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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by carashilaire, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Hello! It is always good to keep learning. Since the articles on (equipment reviews, software tutorials, techniques, interviews, etc.) are for you, I wonder what you might like to read about? Do you wish there was a specific photoshop tutorial available? Would you like to read more about finding your style? Lighting setups? A particular type of photography? Are there specific photographers you'd like to see interviewed here at Are you more interested in business and marketing? Food photography? Apps for your iPhone?

    The sky is the limit - it would be great to know what YOU want to read. I'll use these ideas to start working on our editorial calendar for later this year into next.

    Here are some recent articles if you haven't been to the home page lately:
    Vanguard ABEO Pro 283CGH Tripod Review by Josh Root
    Canon EF 135mm f2.0L USM Review by Bob Atkins
    Nikon 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED Review by Shun Cheung
    Creating a Long-Exposure Effect in Photoshop by David Asch
    Writing a Wedding Story with Must-Have Photographs by Erik Korver
    Nikon Coolpix P7700 Review by Dan Bailey
    Placing a Flower Photo on a Background by Harold Davis
    Wedding Photography Tips: Capturing the Scene Setters by Donna Newman

    Thank you!
  2. Thank you very much for asking.
    Updating existing articles, particularly those for beginning photographers, is important because continuing to present old information is not only unhelpful, it makes the site look bad. The 1997 article, Building a Digital SLR System, was updated in a minimal way in 2011, with many links and suggestions broken or outdated. "Equipment for Wedding Photographers" from 2007 is very much in need for updating. Obviously, with the accelerated technological development of recent years, equipment articles will get old faster than other topics, but articles such as the "Street Photography guide" from 1997 also could stand improvement.
    In addition, I would like to see an article on lighting that is not tied to studio or wedding photography, and one on current problems for photographers, from the replacement of photojournalists by reporters with cell phone cameras to the restrictions that have been imposed since 2001. Maybe they're here and I've somehow missed them--hope so.
    Best regards.
  3. Thanks, Hector! Yes - we're working on updating articles as a priority. You'll see some of those updated soon actually - they are in the works. I agree with you entirely - especially some that are from the late 90's - eek!
  4. For the articles, priority indeed should be the Learning Section, as it's the most useful place to deliver proper added value for new members. Not just rewirtes and updates, but make sure there is a "15 lesson Beginners Guide to Photography" - items as exposure, composition basics in a concise series, easy to find. So I finally can stop recommending Understanding Exposure, and redirect there instead :)
    I value the reviews, as being hands-on rather than the (semi-)scientific methods of DPReview, Photozone and the like. But after they disappear from the front page, they become hard to find. The whole "equipment' area, frankly, is a mess. I know you ask for the new content - but let's ensure content is discoverable beyond the home page too.. There is a lot more content than meets the eye, and that's a pity.
    Maybe find a good art critic to write a series about the most famous (art)photos, and explain why they're regarded as they are, what is special about them, techniques used. Giving both appreciation for the history of photography, the art and if we cannot find inspiration is such images, will we ever?
    Otherwise.... turn to the community:
    I'd love to see the interviews back with outspoken members (those with a very specific type of photography) and so on. Maybe more something for a newsletter, but besides being interesting, it can help build community feel, in my view.
    The Picture of the Week (oh oh, will we never stop?): maybe instead find a pool of valued critiquers and have a weekly essay on the "Photo of the Week" (to circumvent some of the criticism on the old model, yet revive discussion on actual photos). The essay might just guide discussion more towards the picture, avoiding the generic "what is art" discussions people love to hate.
    Invite members that have shown to have something to tell (even if their opinions aren't shared by all) and are willing to have a blog here, and let them brainstorm their thoughts on photography in the widest sense of the word, share insights, tricks, ideas, whatever comes up. Provoke our thoughts, give us some new inspiration. Talking photos, make sure this site has to add something useful about photos, rather than just gear and gearheaded discussions.
  5. Cara , thanks for asking, I fully agree with Wouter W. last part. There is a need to renew all the subjects on equipments, but ! I think as well how important this is about interviews with members that are active and experienced on the site ( and not those who are not,) because if a discussion starts and the photographer can not participate,and answer questions asked , explain his motives and thought , there is no use for it as a learning mode for new once and the less experienced ,in the medium.It can be a good newer way to do it as was before the POW.
    It helps IMO to tighten site relations between members, and have a better attractive photography site , especially for the newer members.
    And again, about the 10 minuts time for correcting typos.. I think you have read about it more than once... so some progress in that direction?
    Anyway as I wrote before, about doing changes in the site, and doing it with the members needs, the new as well as the older ones (exactly as you are doing) ! will enhance collaboration with administration/ members activities.
  6. As a rule, I don't often check the Site Help forum - generally only if I have a problem.
    Might I suggest that you add a small block on the home page, perhaps between the Random Sampling and the box "Explore millions of images.." notifying people of questions like this or of any proposed changes?
    I know some have been talked about in the newsletter but we all know we tend to miss things sometimes. Maybe like a "What's New on PN"? Just a thought as a way to engage more members.
  7. Reading again what I wrote yesterday, I think I was no clear enough . What I mean about ...
    ( and not those who are not'...)...... active on the site for a long time, not necessarily only the experienced ones, as long as they are active on the site.
    Sorry if I was misunderstood.
  8. I would like to endorse what Wouter has written. What had set this site apart from others was the degree to which members engaged one another in discussions about photography which went beyond gear talk or "wow nice pic". Two features which promoted this facet were the POTW and the featured member section.
  9. Thanks everyone - this is specifically about articles, though I appreciate feedback on other items. For ex - POW is coming back soon - it is just on a long list of things the programmer is working on while he is in tandem working on the larger site redesign (which will make the articles far more easy to find).
    I like the idea of having members share insight. For just one example, Art X kindly wrote an article for us in April on how he creates his great animal shots: I've recently reached out to a few other members and asked them to share some techniques with us as well.
    As for organization - oh my do I agree with you! It is a bit of a mess and we're working on organizing the learning section. You can imagine what a project that is - we're talking well over 10 years of tips, techniques, interviews, tutorials etc. For example, there is actually an article right here by Bryan Peterson on exposure: There is also a good section on the basics of photography, also buried:

