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Canon 28-135 mm vr cracked filter thread.


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All, I am posting for a friend who dropped her Canon 28-135mm vr lens and broke one to two inches of the plastic filter thread off on the front of the lens. The lens cap still goes on and the lens continued to work. Any advice on what glue to use and how to glue the piece back. I have some idea of how to proceed and have concern that evil vapors from the glue may damage the lens coating. Thanks for your ideas.











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If filters still screw in tightly enough so as to not fall off. I'd just leave it alone. She could sob a little, if she likes; but she's lucky that's all that happened.


I'd bet you'd have a hard time making any glue work anyhow.

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If you are concerned about vapors it might be a good idea to give your glue of choice a test run near to some other way less valuable coated glass. I agree with Paddler4 that checking the lens is surely a bright idea. I have no background in chemistry but my glue of choice would be Epoxy.
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