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What is the main reason you shoot film under medium format?


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Yeah that's not going to work here there's no way I can print it home it's not going to happen.


I'm going to get some really good scans done by somebody and see how I like it and go from there if I don't like it then I will go 30 minutes away to the place where I can rent the dark room very very $15 a day.

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I like photography. All kinds. My favorite was the 4x5 Polaroids. I had the backs and holders for my Calumet and Speed Graphic cameras. I also like the Hasselblads. I have four of the motorized bodies and three 500 C/M bodies and a slew of lenses. I also have several Mamiya's including a 330f twin lens and three 645 bodies, and a RZ67 with a bunch of lenses. I shoot with whatever moves me at the moment. Right now I'm playing with the Hasselblads. I would like to get a digital back for the Hasselblads, but the cost is prohibitive. I do scan my negatives and I process my own b/w negs. I would like to see Polaroid make a come back, but that's asking a lot. Photography is supposed to be fun. Now that I'm able to afford all the medium format stuff I lusted for years ago it is really fun!
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