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Color Shift from Lightroom to Photoshop

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<p>So yesterday I noticed when I exported a RAW file from Lightroom and then brought it into Photoshop to watermark it, the colors didn't have as much pop as they did in Lightroom. The photo also looked darker.</p>

<p>Tonight, I'm trying to export a RAW file (Canon 20D) from Lightroom to a JPG and experiencing shifts from blue to purple in dark sky tones.I've tried:<br /> Edit in Lightroom, export as JPG, converting to sRGB via Lightroom's export dialog. Colors look strange in Apple Preview and Photoshop (I suspect Preview is not color managed, but Photoshop and Lightroom are both color managed and should be rendering colors accurately, right?)<br /> Also tried: Edit in Lightroom, Right-click Edit in Photoshop (CS3), ProPhoto color space. Colors look strange in Photoshop.<br /> and: Edit in Lightroom, Export as ProPhoto JPG, Open in Photoshop, Convert to sRGB.</p>

<p>I haven't noticed significant shifts in other photos, but 2 in the last 2 days is telling me that I've done something to my workflow that's screwing me up. Here's a screengrab with Lightroom on the left and Photoshop on the right. This is the upper-left corner of the same image.</p>

<p> </p><div>00SnUP-117433584.jpg.3245694685bfcb04025ae7f22740c263.jpg</div>

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<p>Apple Preview is color managed.<br>

Try exporting as an 8 bit TIFF or JPEG using Adobe RGB(1998) and as a 16 bit per channel Pro Photo TIFF. What you are likely seeing is the smaller gamut of sRGB and possibly you are trying to render sRGb values i nthe significantly larger Pro Photo space.</p>

<p>Pro Photo should never be used for JPEGs.</p>

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<p>Thanks, Ellis. When I "Edit in Photoshop" it's set up to export as a 16 bit ProPhoto PSD. With this setup, I should be working in the same color space in Lightroom and Photoshop and avoid any compression until my last save out to JPG, at which time I convert to sRGB. Even using the TIFF/PSD export, I see the same color shift. I only tried the JPG methods when I was grasping at straws.</p>
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