xsi, 50D or 5D? (other suggestions?)

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by kent_barry, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. I just smashed my Digital Rebel XT and have to find something to replace it. I've got some great canon lenses (100-400 IS L, 24-105 IS L, and even an EFS 10-22) so I figure I'll stay with Canon, though I'm not sure whether I should stay with the crop sensor--even if that means parting with one EFS lens.
    I'm just a hack (who but a hack leaves their camera on top of the car and drives away) and I shoot mostly landscape and wildlife kinds of stuff. I'm torn between going cheap; finding a used XT or XTi or going all out and getting the newest and latest features.
  2. I would go with a 40D. Much better control then the Rebels as well as being more durable. Its also very low priced. IMO its the best camera for the $$
  3. Me? I'd buy a used XT or a XTi. KEH has some decent prices on both.
    I'm pretty sure I'll be the only one saying this though. The chance to spend someone elses money is too tempting for a lot of people in photography forums.
  4. [[Much better control then the Rebels as well as being more durable]]
    So your claim, Tommy, is that a 40D will survive a fall from the top of a moving car?
    I'd like to see you back that up.
    I'm adding this bit here because I realize the reply sounded way too harsh. I didn't mean it to. Sorry.
  5. No Rob but its certainly more durable and has a longer shutter life, I believe like twice the life. I had a rebel and the photos where just fine but I found I learned much more much quicker with the 40D.
  6. For a crop format, I'd get a 50D. The high rez LCD alone is worth the couple extra benjamins over the 40D. I find the extra rez and better noise reduction a plus as well. With that said, the 5D has the best overall IQ among the XSi, 40D & 50D. If you can put up with the small dim LCD and lack of LV. I don't use LV but those from the point 'n shoot crowd value it greatly.
  7. since we are spending your money, the 50D, don't have it but some of my friends do, add the 17-55 2.8 IS and you would be hog heaven.
  8. Thanks for the ideas. I don't plan on launching any more cameras from the top of the car, but you can never be sure. I'm not counting on purchasing anything capable of withstanding that kind of impact--the worst I've usually faced was the dog knocking over the tripod.
    I like the notion of a larger, clearer LCD. I have a hard time gauging how sharp my shot turned out on this current display, and I like the notion of sensor cleaning. Mine seems to get very dirty all too often and small aperture shots get ruined. I'd like more megapixels, just because I end up cropping my shots a lot and that would give me more flexibility, and I would like to do the occasional large print--bigger than letter size--for display. (I used to do cibachrome from Velvia or Kodachrome 25--but I've never done a large digitial print.)
    This is the only digital SLR I've had, and I've liked the compact size and the quality of images I've gotten so far.
  9. Wanting to upgrade my oldish 20D, I compared the 40D and XSi extensively across a camera store counter. And picked the XSi solely for the much better ergonomics. The fact that it was less money (wasn't concerned about that) was a bonus. Some of my daily XSi pix...
  10. It is a difficult decision. Used full-frame EOS 5D's have become affordable, but the modern 40D's and 50D's are also appealing. However, if you shoot landscapes I'd say that full-frame is the way to go. The 5D's sensor is physically twice the size of the APS-C cameras. Mexapixels don't count for much, better learn to frame more accurately (which is much easier with the large viewfinder of the 5D).
  11. Another vote for the 50D over the 40D.
  12. Another vote for 50D (unless you shoot only landscape and the 5D would be a somewhat better choice because of the FF, but I know you don't judging by the photos on your portfolio).
    If you need speed and image quality in one, the 50D has it. I've also upgraded from the XT/XTi and it's a huge difference. I couldn't care less about the camera body build (although the XTi is a bit too small for an SLR), but the image quality at high ISO and the speed of the 50D, along with the incredible LCD is amazing (compared to the Rebels).
    You can go with the 40D if $200 difference is an issue, but I think the extra features of the 50D are worth every penny.
