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EOS1100D: Blinking "err" in the viewfinder and LCD not working


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<p>Hi all,<br>

I've been using EOS 1100D for almost 4 years without any issues. A couple of days back I shot a few pictures, and took the memory card out of the camera to copy the photos in my laptop. On putting the card back in the camera, the LCD did not power up. But I am able to view settings like shutter speed, aperture, ISO from the viewfinder.<br>

So, I tried to take a picture with it. On this point, the camera takes the mirror up, waits a while, and then the viewfinder shows a blinking "err" message.<br>

No error codes shown. Just a blinking "err" message in the viewfinder. <br>

Also, LCD does not power up. No matter what I do.<br>

<strong>Here is the complete list of issues:</strong><br>

1. LCD does not power up.<br>

2. Camera lets me shoot only one picture. But the mirror locks up for a while, and viewfinder shows blinking err<br>

3. Memory card has no pictures after taking the photo.<br>

4. Autofocus is working. Able to pop the built-in flash with the button.<br>

5. Once the "err" starts blinking, nothing works. Not even autofocus.<br>

6. Only way to stop "err" message is to remove the battery and reinsert once again.</p>

<p><strong>Here's what I did till now in order to get it working (but didn't solve the issue):</strong><br>

1. Take the battery out. Charge it completely. Reinsert it.<br>

2. Take the memory card out. Format it from laptop. Reinsert it.<br>

3. Start the camera without memory card. Still the LCD doesn't power up. Doesn't solve the blinking err message.<br>

4. Cleaned the Lens and Camera contact points with a cloth. No help.<br>

5. Tried a different lens (Sigma 70-300mm / Canon 18-55mm). No help.<br>

6. Tried powering up the camera without lens. Still no luck.<br>

7. Tried a battery from same camera model (borrowed from my friend). No luck.</p>

<p>Does any one encounter issue like this with Canon?<br>

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?</p>

<p>Any help appreciated.<br>


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