Zorki 1 + Industar 22

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  1. Some pics of fishing boats that launch off the beach, Hastings England.All are taken with the Zorki + Industar on Fuji Neopan 400 film.
  2. More recently twin hulled boats have been introduced. They are launched by a tractor which pushes them down the beach through the stones. Wedges are placed under the keels to help the boat along.
  3. This one has nearly reached the sea. After returning from fishing the boats are hauled back up the beach by winch and cable.
  4. After all that I missed the decisive moment when the boat was launched. Not Cartier-Bresson standard but a fun camera to use.
  5. Haha I have zorki 4 with Juiper 8, and Zorki 4K with Undustar 61LD
    It's a small world
  6. I think these cameras are great and I want one too!!
  7. Alan, the pictures are great and adequately portray the power required in moving these large boats. I am noticing traces of slight flaring and bit of a glow, especially in the wooden hull boat. Is the lens clean inside with no haze? A hood may also be in order.
  8. Very nice. There's certainly the usual "Zorki glow" aka Leica glow to the shots.
    Hang on to it -- so many of these have now become "Leicas" of one kind or another that these could be getting rare. After all, they probably only made several million of them. ;)
  9. I bought a Elmar 50mm 3.5 this spring it looks beautiful on the outside but a complete disaster on the inside. Can't even economically clean it. $$$ down the drain!
    My replacement idea was the Industar 50, 50mm 3.5, which looks identical to the 22 and the Elmar. The cost was about $35.00 and shipping. The bottom line; The Industar 50 is just a great little lens and when I added the Leica Fison hood it ramped up just a little better.
    I have other Russian lenses and it is true; Russian lenses can be crap shoot but this Industar 50 is just fine.
  10. Nice shots Alan, the I-22 showing its inherent tendencies to flare a bit. A hood, like Ralf suggests, will help a lot.
    It looks like your Zorki Camera is behaving as it should. I've never had that kind of luck with one out of the box.
  11. The Zorki 1C I had some years ago behaved impeccably. Can't say the same about the Industar 50.
  12. My Zorki is made in 1951 actually it was the very first year Krasnogorsk factory launch full scale production. However lenses I have are I-50 from Mir camera.
  13. Nice series, Alan. Boats are launched the same way on our rugged coast, with bulldozers and giant wheeled cradles. I must go get some pics....That little lens is sharp enough, though it performs almost exactly like a couple of Industar 50's I have, with an impenetrable flare against bright sky. Interesting that Paul's copy apparently performs well; it just goes to demonstrate the unpredictable nature of Russian glass.
  14. That is a very nice camera Alan, despite all that we may think of as "quirks" today. I have that same lens in my Zorki C. It works very well if I control the flares and lighting angles. As suggested above, a hood may help too! Thanks for the post, sp.
  15. Personally, I have had great luck with the old Industar lenses. Maybe I am just lucky, but of the three I have owned, all
    worked quote perfectly. I wish I could say the same for the cameras. Seeing your pictures has motivated me to dig out my
    old '48 Zorki and run some film through it. I'll make next weekend and FSU weekend, I'll run my Kiev II alongside the Zorki
    and see how they compare.
  16. Thanks for the interesting comments.
    I think my Industar 22,which is an early one, gives low contrast and flare partly due to no lens hood, cleaning marks on the lens surface,internal haze(a repairer said it had this) and to minimal coating (it has almost no color ,like most on ebay).It's quite likely a later Industar might show higher contrast.
    It's sometimes convenient to have a collapsible lens and interesting to hear comments on the performance of them.
    Also I don't know what "glow" means, can any light be cast on that (er so to speak) ?
  17. My Industar is so scratched it has really special glow. Whites would just bleed into blacks it was actually so bad it could not really be used.
  18. My Zorki-1d with Industar-22 is a good and reliable performer.


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