Zenobia 6x4.5

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  1. My recent purchase , this is camera that has been covered here on net and lot of you are familiar with it .
    I must say that I am more then happy with this little gem .
    Here are some pictures .
  2. For first try out I used arista 100
    Dawn , f11 1sec
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  3. 34168025020_9d3a535004_h.jpg
    Late evening f16 100
  4. Tobacco drying barn
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  5. Inside of barn , f11 1sec
  6. Next images has been taken by my 9-10 year old niece , who was impressed by the camera but somewhat disappionted once she realized that she cannot see the pictures on the back .....
  7. Another one , not bad......
  8. Against the sun ? why not....
  9. Don't know the camera but very nice work Erko.
  10. Lovely little camera, Erko, very much the Japanese equivalent of the Selfix 16-20 I posted some stuff on a little while ago. The Hesper lens seems to be a good performer in your capable hands; the "Dawn" and "Late Evening" images are particularly impressive. What did you dunk the Arista in? Thanks for a very decorative post.
  11. Thank you Rick , I use D-76 , and I noticed kind of green residue afterwards . Interesting enough only one frame came with strange green tone .
    Here is picture , and it hasn't been manipulated whatsoever , except cropped .
  12. It looks like a software glitch...Are you scanning in grayscale? If I scan monochrome negs in RGB I have noticed similar aberrations.
  13. Actually the green residue that I mentioned is the developer itself (d-76). After developing it become somewhat green . Even the frame on the film has this greenish stuff on it . The rest of the film is fine , normal .
  14. For some films, the sensitizing dye is hard to get out. T-Max have a pink dye that comes out slowly. If you fix long enough, it is mostly out, but sometimes you get pink negatives.

    Scan in gray scale, or set gray scale after scanning, using your favorite processing software.
  15. All of my scanners (a phrase too-well earned) or, more properly, the software I use with them will occasionally go "off the rails".
    My latest and greatest, the Nikon CoolScan 9000, really does not want to stay in monochrome, even in the same batch, when used to scan chromogenic (C41) B&W.

    I just don't worry about it until I get to the post-processing. This saves me much frustration.

    Nice work with another of the amazing variety of folders.
  16. Hello everyone. As mentioned above, the Kodak Max films are "sometimes" a bit pink after fixing & washing. I get rid of this "pink" by using 0.1gram of Sodium Sulfite in the 1st wash (5min) of my Igloo system. Perhaps it would work on the green? Aloha, Bill
  17. You say you use arista 100. which one would be acceptable to use in this camera?
    upload_2018-2-6_13-54-25.png upload_2018-2-6_13-54-53.png

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