Who wants to volunteer to help photo.net grow?

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  1. photo.net has grown quite a bit in its nine years of operation. The growth has been accomplished partly through heroic individual efforts (the ArsDigita founders in the beginning, Rajeev and Lisa more recently) and partly through volunteers working at a sustainable pace.
    I"m writing this new and more formalized call for volunteers because (a) the heroes are getting worn out, (b) I'm going to be away from mid-May to mid-October (flying from Boston to Alaska and back; see http://philip.greenspun.com/flying/alaska-job if you want to come along), and (c) the growth keeps outstripping our capacity.
    To gauge the amount of untapped volunteer energy in the community, I'd like people to post replies saying (i) what they're willing to do, (ii) how many hours per week they can contribute, (iii) what skills and background they can bring to the tasks, and (iv) whether their willingness to volunteer would be significantly enhanced if photo.net converted to a 501c3 non-profit corporation.
    Please make your reply a public response in this forum rather than private email. That way your communication won't be lost and also the entire community can see how much potential there is among current community members.
    Here are the categories where we need help:
    1. user account management: making sure that new registrants are using their real name and a real email address; helping people who've lost their passwords or registered three times and want to merge those accounts; making sure that people who've paid their $25 fees get an email address or whatever else they paid for. Skills required are primarily Web form interaction plus perhaps some telephoning (best way to find out if someone is legit).
    2. user handholding: if someone emails because he or she can't figure out how to find something or how to accomplish a task, answering that email with a helpful suggestion. Skills required are email and Web forms.
    3. user expulsion: we want a community where the majority of content is on-topic. A reader 5 years from now shouldn't have to wade through an archived thread or photo of the week with 150 responses, most of them User A arguing with Users B and C (example: this thread in which one user calls another a racist). We need volunteers to look at the discourse in various areas of the site, find the troublemakers, ask them to mend their ways, and ban them from the site if they won't. Skills required: taste and judgement, Web forms.
    4. bug tracking and reporting: if a user finds a bug and reports it via email, getting it into a standard format and perhaps into a Web-based bug tracking system so that a programmer can find it and fix it. Skills required are email and Web forms and an ability to distinguish between bugs and confusion. (Of course if a big percentage of users get confused in trying to accomplish a task, that is itself a bug in the software.)
    5. managing editorial: helping get new articles onto the site by nagging authors, converting author output into our standard HTML format, placing articles in the correct directory, making them commentable. Sadly this requires experience with the Unix shell, Unix text editors, and the CVS version control system as well as basic HTML experience and an organized mind.
    6. programming: fixing bugs, improving subsystems by developing and documenting a careful design and/or following one that has been developed by others and approved for data model cleanliness. Skills required: Unix shell, CVS, AOLserver API, ArsDigita Community System, Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL).
    7. sysadmin: kicking Solaris and Linux when they are down. It would help if you lived in the Boston area but we are going to try to make sure that we have remote console so that it won't be necessary to live here or physically visit the colo (in Cambridge, MA). You'll need to know about or be willing to learn about AOLserver (a few days) and Oracle (a lifetime).
    8. database administration: Oracle, Oracle, Oracle. We're on 8.1.6 now but should be on 9i.
    9. network administration: load balancing router.
    • Well, that's enough for tonight. Let's see if anyone wants to do these things!
  2. I'd love to help. One thing I don't know is what you mean by 'web forms.' Filling out some sort of automated web form? If you could tell me what you mean by web forms I'd really appreciate it (i just don't keep up with internet jargon like I should). I'm not sure if you need us to make them, or fill out some sort of web forms.

    (i). As you've probably heard me say before, I'm not a fan of programming... soo. The user expulsion/moderation category sounds good, as well as hand holding. Something I can handle easily from here.

    (ii). How many hours a week? Hell I don't know I'm a college student. My schedule is all over the place. I'll make a guestimate... 8-10 is my current guess.

    (iii). Skills and background, well I've been active with photonet for a couple of years. Constantly learning new stuff about photography here and in class.

    (iv). I plan on sticking through the thick and the thin here. As long as my photographic interest stays alive, which it should since I plan on working in the industry, I'll still be here. That is unless I take up something like flying and head for Alaska :p
    As far as the 501c3 goes, as long as it doesn't kill the atmosphere of this site which for the most part is very good, I'll stick.

