference to know what to draw! If you have one I would be very appreciated if you could post photos so I have something to refer to. I need as much detail as possible, a couple close up photos should be enough. Thanks in advance, it is what I chose to keep as a souvenir from him so I hope I can fix it up. *In the photo is the space for the battery and the two broken pieces of the battery cover that I have
  12. i purchased a canon eos 3 from keh.com more than 8 years ago. I am recently getting bc error. I got the low battery warning and replaced with another battery and within a short time , had same problem on the same day. This was near the sea. The shutter stopped in between initially. After a few frames , it worked fine. Few days ago , I had the same problem and it started working after few frames. I had changed battery after getting bc. I had same problem with the new battery and after few frames with CB and shutter stopping , it worked fine. The batteries are within expiry period but purchased few years ago sand maybe from same source. Temperature around 26 Celsius.Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance
  13. Hey everyone, So one of my grandfathers passed away earlier on this year. He was super interested in astronomy to the point of building his own observatory from scratch - including telescope - and due to myself investing a lot of time into photography as firstly a hobby before spending some time in a more intense environment as a studio photographer I was given two of his cameras that he kept, both in pretty good condition. One is a Praktica Super TL with the original leather casing - it has a Meyer-Optik Görlitz Oreston 50mm f/1.8 lens on it and in a separate bag, a Dimension brand 223mm f=2.8 lens. The other is Minolta X-370 with a gorgeous Tamron 28-200mm f/3.8-5.6 lens popped on and a Vivitar Auto Thyristor 550FD flash tucked in the corner of the camera bag. There was also a couple rolls of 400 35mm film of which I'm not too sure how old (or new, haha) they all are and neither of them have batteries. The problem is... whilst I am familiar with basic stuff like "the exposure triangle" and I've handled modern SLR's on a few occasions before, I am a little bit out of the water when it comes to film cameras! I've done a ton of research on batteries and because the Praktica magnesium battery isn't the best to find, I'm debating in between 625A and 357 to tide me over before I drop a chunk of money on the CRIS MR9 adaptor. I live in relatively small town so even if I was to want it re-calibrated for a 1.5 or 1.55v I don't think there's anyone who would be able to do it nearby and I don't know if I feel comfortable doing it myself. The Minolta was pretty straight forward... everyone who I've read seems to have good experience using the SR44 batteries so that seems to be the way to go. In terms of film, everyone seems to have their own favourites but with the places I shoot in and the subjects I like, I was thinking about buying a couple of rolls of 200 35mm from Amazon or something but I would love to hear people's opinions about what kinds of film they like, the whole battery situation, or what some favourite subjects to capture with these two are. :) Thanks in advance, and sorry for the lengthy post :D
  14. Hi all, I'm running a project to do photogrammetry of tropical tree branches. This involves field work in tropical forests sometimes far from power. Hence, I'll need to run off motorcycle or small car batteries. I'll either have the branches in front of a green screen or inside a large (2m cube) photo box, mounted on an automated turntable. The flashes are necessary to speed up the process (long exposure times slow things down when I need to snap 300 pics of a branch). I'll need the flashes on their own stands with softboxes (the latter at least when the photobox isn't being used), and to be able to be trigged by a Nikon D810. Wondering if folks here might be kind enough to offer some recommendations? Something under $1k would be ideal. Hope the above info is enough to go on. Thanks very much! Allie
  15. Hi all, I am desperately trying to find where I can purchase a replacement battery door lid for my Nikon 35ti. I can't remember the name of the type of lid I need but I am attaching a picture of what it looks like. If anyone has any leads it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. -Veronica
  16. Hi, I just picked up this Olympus 35 EC and I put in 675 zinc hearing aide batteries as a poster suggested. How do I know if the camera is actually working? It's all automatic. Is it that yellow window on the left hand of side of the deck that should light up? There is a ding on the left hand corner of the deck. The guide #ring won't move, as well. I hear the shutter trip, but don't see the diaphram open when pointing at a light source. Thanks for any help. (I just joined) Gary
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