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100/400UC Users?


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I'm trying to see if there's enough interest to get Kodak to change their

minds with regards to their discontinuing it in MF. If they're still coating

it in 35mm, they can still cut it to size for us too. If anyone here shoots a

good volume of the stuff in a year, please indicate how much, so we can see if

anything can be done to change the Big K's mind on this one. . .



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I'm not a huge user... perhaps 30 rolls/year.


Getting Kodak to put it back into production might not be a simple as cutting a different size; Kodak's site indicates a different base thickness for MF as opposed to 35mm.


In the meantime, I've ordered some 400VC, 400NC, 160VC, and 160NC to test.


Considering that we're down to just 3 400 speed color negative films in 120: 400 NPH, 400VC, and 400NC, it would be nice if someone did a comparison. Preferably Ctein in Photo Techniques. (might as well wish for the best!)

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I just brought 50 rolls of UC 400 to keep it from the hoarders plus what I had before. So it may be a while before I am ready for more again. Since we [users] could not supply a big enough market before, I doubt that we could put one together now.


If you can pull this off you will be cannonized [or is it Canonized?]-[opps, did I just PUNnish you? - my bad]



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I don't know the full story about discontinuation notices, but it would seem that first (!) customers stop buying products in quantities large enough to keep producing it possible, and then (!) the manufacturer decides to stop doing so. So "why the f..." did your fellow UC users stop using the stuff without "f...ing" telling you!? ;-)<br><br>What happens, and when it happens, in the film and film-eating camera market today is decided by the market, the customers, you. Not the manufacturers.
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Steve, not knocking people like you that have no choice but to hoard in the face of their favorite product being discontinued, I'm knocking the amateurs/"weekend professionals" that buy the stuff for projects and end up never using it, which make up too large a chunk of internet posters. Afterall, they've no real urge to go out and actually shoot pictures, so they have plenty of time to park their buts in front of the internet and post their "professional" opinions. . .


I see that Kodak isn't currently, or maybe never offered UC in 220, must be thinking of one of their prior color films. Anyway, I will add my amount of UC, doubled for 120 format to whatever anyone else can speculate they consume in a year, when getting in touch with Eastman Kodak about this.


From what I've heard, the standard policy is either 10,000 feet, or $10,000 for the minimum special order. I guess it'd be about the same working with 60mm-wide film in terms of $1 being about the cost of 1 foot of film, so figure that's going to require us to put together at least 4,000 ro. of UC, certainly not impossible if I can get more responses. I'm sure there are a lot more users out there that are keeping quiet.



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