    So while I don't have the exciting credentials of some of the other older folks here, I'll learn whatever I don't know. And if I suck I can still do what I've been doing which is important too. Without folks answering questions, this site would fizzle out.
  3. Umm ...dumb question ... what does 501c3 mean and what changes would it incorporate?
  4. What the heck -- I'll help out with the tech stuff. You obviously know my qualifications.
  5. I would be glad to help with number 3, user expulsion. However, my perspective would more accurately be called "user mediation"; One of the reasons I love the forums is because of the rigorous debate and give-and-take when opinions are requested, then proferred. Nonetheless, one of my pet peeves when reading a thread is when they veer so far astray from the original question that I think the members are confusing somebody's well thought-out question with a casual chat room.

    One way I would handle it would be the way Mr. Greenspun advised: I'd e-mail those clogging the forum and suggest they do what I've done in similar cases, to wit, e-mailing the other person in my private conversation off-forum.

    Also, I'd remind people not to get into direct, personal attacks on those with whom there is a simple difference of opinion. On the other hand, I'd protect members the right to their opinions -- so long as they are pertinent to the original thread's question -- no matter how strong, politically or aesthetically incorrect, so long as they are not accompanied by direct personal attacks on other photo.net members.

    If given the honour of performing these duties, I'd be glad to devote two to three hours per week, promise to be fair, cognizant of members' rights of free speech, and will encourage members to interject some sorely needed humour (so long as it's not way off on a tangent) in matters technical, an area in which many members are so literal-minded that they become "terminology nannies," pouncing mercilessly on those who make (due to inexperience, differing experiences, or lack of proofreading) technological errors in their discourse. This "gotcha" style of responding does nothing but engender hurt feelings, and makes the perpetrators look like insecure children.

    I have experience in collegiate debate (3 years, 1989-1991, Pi Kappa Delta East Coast champion, 1990; National Finalist, 1990), discussion (3rd place panel member, National Discussion Contest, 1991), and have worked as a chief-of-staff at a Jewish civil rights organisation in New York.

    That's my resume, will be glad to help.
  6. Allow me to change my time to 5 hours. I need to shoot too ya know. :)
  7. Philip, I can help with Solaris/Linux admin, shell scripting, text
    editing with vi, really basic HTML and web forms. I'm in the great
    midwest, but I'm sure I could still do something useful just with
    ssh access. I can also help you with some instructions on how
    to set up a cheap remote console that's not an ongoing admin
    task in itself. I'm currently undergoing Oracle indoctrination at
    work, but I'm not up to speed on it yet. Please let me know if I
    can help, I owe photo.net quite a bit in return for the education it's
    given me.
  8. Oh, and Perl. I hope that doesn't disqualify me! Thanks.
  9. I just signed into this site yesterday, and haven't been able to pull myself away from the computer. This is an INCREDIBLE! service to all of us and I would be glad to contribute in any way I can from my PC here in California. I don't know anything about programming, but I could hand-hold, answer questions about the site, (yea, I know I've only been here a day, but I'm learning,) moniter discussions-user expulsion, and anything else. I got layed off recently, so I can offer lots of time at the moment. I do have a little HTML experience. And what is a web-form?
  10. I can help with categories 1 through 4. Sorry, not enough experience with programming or Unix to be helpful there. Right now I wouldn't want to commit to more than a couple of hours per week because our rural phones lines are fairly unreliable. As phone service improves (and it's better than a couple of years ago) I could commit to more time.

    Qualifications...uh, gee...I have 30+ years experience as a photographer, mostly as a hobbyist but also a few years as a photojournalist. I'm also a painter - oil and watercolor - with training and experience in various graphic arts. I have no biases against any type or genre of photography or its use in combination with other art forms. I'm not a gearhead - even tho' I own way too much camera gear I'm no brand-conscious elitist. I love my ancient Canon AF35M and Olympus XA3 point and shoots as much as my Rollei TLR. I love my mom's Olympus iS-2 auto-everything ZLR so much I'm gonna swipe it from her someday when she's not looking. I prefer squirrel fur quill mops to sable for watercolor. I'm addicted to coffee and chocolate. I think my grandsons are adorable, even with poopy pants.

    I was in nursing for several years and volunteered for community service groups (nope, not as a result of court-ordered probation). My communication and people skills are pretty good. Sometimes my sense of humor doesn't translate online - I try to watch out for that. I'm always ready to admit when I've made a mistake and apologize when necessary. I'll stand my ground when I believe I'm right. I prefer to say what I have to say once and don't feel it necessary to continually defend what I meant to say. I sometimes don't take the Christmas tree down 'til March. In four years of trying I've never been able to teach my terrier, Scraps, to fetch anything. In fact, she runs like hell whenever I pick up my Nerf football. Heck, I've only actually nailed her with the thing a couple of times, and it's just foam rubber. Sometimes I digress.

