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Canon 50mm f/0.95 Lens Tested

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Another beautiful view into the past. Thanks for sharing these, Marc!


This month looks like home to me. Launch of the Photomic finder. Canon 7 reviewed, alas with a more expensive lens than mine. A sister of my Rolleicord Vb is in the ads.


Accurate light metering was important, as measured by the weighty articles on the subject.. Polaroid color film was about to be marketed with a lot of buzz.


Another Keppler gem: "You seldom hear of a photographer being too selective", .He argues persuasively for the 105mm (including an example with the Nikkor 2.5).. Hmm, I might have to find one of those.


Waiting for JDM to comment on the Prakti ad. What a range of products! (I'll take the Miranda ad, thanks).

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Julio - Some issues just make you happy to read. I always thought the Photomic heads detracted from the looks for the Nikon F vs the plain prism. My Canon 7 has the 50mm f/1.4 which I am very happy to have. I no longer have my Rolleicord Vb. I have no idea why I sold it.


I have one of the Sekonic meters that are highly rated.


I have a 90mm Tamron macro that I enjoy.


I was surprised at the extent of the Prakti products available.

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