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Need cheap V-mount battery for LED Light panels

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<p>I have purchased a pair of these <a href="http://www.ephotoinc.com/900-led-dimmable-photography-video-pa900.html">900 LED light panels</a>. I was able to successfully run 1 for several hours on an Alien Bees Vagabond I. However, when I try running both it over draws the Vagabond. The LED panels have a V-mount plate and I initially was going to get an <a href="http://www.adorama.com/ABH100.html?utm_term=Other&utm_medium=Shopping%20Site&utm_campaign=Other&utm_source=gbase">Anton Bauer Video Battery</a>. However, the price drove me towards the <a href="http://alienbees.com/vmini.html">14.4V Vagabond Mini battery and charger</a> for $89 and $29. Can I do any better than this? I heard rumor of batteries for less online. Does anyone have links to same or better Lithium batteries than the one available from Paul Bluff? Looking fore, 130watt-hours or better, 3-5 lbs and less than $89. Don't care about mount, I will Velcro to the light stand and make a power cable. Faster charging or smaller than VB battery would be a plus.<br>

For anyone interested the 900 Led light panels to me are well worth the price if you want to shoot video outdoors at night. I also use for still photography when I want to shoot at F1.2 - F2.8 with several lights. Is the only affordable continuous lighting solution I could find to run on cheap batteries.</p>


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<p>Have you checked out Rob Galbraith's review of the Vagabond Mini Lithium @ http://www.robgalbraith.com/bins/multi_page.asp?cid=7-11314-11226 ? it isn't just a review of the VML but also is a write up of several other battery options. Rob thinks, and based on my experience I concur , that the VML is an excellent bang-for-the-buck product. </p>
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