  11. (i)
    I can do 4, 5, and 7 at least. I'd volunteer for others but I'm not much of a people person and sometimes I can let my emotions get the better of me. Though when I did support at BU as a student I was told I had the patience of a saint. Go figure. I can probably be persuaded to do 1 and 2 as well, but only as a last line of defense. Number 3 is something that I don't want to touch.
    (ii) and (iv)
    I probably have five to ten (5-10) hours per week that I'd be able to contribute to this venture. As for the non-profit thing: it really doesn't matter to me. I just want to keep this place alive and hopefully improve it in whichever manner I am able.
    As for the whole experience issue. Well, I'm an electrical engineer (but ASIC design, not software, so don't make me suffer :p ) and have a lot of experience with Unix, bash/sh/tcsh scripting, Perl, Linux, Slowlaris, and CVS. I've been a Linux user for about eight years if that means anything (probably not). I live in Davis Square so the whole "It would help if you lived in the Boston area" thing applies. That doesn't mean I wish to wear a pager though.
    I also want to say thanks for the whole crew of elves that keep this place working. I came here about three years ago looking for information on replacing my point and shoot camera (APS no less) and you all got me back into a hobby that I had started as a five-year-old. It's been a hell of a lot of fun and I've learned a lot from this place. I'd really like to give something back and seeing as how I don't have that much photo experience yet, helping to keep this place running would be a great place at least to start.
  12. Thanks for organizing the tasks in order of complexity.

    I volunteer five hours a week to do tasks 1 through 5. Anything more would be an unrealistic commitment. I know how to write HTML, how to use CVS to check in and check out source, and how to use most Unix text editors. I'm good at explaining things to computer users who are not technical people.

    Photo.net's 501c3 status is not important to me.
  13. Expanding on my midnight scatterbrained state, I'd like to add that category 4 sounds good for me too. 1 might require more time than I have to spare in a contiguous chunk.

    More qualifications: I like pizza, teasing my department head, sleeping and talking about how bizarre my calculus prof is.
  14. I would love to help out. I think #5 would suit me best. I dont have extensive programming knowledge, but I have lots of Unix experience and html know-how.

    I could throw in 6-7 hours a week.

    P.S. I wish I wasn't going to Europe June 7 - June 28 or Id drive your RV to Alaska. I think I would pay you to let me drive. If Europe blows up or something, count me in.
  15. i wish i had any skills whatsoever so i could help out. half of what i know comes from photo.net, the other probably from thinking about what i have read online while im in physics class or math class. i have avoided programming at all costs because i dont want to have the same job as my dad (unemployed programmer who walks around the house in his underwear), ha going into physics, wuess where that leads?!
    anyway, i can do some simple tech support, dont mind fielding some emails explaining dummystuff, but i really dont hink im all that usefull, great technical knowledge of traditional photography, but the computer and i dont always get along.
    i wish i were old enough to have a drivers liscence, driving your winnebego sounds like the best summer ever, but i cant drive so ill have to find something else interesting to do this summer.
    anyway, i dont know what i can do here, but thanks for all that photo.net has done for me.
  16. I'd be willing to help out with (5), though I may need to pick up one or two skills. One of my jobs right now is typesetting for a symbolic logic journal which, though superficially different (latex vs. HTML... paper vs. web) probably involves many of the same skills. I have a passable familiarity with unix and a few of the unix text editors, etc... but what's CVS? I could spare a couple hours a week.
  17. There doesn't look like being a single thing I can do there. I wish I wasn't quite so bloody useless with computers etc. Hell, I can't even italicise on here. Anything simple I can do? I suppose no. 3 I could do if it's a simple enough process - I probably spend 5 - 8 hours a day on here on average, reading the forums, and live on GMT (the forums are pretty quiet for most of my day, and I connect from work). Although I'm perhaps more in need of moderating than actually moderating. Let me know. I wan't to put something back for all the fun and knowledge I've got from photo.net.

  18. As I have mentioned to a couple of different photo.net folks in the past. I'd be glad to help out. I've been around here a while and think I'd be a decent resource.
    Sadly, like so many others, high end programming isn't really in my bag of skills. I would be really good at moderating, weeding out troublemakers, or creating editorial content (or overseeing that creation).
  19. I can help with user handholding and with parts of the editorial management...