    They will be much easier to find after the larger site redesign, but for now we're doing what we can to tweak existing parts of the site, including the learning section.
    If you think of any specific articles or content you would love to read about, that would be great for the purpose of this thread. Thanks!
    I'll add this thread to the newsletter as well so it is seen more - right now I have it anchored to the top of the unified forum.
  10. The idea of reaching out to members is great and I've noticed a couple of those articles and appreciated them a lot. This would likely occur naturally and maybe you've already considered some of this, but it would be great to have articles and/or interviews, in addition to focusing on technique, focusing on questions of subject matter, photographic vision, emotional connections, expressive points of view, provocativeness, the political nature of some photography, narrative considerations, ethical ones, photographers who do series, one's development over the years, surprises encountered, the evolution of a voice, consistency and inconsistency in a body of work, message/meaning as well as the lack thereof . . .
  11. Cara, what a good idea to start changes with Art X article on his work flow ,with the animal and nature in general .
    Art is one of my favorite photographers at the net ,because he really developed his own voice ,and I enjoyed reading his very good educating way.
    I think that what Fred offered are as well needed subjects, as aside from the technical flow , the vision,the development of an individual voice,emotional difficulties on the way, expressive point of view in the arts ,and life in general.
    Thanks Cara and administration as a whole,for your answer and planes.
    I hope and wish that with mutual forces PN will positively grow ,and grow !
  12. Thanks Cara, I managed to miss Art's article (we already agree on the navigational challenges ;-), and indeed a good start! And forgot to mention earlier, but thanks for starting this thread. Probably my first reply did not sound like it at all, but I do appreciate it.
    I would like to underline what Fred wrote. Technique is important, but I do hope continues to cover the other angles as well, as it's one of the things that's pretty unique to this site.
  13. I would like to see more video/multimedia embedded with all types of content. Reviewers could do an unboxing of the gear and show it's use. Photo techniques, or other educational content could be shown "live" on the Lightroom or Photoshop GUI or out in the field or studio or wherever. Interviews with artists and industry leaders are a natural. I'm talking about TV.
    It's time to expand the visual presentation model from just stills and words to moving images. This is a major change and needs an investment in resources and commitment but I think it would really elevate this site heads and shoulders above others going forward.
    I would also like to see timely photographic news and stories of photo interest become more accessible on this site as a regular, constant feature. DP Review does it. Petapixel does it. Why can't pnet do it? Why do I have to go elsewhere for photo news items?
  14. Thank you so much, everyone! Louis, I agree with you so much re: video/multimedia. It is something we've all agreed is important for when the new site overhaul launches in January. Right now -- it is technically challenging to put video on the site as it is. I think software tutorials would be great on video as well - and yes, parts of reviews as video as well...even various techniques or experiences...interviews...the list goes on.
  15. Perhaps a photo arts journal embedded within Photo Net that would encompass the kinds of things that Wouter and Fred refer to. Something to nourish the soul.
  16. Beyond new topics you need new writers with fresh perspectives and attitudes.
  17. Any photography site these days will have trouble coming up with original content that can not be found elsewhere or in another format, so I will second Gordon's remark.
    There is little point in going through the hard work to produce content if it's not going to be widely read, and perhaps other presentation formats should also be considered especially in today's Internet culture where many references point to YouTube.
  18. I agree with the remarks above, that much can be found elsewhere, but PN is unique in many ways, which makes many of us come back to it as daily "homebase".
    One approach to finding things elsewhere is simply to make the links on PN to what we have found of articles and photos elsewhere, when we find them. This is done regularly already in the relevant forums, but also be subject to a regularly edited issue by the PN team and in the Newsletters. PN can't replace all the other interesting sites on internet, but it can do its utmost be be the "homebase" for people like us, with passion for photography and arts, amateurs and professionals alike.
    The main critic I personally have to PN, is the way photo ratings work and the role it plays for the visibility of photos. I think we are still many who do not use the rating system anymore because of such shortcomings.
    Maybe one way of advancing on this sensitive question would be not only, as suggested, to have a featured article in the newsletter on the POW, but also to have such regular articles on photos (single photos or selected series of photos) that have received extremely high or low ratings, discussing alternative approaches to appreciating a photo from a technical, creative and artistic perspectives. At least such articles can open a difficult discussion which presently does not take place on PN apart from bits and pieces in to be found among individual comments on individual photos, hidden in individual portfolios.
    By the way Cara, thanks for the link to recent articles. I very much appreciated the article on the Canon EF 135mm f2.0L USM Review, which I had not seen before. Good work !
  19. Provide a direct link to Facebook, so that we can have a place to go quickly when the site goes down as it did this morning. . . with nary a word from the administration as to when or even if it will be operating again.
    The Photo of the Week is still buried in the menus somewhere. The overall tone of the site has become quite smarmy.
    I am not an isolated malcontent. A lot of us are asking, "What happened to"
    It frankly has not been the same since Josh stepped down as editor--in-chief.

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