Zeiss/Hassy 110mm Planar Lens Prices: WOW

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  1. Hello Dan
    your sentence is in wrong order:"It is because I be able to afford such fine equipment that I am poor and cry now!"
    In fact, it is not so expensive compared to "simple" canon / nikon DSLR
    The 110F2.0 can be found 1k€ in F or 1.2 to 1.5k€ in FE model. The 6008 PQ/PQS model is more rare and can be found at 2.5k€ alone but works with 6008 body you can find at 0.4k€...
    Comparable body to 6008 in hassy will be 205 or 203 with winder, not cheap too. So hassy or rollei solutions have near same cost for 110F2.0 use.

    I use(d) rollei 6008/Hy-6 with PQ/PQS "modern" lenses (Schneider or Rolzeiss) and some older zeiss lenses that not PQ/PQS (120F5.6) in Hasselbald V mount with 553/203 bodies (or lenses that not exist in Rollei SLX/6000/PQ/PQS mount like 250SA, 100F3.5)
    For that, 200 series are very interesting and plaisant

    Leitz Hektor 125F2.5 visoflex can be found low as 350€
    KINOPTIK 100F2.0 Apochromat "barrel" can be found. ;)

    Have a look to price of Z6/Z7/R6/R7/7RIII and so, with 85F1.4 or 80~200F2.8, you can rapidly claim 5~10k€...
  2. My question: Aside from the faster aperture, is the 110mm Planer better than the 100mm CF?
  3. the best way to know is to found MFT Zeiss data-sheet, or buy both, try and tell us...
    There are two reasons for recalculating an optic: a glass becomes unavailable (case of the 38mm biogon) or the optical quality does not meet users' expectations (case of the 80F2.8 hasselblad in its early days ...)
    If the recalculation of the 110mm is contemporaneous with that of the biogon, we can think of the first possibility (taking into account the stocks to be exhausted), otherwise, it is advisable to push the investigation a little further to see if there is not an opportunity to find one of the two models better suited to the subjects photographed and the desired rendering ...
    I have only one 110F2.0, in PQS/6008 mount, I believe it is last FE formula, it is good as you can expect for such wide open lense... (like noctilux F1.0, canon 50F0.95....not like noctilux F0.95)
    You want it? : you need it!
    You need it? : you must have!
  4. No.

    The design goal was different. Then 100 mm was made to see what could be done without too many restrictions. The 110 was made to be an f/2 lens.
    The design was not a recalculation, due to any of the two reasons mentioned in the previous post. It is an original design.

    The 110 mm is indeed fast, and renders in a distinctive fashion, but needs stopping down to be on par with the 80 and 100 mm Planars.
    But you do not get a fast lens to use it stopped down. So its use is indeed as a f/2 lens with distinctive character. The 80 and 100 mm Planars are the all round lenses.
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  5. OUPS! I believe / read 110F vs 110FE

    as said
    100F3.5 planar is different lens due to a different choice in quality goal...
    Opening (F2.0 or F3.5) manage some aberration (spherical...) that difficult to correct with others except using aspherical lenses.
    The F3.5 is a sharp good lens
  6. 110F2.0 wide open (Sinar Hy-6 Emotion 75LV):




  7. Thanks for that. Very helpful.
  8. 110 F v. 110 FE is a matter of slightly improved contrast, or rather less flare, due to cementing to elements that were not in the first version and an added baffle.
    The change was made, if i remember correctly, during the F lens version's production. The improved version can be identified by the square rear baffle. You have to be able to handle the lens.
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  9. If lenses design was easy every lenses will open at 1.0 and sharp up to atoms on all field of view...
    ...and photography may be boring.
    Some time you choose a lens for his quality, some time for his default
  10. I have the 110 f/2 first version (not FE) for my 2000 FC/M. It is that good. And I have two 2000 FC/M bodies that both still work. Back in the late 90's I paid $600 for it. I thought that it was too much money back then.

    I also have the 80mm f/1.9 Mamiya 645. I rarely use it as the 110 is far better.
  11. Rollei 6008 + 110F2.0
    5e.jpg 1d.jpg 3a.jpg 3c.jpg 4c.jpg 4e.jpg

  12. Rollei 6008 + 110F2.0



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  13. The young women in the cemetery is enough to wake the dead.
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  14. 6008 + 110F2.0

  15. Re the comment on your CZJ 180 mm photos in that other thread, this one is also not sharp, JP. All handheld?
  16. 110F2.0 wide open is not a sharp lens
  17. It is, Jean Philippe!
    Haven´t used mine for a while. Not much DoF. But always sharp. And the photos you posted earlier/above are definitely sharper.
    I began to wonder whether the results of your CZJ 180 mm Sonnar may (also) not be a what they could have been.

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