    I use e-mail on an hourly basis, am the person the rest of my department turns to when they want something off the internet, and usually try to be diplomatic. I can code the plain-vanilla stuff in HTML, so could at least convert author output into HTML. I can take care of the scheduling, nagging for deadlines (I've been nagging myself about the ones I mentioned for months, now!), and stuff like that. I'm used to working with multiple projects at the same time, urgent deadlines, people in different countries, etc.

    Time contribution, probably 5-10 hours per week.
  20. If you can use me, I'd like to help out. I'm experienced in Unix Shell programming, Perl, Unix Systems Administration (mainly Irix, AIX, and Linux but some Solaris), HTML, databases (mainly MySQL), web server administration (Netscape Enterprise Server and Apache), and CVS.
  21. Phil, I'd like to help out - can probably handle #1-3, 7 (lots of exp. with NT/2000 admin, FWTW), and might be able to help on #8. Played with 8xi for a short time (my exp. is in SQL Server 2000).
    I could spare 5+ hours a week.
  22. 1, 2, & 3. 5 hours/week. Qualifications: I've been hanging around since 1997. I'm a knowledgeable, but not great, photographer. I understand and support the site's goals, the gray line between rough around the edges, pointed, constructive debate and unhelpful flaming. With a few exceptions, I've tried to calm things down when they got personal and have avoided wasting bandwidth by contributing to useless threads and debates. I usually communicate in a clear non-combative manner the error in someone's ways and suggest improvements.
  23. Since I am already a volunteer helper, this may be superfluous, but I'll go on record anyway. I can help with 1-3 for 10 hours a week sustainable and more from time to time. I am a retired high voltage engineer, deeply interested in photography and committed to this site and its founding concepts. I have many years of experience with all sorts of computers and programming, but much of my programming experience is with what are now pretty close to dead languages, it seems. Nonetheless, I certainly know my way around the web and photo.net. Having this be a 501c3 site is irrelevant to me.

    One more thing: I think this sort of call to the photo.net community is laudable and I choose to take it as a return to the shared community spirit that I feel has been lost to photo.net lately. Those of us who want this site to succeed and thrive need to forget our differences and gripes and work toward the better rather than bitching about the less than ideal.
  24. Hi Phil, I am a student and can therefore spend a few hours a week helping out. However, since I am (stuck) graduating, I haven't been able to figure out how many. If you can use me, I'll be happy to do #1 (as long as I can avoid the phone, since I live in Europe and my resources are kind of stretched - who can survive without film?) and #2. <br><br>My qualifications? I'm unfortunately not an experienced photographer nor a software engineer. But I study history, so I can write and communicate a little (and read a hell of a lot). I have some technical background too. I am quite handy with computers, which means I can operate Outlook and IE. But I'd be happy to expand my knowledge of HTML. Recently I have been in touch with Kyle about the editorial plan and I am considering contributing to the static content. Any need for a historical look at photography and society?
  25. For Melanie (and the other non-USA people here) 501(c)(3) is part of the USA Tax code (section-paragraph-paragraph), run by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). This section describes non-profit organizations. Once you are certified as a 501(c)(3) organization, you are exempt paying from certain taxes, and can accept tax-free donations.