    And you should consider yourself lucky that the 100-400 was not mounted on, at the time of the tragedy :)
  13. For IQ the 5D, for convience the 50D. Which is more important to you?
  14. I have the 40D and 5D .
    The 5D gives superior IQ, but not "night and day" level. I don't usually go ultrawide, so the 24-105 is for the most part fine with me. I also have the 10-22, and it's IQ is superb, and I would hate to give that up, for the times I need the extra stretch.
    ALSO have the 100-400, and really like the reach on the 40D, but the IQ combined with the 5D is all I could ask for, and have no qualms about enlargement
    This rambling is actually heading toward a suggestion: the 50D. I think you'll like the control layout, with just a little practice, the reach for the 100-400, you can still use your 10-22, and I've found myself using the live view with grid quite a lot for landscape/cityscape shots (I'm a bad horizon tilter). I print my own 13x19s off my 40D and have no complaints, and the general consensus is that the 50D is an improvement
  15. I use the 5D and 40D. I like the 5D images better, especially in low light/high ISO use. But, the 40D does focus faster for birds in flight and the extra 1.6x helps on the long end. Since you have an EFS lens, the 40D would be a better choice (you should be able to find a new one under $1000 with 28-135 IS lens). The 50D has the newer processor and higher resolution, so if that is important to you, it might be worth the extra cost.
  16. I know the 40D is a huge improvement over the XT for wildlife. I never knew the 100-400 could focus that fast until I upgraded, the larger viewfinder makes it easier when trying to find the small birds and the lcd is much better. You'd love the 40D and you'll love the 50D even more.
  17. Funnily enough, through sheer idiocy on my part, I have launched an XSi from a moving car (35mph-ish). Not only did the camera survive, but continues to perform exemplary. The lens... the lens... let's just say that I am supremely thankful that I did not have my favorite lens (EF 70-200 f/4L) mounted at the time.
    This is just my gut feeling, and I am certainly not going to test it, but I have a feeling that my 30D, with its heavier body, may not have fared as well. Again, just a thought.
    Here you go. Enjoy and learn from other's mistakes:
  18. In terms of IQ, you won't go wrong with any of them. I think it comes down to which features you want, your budget, and what feels best in your hands.
  19. >>> In terms of IQ, you won't go wrong with any of them. I think it comes down to which features you want, your budget, and what feels best in your hands.
    So true. And excellent advice. On internet forums so much hand-wringing is put into owning "the best," yet photography and the results you get is much more about vision and interpretation.
  20. 100% the 5d. I used the 40d for 2 years and just got a used 5d. It's like night and day! I will never shoot with my 40d if I dont have to again!
  21. There isn't a bad choice, but if you can swing the 5D, I'd get it. You have the lens to use (ignoring your one efs). I have a 5D, and I really like it. I waited for the 5D to come out to switch to digital. Of course a 5D mark II would be even better, but the mark I is still a great camera. Anyway, I am guessing that 5D mark I's can found on the "cheap" for a little while anyway. Whatever you decide, getting a new camera is always fun. Enjoy it!
  22. "Funnily enough, through sheer idiocy on my part, I have launched an XSi from a moving car (35mph-ish). Not only did the camera survive, but continues to perform exemplary."
    I looked at the pictures from the other board, and now have one more reason to be glad i went with the XSi. :)
  23. 50D bodies are $1149.00 Canadian funds now; good deal. 5D (mark 1) full frames are $1699 Canadian now, but your 10-22 won't fit. You could sell the 10-22 to me for the difference between the 5D and 50D bodies; good deal too.
  24. Like you I'm forced to look at upgrading my XTi. In my case I burned through the poor little thing taking 600-1800 shots per weekend during hockey season for two and a half years. Cost is a big part of my decision and after a month of research it was coming down to 40D or 50D.
