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Agat 18k

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<p>Hello, new to this fourm and just received a Agat 18k as a gift. <br>

Did not expect much from this cheap Russian toy but it has been my first half frame so was childishly exciting. <br>

I do feel I need to be delicate winding on as it feels rather weak as expected for such a mass produced guy.<br>

Some images </p>


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<p>That's a quite a bit more than a toy, as <strong>Mike</strong> has observed. The camera is about as small and light as you can get in half-frame cameras, and the 28mm Industar-104 lens is a sharp little f/2.8 triplet. A friend of mine has one, and the mechanical "programmed" shutter speed/aperture combinations work quite well. The only problems he's encountered have been in regard to scratching of the film in transit. Thanks, for posting, <strong>Elena</strong>! Do you have a photograph of the camera itself, that you could post?</p>
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<p>Hey all. <br /> Oh, I assumed it was a toy given it has such a small size, but I was surprised when I seen the images it produced. Thanks for the resize tip but I can not seem to get it to work. <br /> I am rather fond of this camera now, so may start to use it just when I am travelling about. So will likely try out B&W within May-June. <br /> I took a quick photo with my phone of the camera before I go out to lectures Rick, hope these are good enough to see.</p>



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<p>Be careful Elena! Half frame will grow on you and before you know it you are looking for a Olympus Pen F and a set of lenses. Seriously, half frame has it's charm. I've been shooting it for 45 years, ever since a chance encounter with a little Oly Pen VF camera. There it sat, in the window of a Chicago camera store, small, cute and lonely. I could not resist the idea of 72 exposures on a 36 exp roll and have never been without a half frame from that time forward. </p>
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<p>I think you are correct John! <br /> My rule for myself now is "One camera comes in, one goes out" be in form of selling it or as a gift...otherwise I would have too many!<br /><br />I still have a jammed rollei and pentax to fix over summer as well. A good friend of mine is closing his antique shop of his down in a few months and said he will give me some books and any cameras he has around so who knows what he has in boxes about his shop. <br>

<br /> If I do any B&W I shall post them in this thread to the previous poster who suggested so.</p>

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If you do try some black & white film consider processing it yourself. Perhaps your school has a darkroom? That little

half frame, which, btw, produced some fine color, would also do well with some B&W. I would recommend a fine grain film

such as Ilford Pan F+, Ilford Delta 100, or Kodak TMAX 100. Or if Fuji is available in your area maybe some Fuji Acros.

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<p>Thanks Kris, I only have the Agat but have my eye on some other Soviet cameras. <br>

Hey Mike, I am at an Art school but Illustration students are not allowed access to the dark rooms. Yes, yes, I asked already many times but no is the reply!<br>

I have developed B&W before (back in Ireland at a community centre dark room).<br />That centre is closed over summer holidays and I was entertaining the idea of using the small windowless bathroom back home to develop B&W myself.<br />Not sure if it is a good idea or worth it.<br>

I need to buy my film online, so will check those ones out. <br>

Today I went to St Ives and brought the Agat, it had a 36 roll but refused after it hit 24 (48) images. Maybe in future I shall only use 24 in it, and make sure I have a spare. </p>

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<p>I was half heartedly researching self developing in bathrooms last week on a whim as I was thinking it would be cheaper in the long run for myself. <br>

Will check out threads and resources on this website once all my Uni deadlines are over. <br>

I have to occupy myself with something over summer!</p>

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Elena.. I would recommend Ebay for the stufff you need.



a changing bag ... you won'T even need a windowless bathroom )

A fast acting thermometer .. or use stand development (Rodinal)

A development tank ( Patterson is good) practice with dummy film


Developer , Fixer ( Stop Bath is becoming optional )

Rodinal, D76 Ilfsol,, etc ...


Some plastic bottles 1 liter or quart) ( glass is better) funnel etc



IT may sound like lots and the first step is the hardest.. But you've done this before.. its easy peasy

once you have the makings on-hand

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<p>Hey Chuck, it does sound like a lot!<br>

But I presume once you set yourself up you have equipment that lasts years and only thing to replace is the chemicals when you run out. <br>

Difference was when I developed b&w before it was with a helpful print technician hovering about ha. <br>

My final deadline for Uni work in 2 weeks, and exhibition is over in 7 weeks time so I may get a list of the cheap (but good reviewed) objects drawn up, so I know for sure what to get.<br>

And stop in at my old college, now I think about it. <br>

When I done my foundation year (just last year) I mentioned to my tutor I was doing dark room stuff on the side at the local community centre - he said the college used to have a dark room until 2years ago and that they still had some stuff laying about in storage but they removed the dark rooms totally with no plans to reinstall them. <br />So I shall see if he knows where the things are, and if he can sell them at a lower price or such things, as I need to go screen print over summer as well. <br>

I see there is a b&w processing forum section, I will be checking that out! <br>

Thanks. </p>

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