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ezShop launch


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The goal of the system is to create a resource that allows you to

compare and shop for photography equipment enhanced by the opinions

of other photo.net members and some comfort with regard to the

vendors directly listed on the system. The user interface has been

designed to be similar to the way magazines look with regard to

making it easy to configure a system.

So <a href=http://www.photo.net/ezshop/category?category_id=38>Canon</a> for

example show all the products in a particular type of canon SLR

system. Go to <a href=http://www.photo.net/ezshop/category?

category_id=7> the general SLR system page</a> for other SLR

systems. We will be highlighting community member reviews and we are

linking in all the photo.net content in relevant to a product.

Shortly we will be adding film and filters into the mix.


Features that we are going to be putting in soon will be to allow you

to search through the photo database for photos shot with particular



Right now we are listing adorama prices and hope to add more as

relationships are created. Our intention is to work with highly

reliable retailers. The dealtime link serves to provide more price

comparison when you are shopping. The caveats about the particular

vendors from the user recommendations section are easily accessible

next to that link.


Please provide us with feedback about the system and more importantly

if you find blank areas of the system please help populate it for the

benefit of others with your opinions

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Great! I always thought pnet should do something like this. Photographyreview.com is OK but anybody can post anything there but here, you can see a person's other posts and get a sense if they are reputable or just a troll. Now if only they could create a better more condensed layout for member pages here(no seperate community member page, etc...) and a easier to navigate architecture.
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I would like to suggest that the page for each listed item also include a link that will take you to a Search page for the item in question.


This would make it easier to take advantage of the many discussions in the forums, especially in light of the fact that there seem to be very few reviews up at this time. Additionally, there may be really useful information in the archives regarding a piece of equipment that may not necessarily qualify as a "review."

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ezShop is awesome. The layout is great. I hope to see more reviews. I didn't see the Tokina brand under 35mm SLR though. I know they only make lenses but their high end is a good alternative to Sigma and generally half the price of Nikon and Canon. I'd like to see Tokina added to the list. Other then that it looks great. Thanks for adding this great section to an already awesome site.


I agree that scanners and printers would make a good addition.

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