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Blix replenishmen rates for RA-4 tray processed

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Hey everyone. I am getting conflicting messages about the necessary rate of

replenishment with RA-4. IIRC, Kodak's Z-130 manual has something like 1 fl.

oz. per qt. per 80 sq. in. of paper, the same as the developer replen rates. I

can't verify for sure as I don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader on this machine

(56K, be patient please! ;-) ) and the home connection is down. Several color

printers I know have told me that that number is far too much and that I should

simply test blix with exposed and developed strips of B&W paper until the

clearing time goes down to low. I don't find that method to be archivally or

practically sound, so if someone could give me a conservative starting point

(very important, as this is for doing finished prints for a wedding album), I'd

appreciate it.


Also, how many replen. cycles can RA-4 dev. and blix take before it is best to

just dump them and mix up another qt. of soln? I am using the 10L RA-RT kits.





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