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What is this Russian Lens?

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<p>Oh, I suspect that with your skills in composition, color, and excellent picture taking, Rick, there will be room for more than one report on this one. I can always claim the lingering effects of my cold, if my images turn out to be "banal," of course. :)</p>

<p>I'd love to see what QG's 1000mm is like, too.</p>

<p>Without seeing the film yet, but only looking through the finder, the focus seems to be pretty crisp. Not to anticipate the actual results, but it <em>looks</em> like it may at least equal the best later Spiratone mirrors. </p>

<p>It's kind of a large beast, however. I finally worked the tripod ring around to center it on the camera, and I think I may tote along my super heavy/solid tripod as soon as I can get out.</p>

<p> </p>

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<p>Well, my example of the MTO500 turned up today, well-used for sure, but with acceptable glass and mechanically sound. It has a basic M39 mount and came with with a Canon FD adapter attached. One question: it has a knurled ring towards the rear of the lens which I've marked with an arrow in the pic below; I'm guessing that slackening this off allows the tripod mount to be revolved to a position underneath the lens rather than on the side, where it's currently positioned. The ring won't move under reasonable force...Can someone confirm that this is indeed a correct assumption?</p><div>00bSt4-526403584.jpg.49cfde07f68c0a0b139e2326f06eeb71.jpg</div>
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<p>Ah. To be honest I haven't figured out exactly what the knurled ring is for. I suspect to steady the lens when you attempt to twist the collar.</p>

<p>However, I found out that when I took out the 3/8"//1/4" adapter screw-in for the tripod mount (I think that was fixing the collar in place), put a very tiny amount of naphtha on both sides of the collar - after a little twisting, the tripod collar did rotate. How to prevent it from rotating without screwing in a tripod OR the small white metal plug that did come with mine, is another matter. Perhaps the knurled ring plays some part?</p>

<p>It sounds like we have the same model, all right. Does yours have the Brussels Prize inscription?</p>


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<p>Thanks, <strong>JDM</strong>; the adapter in mine is immovable with an appropriate tool, so rather than risk burring the brass I've applied a few drops of penetrating oil and will leave it overnight. No, mine has no "Grand Prix" inscription. How does the Serial No. N661225 relate to yours?</p>

<p>I'm sure there must be a simpler way of positioning the tripod mount!</p>

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I just refurbed an MTO 500mm. The knurled ring actually holds the lens together.<br>

On the opposite side of the tripod mount screw on the "rotating ring" (yours isn't rotating) there are 2 grub screws with a brass "dot" between them. Loosen those 2 screws. They adjust the tensioner Underneath the dot. If it's still stiff the lube has dried.<br>

BTW, it came with an m39. <br>

Hope that helps.</p>

<p>"Yes I took it completely apart and sweated the whole time."</p>


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<p>Ah yes, I'd wondered what those tiny screws were all about...Thanks,<strong> Jason</strong>, and congratulations on a magnificent refurbishment, brave fellow that you are! Mine also has the M39 mount but I stepped it up to M42 to fit it to some of my old SLR's. Hope you can post some pics from your copy.</p>
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