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<p>I used to post a link to every new posting on my pnet page to my facebook page. For a while now when i do so it only shows the link with no thumbnail. I resorted to use another method so people can see what they are navigating to. But doing so means people are not visiting pnet to view the image... I would rather redirect traffic to this site...</p>
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<p>I have noticed (sort of) the same thing, for maybe a year now. However, when it happens to me (and it's not every time I post a link) everybody else see's the thumbnail, I just see a link. Then after some period of time, it just magically appears. On a related subject: Photonet and Facebook use to have a handy app, that just automatically posted a thumbnail link on your timeline every time you uploaded a new photo to your photonet page. But it hasn't worked in a few years now. It was very easy to turn off if you didn't want it to post on facebook and then turn it back on again. </p>
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