    The specs and data were beginning to drive me nuts so my decision came down to this, I'm also a photo editor for a hockey blog . So I have the perfect chance to judge who's shots look better the the photog 40D with the red ring or the 50D with the gold? Hate to tell you but the 50D is looking better with the $500.00 lens over 40D and the expensive glass. First pay day in April I'm ordering myself a 50D to cover the AHL playoffs .
    We can talk pixels and stats all we want but in the end it comes down to one thing to your eye what will produce the best results. Figure that one out then, can you afford it?
  25. The LCD on the 50D vs. the 40D, that alone is woth the extra cost.
  26. 50D for your wildlife(reach), 5D for your landscapes. Which is a more important subject for you?
  27. Get an XSI. It will do just about anything you want without spending a bundle. Noise factor is low, resolution is high and it has mirror lock-up and live view.( Great for macro, portrait and night photography!) I have had mine for a year now and love it!
  28. i would recommend you to wait a little (like a few days) as there are new models should be on the way shortly and they will be most likely in the canon rebel XXd line up. maybe you'll like whatever will be out.
  29. I recently purchased an XSi. The decision was made on the way it felt in my hands and price. If I'm not comfortable with the feel of the camera, it won't get used, plain and simple. And to have saved *several* hundred dollars was an added bonus; I can now afford good glass that will truly make the most of the body. But this is a personal ergonomics (and economics) based decision!
    Perhaps you enjoy and are familiar with the ergonomics and set-up of the Rebel line. You already have the great glass (arguably the most important part, other than the photographer) so why not stick with what you know?
  30. Dear Kent,
    One thought: I don't know if weight is a factor for you, but the XT is lighter than the 40D or 50D. So, you might want to think about whether the extra weight of the 40/50D will make you less inclined to take it along--eg. on a hike--than the lighter XSi/XTi/XT.
    I sold my 30D because I could not read the top LCD anymore (aging eyes), and because it was just heavy enough that I would sometimes leave it at home in favor of a P&S. Now, I am going to get an XSi or its replacement (which some rumors say could be unveiled in March), which will be a bit lighter to cart around on a day trip.
    My husband dropped my 30D from our car one time. It survived--I almost didn't, I was so upset. So, I am very sorry for your loss! Best of luck with the new camera.
  31. I really want to thank you folks for the comments and ideas. So many of you have presented me with genuinely thoughtful insights, even referring to my portfolio. I wasn't quite ready to replace my camera--I've liked it quite well. It's quite reassuring to have access to folks who own and use the types of gear I'm considering and who don't have a vested interest in selling me a particular product from their inventory.
    Whatever I choose, I'm sure of a couple of things, 1) I'll still love taking photographs, while wondering why my results aren't better; 2) I'll still get that mysterious 3/3 rating when I post my perceived masterpiece on photo.net! (I'm glad those folks aren't here on this thread telling me to sell all my remaining equipment and just give up.)
  32. Kent, you've got superb lenses. If I were you I'd get a 5D Mark II, dump your EF-S 10-22 (and replace it with a 17-40/4 L, which is relatively cheap), and never look back...
  33. Th 5d will give you the best image quality of the three cameras that you mention, the 50d will be the worst buy of the group. You wont be able to use the 10-22 on the 5D, so that will be an issue. Go for the 5d or a 40d.
  34. Obviously depends on our personal preferences. I have an XSI and it is a fantastic camera. I prefer the size of the XSI compared with the 40D/50D. The latter cameras are just too big/heavy for my taste.
    About the only flaw I can find with the XSI is that the AF often misses when my wife uses it in Fully-Auto mode....when I say miss, I mean that it will lock onto the closest point even if it is the end of a table protruding into the side of the frame. Perhaps that is how multi-point AF is supposed to work...dunno...I was shooting all manual-focus cameras until last year.
    I use the program modes with just the single center AF point selected and it never misses for me.
  35. If you were quite happy with the XT and were not planning to replace it with something else before all of this, I would not recommend the 50D or 5D II, wonderful cameras that they are.
