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{W/NW}: Metro


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Rosslyn station, first day, July 1, 1977. Note that the only signage is still the pylons. Advertisments? Telephones? Safety warnings? Crowds? Dimple strips for the blind? All in the future...


The escalators were very fast then, too! That's why there are so many level steps at each end. The lawyers have since solved that.


Ektachrome film, presumably High Speed Ektachrome. Topcon Super-D. Could be either 58/1.8 or 35/2.8 lens.<div>00GPCL-29961784.jpg.c267592724203cf1137317a8de605558.jpg</div>

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Friendship Heights rotunda, also in the innocent early days. One of the coolest spaces in the system.


Kodachrome 64, with some rather forceful color corrections - it doesn't like the mixed fluorescent and vapor lights. Topcon Super-D again, probably with 25/3.5 lens.<div>00GPCT-29961984.jpg.1448c475facfa8d763b34ec657deacfd.jpg</div>

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Very nice to see a historical perspective on places like this. Thanks for sharing.


I found DC Metros to be among the most architecturally compelling metro stations anywhere. Sadly I only managed to snap a few shots while on my way in and out to catch trains, wishing I had more time.


I did spend quite a bit of time at the totally awesome and stunning Union Station, and have about 4GB of shots to sort through....someday.

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