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Camera review standards for photo.net -- opinions solicited


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Being about to buy a camera or a lens it is all the time nice to read several reviews on photographic equipment. Imo opinion a well established review site will lead into a lot of technical disputes which is fine as long it is clearly separated from other aspects of photography. The risc that photo.net will be more commercialized due to the high interest of manufactures who might be willing to support as long as they agree with the reviews should be avoided.
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Having standards is a good thing, but attacking one brand (Nikon) in the standards document is not good.

Standards and reviews should be unbiassed, and your document sets a tone of "if it's Nikon point out the weaknesses, if it's Canon point out the strengths".

Only times I've seen that before was in reviews sponsored by one manufacturer wanting to give a bad name to another...


Why should digital camera and LF camera reviews mention price but not 35mm reviews? In all fields, price determines what to expect of a camera (I too can write a comparison between an F60 and an F5 and determine the F60 is crap in comparison, but that's no surprise when the F5 costs 10 times as much or more. When compared with cameras in the same pricerange from other manufacturers it stands up nicely).


Maybe also mention the intended audience for the equipment. For some people, manufacturers produce a camera for a certain type of photographer (no dealer will advise an F65 to a professional wildlife photographer, so why should a review of that camera be written from the point of view of one?).


etc. etc.

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