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Downloading photos for the first time

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<p>And just to help a bit with this, and certainly with future discussions... what you're doing is <em>uploading</em> a file to this web site, not downloading it. I know it sounds like a fussy distinction, but it helps to clarify conversations when you use the right vocabulary.<br /><br />To help you remember the distinction, think of photo.net as an actual bulletin board, on the wall. When you want to display an image, you put it <em>up</em> on the wall (uploading). When you want a local copy of an image that's already up on the wall, imaging taking <em>down</em> to put it on a copier (downloading). <br /><br />In practical terms: there's very little point putting an image up here that's more than 1000 pixels on its longest side. Otherwise, many people won't be able to see it without a lot of screen-scrolling (which is very annoying). When you're adding an image to a discussion thread (rather than to your own gallery), stick with 700 pixels or less.<br /><br />As for HOW to resize the images... what software are you using to edit your images? Regardless - remember to always "Save as..." when you reduce the image size, making a NEW copy of the image - always leaving the original untouched.</p>
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