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Chadt CAM watch M1 (8x11)


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I have wrist watch camera that have no lens inside. Used 400 asa 8x11 film. I shoot the documents that laying on the desk and ceilig is white floursent light. The pictures are fuzzy and color as yellowish. Should I try for black and white color only or how far should i shoot into documents from top? This is purpose of spy camera. There is no flashing on the wrist watch camera.... Please help and advice.
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<p> I don't believe your watchcamera has no lens. Its lens is recessed.

<p> You need to set the aperture of your watch camera to between f5.6 to f11. F5.6 being the aperture on Minox EC.

<p> At f5.6 you can get object between 3 feet to infinity in focus.

<p> If you want to copy document, then you need to stop down more.

<p> If your camera has only a fix aperture (ie, there is no aperture control dial at the back of the watch camera )

then don't expect it can copy document.

<p> In general, watch camera is used for taking candid picture of people, not copy document, as these type of camera

has not focusing lens.

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estimado amigo estoy interesado en compar una camara minox yashica

atoron tengo una pero me le hace falta el flash y el rollo de

pelicula si usted me manda a decir cuanto me cueta nueva se la puedo

compar o si me vende por separado el flash y el rollo de pelicula mi

correo es rzamuria@hotmail.com

vivo en granada nicaragua y de estas camaras no existen en mi pais

agradeceria que me contestara este correo

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Chadt cam watch M1 is a smallest 8x11 camera, at front printed :"cam watch M1), at the back "Chadt" "Made in Germany".It is sort of a Brownie of 8x11 format.

A lever serves the function for film advance and film tensioning

(move the lever 4-5 times ). It appears to have three shutter

speeds, corresponding to sunny, hazy and overcast; I thought those

positions were for three aperture setting, however it seems that

the shutter speed changed.

Inside the camera, there is a three claw spindle, which turns

when the film advance lever is activated 4 times, during which

a small spring is seen stretch, that cocks the shutter.

I am not sure this M1 has any Minox EC style film gate, which

should open up when the film advances, and close up when shutter

release pressed-- the film gap does not seem to change.


There is a pull up frame serving as a 'viewfinder', which

is not to 8x11 proportion.


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