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Kodak DX6340 Won't Turn On


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I have had my Kodak DX6340 for about 3 years now. It's always worked

fairly well, but about a week ago I was using it at a party and all

of a sudden it shut down. The lens remained outside the body rather

than retracting like it usually does when the battery goes dead. I

tried turning it off and then back on again; the green light came on,

then turned red and shut off with nothing appearing on the monitor.

The lens remained outside the body, without any sound from the motor.

When I got home I put fresh NiMH batteries in it, with no difference.

When the camera is switched on the green light comes on for a couple

seconds, then turns red and a faint tone can be heard - three faint

low-toned beeps - then the light goes out and that's it. I know the

first thing I'm going to hear is 'take it to your nearest authorized

Kodak service guy'....which I would do of course, but I live in

Kazakhstan and there isn't one here. Camera service shops don't know

how to fix digital cameras here. Any ideas? By the way, I don't have

a camera dock, which I guess may be able to 'reset' the camera.

They're also not available here.

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I doubt rhw camera dock can reset the camera. You could try leaving the batteries out for an extended period of time (a day or so) and see if that resets the camera.


A family memember had a Kodak camera do a similar thing. Here is what I did:

Slowly (very slowly) rotate the lens back into the body. It's important to note how the lens rotates in and out, otherwise you could twist it the wrong way and damage it even more. Make sure that the lens, when rotated back in, sits flush with the body.

Turn the camera on. If the image in the LCD is out of focus, turn the camera off and rotate the lens further back into the camera.


If you want to try that, do so at your own risk. That method might make things worse or it might fix the problem. But it is your risk.


Otherwise, you're going to have to have the camera serviced or you'll need to buy a new one.

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I actually have the same situation that you have. I have done research on this problem and it seems many other people have this problem. The camera does not turn on even with new batteries, if it does turn on, it immediately turns off. The flash does not work either. I am starting a petition, so that Kodak will either repair our cameras at no charge, or replace them at no charge, due to the fact that it is a manufacturers defect. I believe that Kodak sells great products, but it seems as if this one needs to be obsolete. Digital cameras should last many years before anything should go wrong with it. But mine lasted a little over a year. I haven'e been able to use it for months. I don't believe I should pay to have it repaired, when so many of us have the same issue.


You can e-mail me if you want to participate in this petition.



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I have the DX6440 and have had the same issues. The only thing is, mine turned off and never turned back on. I have tried new batteries, leaving it sit with no batteries, sit it on the dock, nothing has worked. I have even cleaned he battery terminals, nothing has worked.

I still have this camera stored away.

On the up side, my newer Kodak Z740, has a really nice lens, and is a nice upgrade.


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I might have written this problem off too, since I had an extra DX6340 that I let my mom borrow and had the same problem. I tried replacing with new batteries and having someone at a photo shop try to trouble shoot it. Now, I just inherited a similar LS443 that did the same thing. Is this a common Kodak problem? Anyone have any luck sending it to a repair shop...is it worth it? I have an Olympus SLR that I usually use, but it's nice to have a light portable camera to throw in a backpack!

Not sure what to do with both of these.

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My in-laws have a older Kodak point and shoot that will do this. Charging it on the official Kodak dock has, for whatever crazy reason, always solved the problem. (At least until the camera does it again, usually about once a year)
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My camera worked all right for a week, but after a days when I try turn on, doesn't turn on. I`ve bought the camera in a Kodak Store in Ecuador country. I change batteries but doesn't work. It is the second camera of the same model with the same trouble. I didn't drop or wet with nothing. And with other reviews about the same problem with Kodak cameras I don't think to buy any other Kodak camera
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My V530 is doing the same thing. It would turn on and then turn off right away. Now its not even turning on. The screen will display when its on the docking station though and i can use the docking station to go through the pictures. I havent tried a new battery yet


The pictures it was taken before it completely stoped turning on were really fuzzy and out of focus

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This just worked for my Camera. Everything I tried FAILED. Spray DeoxIT on your power switch. Place a little dab and move the switch back and forth. DeoxIT is a liquid solution that eliminates oxidation on electronic switches and contacts. It's also used to optimize battery contacts and performance. You can purchase DeoxIT on the web or at your local radio shack. DeoxIT cannot harm the camera when used sparingly and on the correct parts like the power switch or the battery contacts.
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