"Women Who Shot the 20th Century"

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  1. At Monroe Gallery of Photography in Santa Fe, New Mexico through June 30. Clicking on the thumbnails images on that url opens up larger version and details about the prints.
    Photographers in the exhibition include: Berenice Abbott, Eve Arnold, Margaret Bourke-White, Esther Bubbly, Vivian Cherry, Martha Holmes, Dorothea Lange, Lisa Larsen, Nina Leen, Hansel Mieth, Ruth Orkin, Marion Post Wolcott, and Ida Wyman. Images in the exhibition include the major events of the 20th Century, such as the Depression, displaced farm families, migrant workers, and World War II. Also featured are photographs of the glamour of movie stars, the wonders of nature, the coronation of kings, politicians, and presidents, significant artists of the time, and everyday human interest stories. The significance and impact of these photographers can not be underestimated. Their work and lives pioneered, and came to define, the medium of photojournalism, and their photographs recorded history and informed us all for most of the 20th Century.
    Ellis Vener [news editor applicant]
  2. It's a wonderful collection. I stopped by a couple of weekends ago - they've always got great work up on their walls.

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