    If the feature set and so forth of the XT/Rebel was working for you, the XSi essentially gives you the most up to date version of that type of camera, and it will seem quite comfortable and familiar to you in actual use.
    Regarding the size/interface issues, I've also used Canon DSLRs ranging from the Rebel series to the 5D series - and frankly either could be the best choice, depending upon the photographer and the circumstances. Regarding the "image quality" issue, I really want to comment on this statement in a previous post:
    5d will give you the best image quality of the three cameras that you mention, the 50d will be the worst buy of the group​
    The fact of the matter is that all three of these cameras can produce very excellent image quality. While I use full frame bodies myself today, I have used 8MP cropped sensor bodies in the past. I have printed and sold as large at 16 x 24 from the XT. The IQ differences between the cameras really are only going to be significant if you shoot very carefully and with excellent technique and then make quite large prints.
  36. Hyun
    I have often wondered the same thing. Mass can be the enemy sometimes. It would be interesting to see a real sacrificial test of camera durability to find out how plastic with a steel internal frame compares to mostly metal cameras and their significantly greater weight and rigidity.
  37. Look at in-depth test reports and you'll find the XSi hits the sweet spot in terms of sheer performance (disregarding FPS, ergonomics, construction quality) vs the 40D and the 50D. In terms of chroma and luminance noise it's a match for the 40D and superior to the 50D. In terms of real resolution it virtually matches the 50D and is superior to the 40D. The anti-aliasing filter in the XSi isn't as severe as the filter in the 40D and while it might show a bit more moire pattern on test charts, real life photos look sharper than the 40D. In terms of the resolution curves, the XSi is essentially symmetrical while the 40D is asymmetrical.
    I own a 40D and an XSi. I never use the 40D at this point unless I may be shooting wildlife or sports, or perhaps family shots with kids, where I might need more FPS. For landscapes and tripod use I much prefer my XSi. I can stitch 2-3 frames from the XSi and essentially match or surpass the single frame output from an a900 or a 5DmkII, for a huge amount less money.
  38. As an owner of an XSi and a 5D I would have to say there is a lot less difference than people claim. IQ is better on the 5D, but mainly in terms of dynamic range, and difficult to see any difference with the XSi at print sizes smaller than 13x19. The XSi has a superior LCD and dust control. I have has to clean the 5D several times in just a few months, where I haven't cleaned the XSi in over a year.
    As for build quality I wouldn't drop either of them. Neither speaks to be as being tougher than the other in practice. Both are delicate instruments. The 5D is heavy, the XSi is light. The ergonomics are different but I would say one is better than the other. There are things a like about both and things I dislike about both. The rear LCD of the XSi is actually quite easy to read compared to the smaller top LCD of the 5D.
    The 5D has a better viewfinder which oddly enough people rave about. To me it is still very small compared to my Pentax MX film camera, which I bought for less than $100 and less than half the size of the 5D.
  39. I have owned an XSi, 40D, 50D and 5D.
    Based on what you say you shoot, I would buy the 5D and sell the EFS 10-22 - if landscapes are your thing. You just can't beat full frame.
    I use a 50D with my 40D as backup. I like the 50D better. I love the LCD and the way it handles... but the 40D is also very nice and can save you money.
    If you're going to travel with your camera, I would buy the XSi. It's small and light and image quality-wise as good as any of the above (well maybe not the 5D).
  40. Why dont you consider a used 20d or 30d? The quality will be better than your old XT and you should be able to pick one up for the price of a new XTi (sorry its the 450d in the UK, im not sure the xti is the current new one). They also have a magnisium alloy body which is more robust than the 100 series cameras, I can vouch for the 20d as my own camera (along with the bullet proof EF35 f/2) tumbled well over 200ft down a rivine into the Boiling Pot at Victoria falls, Zambia and survived better than i did! A 5d is going to be double the price of the 50d though with the mkII out now used prices have come down ever so slightly, selling your EFS lens should bring in the difference if you want to go down this route

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