Youngnuo and the Canon 6D

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by garth|1, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. I recently purchased a YN560iii for my Canon 6D. I don't shoot enough flash photography to be comfortable using a manual flash so would like to upgrade to an ETTL system operated from my hot shoe. The ones I am looking at from the Yongnuo store on ebay are. The YN565EX. the 565EXii, both $105 and the YN568EXii $168.50. My questions are....
    In the camera compatibility list the 6D is never mentioned. Will they work ?
    Between the 565EX and the 565EXii which one would I want ?
    What advantages do I gain with the YN568EXii over the other two ?
    Should I someday want to use the flash in conjunction with my 560iii what is the best choice ?
    Thanks Garth
  2. I'm sorry but I'm getting a little tired of these Youngnuo post. They are all over the web !
  3. I take it you don't know or you would have answered my questions. I have done a search on the web and on this site before I asked these particular questions. I emailed Yongnuo and asked specifically about the Canon 6D and the differences between the two 565's but two weeks later I have no answer. I always do a search before I ask a question.

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