    I'd like to volunteer to help, but don't have enough of the skills required (except having time at work to read photo.net).
  26. My money-making job is Solaris admin & ORA-DBA with specialization on tuning - I so I can take care in this area.<br>
    Only I hope my internet connection is not blocked for SSH, I've to check out or discuss in my company to allow it, because I use my company RAS for internet connection.
  27. I can help for 2 to 4, plus #1 without the telephoning stuff (I live in Argentina, so it would be too expensive and complicated). That's on a basis of 4-5 hours per week.
  28. #3 would be right up my alley.. Taste? I think so. Judgement? Yes Diplomacy is another quality sorely needed. Web Forms? hmmm I could learn. Hours.. 5-6 Hours. I work at home so there would be no conflict at a job. I'm 48 years old and have already served Photo.net by alerting you guys to problems from time to time. I'm a professional photographer and have been for 12 years. I've had cause to e-mail members over issues on POW before and even when I was called an idiot in public I responded with diplomacy. I'm used to dealing with people. I've always been in positions of power overseeing large staffs. I understand how to help people understand the issues without being heavy handed. Power does not go to my head as it can with some. I believe a moderator with the ability to ban and delete comments has to understand that it is principles before personalities. Furthermore - the admonishments have to be done privately and with diplomacy. Ego has no place in moderation... Pardon the pun.
  29. My previous post didn't answer some of the questions. I had to leave for work and wrote a quick and incomplete response. Sorry about that.
    (i) 1,2,3 & 4. I am not qualified to help in the other areas.
    (ii) Active moderation (5 hours) or On photo.net (15 hours)
    (iii) I've been hanging around since 1997. I'm a knowledgeable, but not great, photographer. I understand and support the site's goals, the gray line between pointed, constructive debate and unhelpful flaming. With a few exceptions, I've tried to calm things down when they got personal and have avoided wasting bandwidth by contributing to useless threads and debates. I usually communicate in a clear non-combative manner the error in someone's ways and suggest improvements. I'm a Ph.D. chemist who leads R&D programs in an industrial environment. I strive to be respectful and candid.
    (iv) No. Right now, I look at it as a charity where you are the major benefactor.
  30. I am already volunteering around 7 hours per week on some administrative tasks; I just volunteered for some "6" tasks, and I could probably do everything on your list except for "9", if called upon. I wouldn't mind helping to moderate the POW and photo critique threads and to help police the rating system.
  31. I could help with #2-4, for about 5 hours a week to begin with. I don't have enough technical skills to help with the programming, although I could report on the bugs. As far as moderation is concerned, I think I am generally cool headed, which sounds as a good start.

    I'd be very pleased if Photo.net became a non-profit organization. When I first came here, I actually tought it was non-profit. It's the way to go for an educational venture like this one, as well as a safeguard that it won't become overwhelmingly commercial in the future. Go ahead!
  32. I have experience in web site design, implementation and maintenance as well as programming on UNIX systems.
    Having been a "computer helper" in my small community for years, the work I'd like to do most is #2, "user handholding" in web, computer and digital photograhy part (not camera part).
    I would also like to do some works on #5. English is not my native language. But I am very organized on computer file systems and very carefull about programing language style in both efficiency and aesthetics. (You can see my style from my front page on photo.net http://www.photo.net/users/SLIU/
    I think 501c3 would be good for photo.net.
    I can spend average 1-2 hours (not fixed) on these every day.
    P.S. I am also very skilled at perl.
  33. I could help with several of these categories but the jobs I'd like to perform, the ones that interest me most, are not in your list:

    A. Review static content for duplicate information and either select, or qualitatively nominate to other moderators, content for removal. Call it weeding. The benefits for the site are obvious. The benefit for me is my volunteer time can be less structured -- I can do 1 hour this week, 5 next.

    B. Write articles for submission to the archives. I know this can be done at any time, but if you are making a call to arms you might as well make a call to content!

    C. Nominate or promote new content to archived status based on review. To clarify: I see a post that looks interesting within my scope of knowledge. I actively search Photo.net for similar information. I find none. I nominate the thread to archived status at least and moderate it at most. I guess I may be asking for moderator status or at least a direct communication link to moderators for my topic specialty. I would only want to do this for posts well within my scope of knowledge which I feel is unique.

    Sadly, many of my posts get lost to the unarchived forum. I believe this to be due to the hardware nature of the questions asked. The ones that have been retained I have pointed MANY people towards as a definitive reference. Frankly, I am an expert in my field. If the info does not already exist in Photo.net's archives and I provide it or moderate it, it is likely worth keeping!

    My specialty is hardware and interconnectivity. How do dissimilar things work together? How do you get special effects shots?

    You can review my archived posts to understand my specialty better. If I post on a connectivity or special effects issues it is usually complete and definitive.

    I work for LPA Design, manufacturer of PocketWizards and FlashWizards. I am the tech support manager as well as the MIS guy. I perform 1, 2, and 4 on your list all day long. I also monitor the PocketWizard.com user forum (as small as it is). I have been with LPA for 8 years and a contributor to Photo.net for over 2. I have been an amateur photographer for 20 years.

    If you have concern that my direct association with a product manufacturer will make me biased then you may banish that concern. My early posts here were indeed terribly markety stuff that embarrass me now. I have certainly matured in my content and I simply love to teach what I know (important for a learning forum, eh?). I'll let my later posts speak for themselves.

    Take me for what I'm worth! I hope this is helpful.
  34. I'd be very happy to give something back to the Photo.net community. I can probably swing around 8-10 hours per week volunteer time. I am a professional account manager for a worldwide educational company, so I'm VERY comfortable with #1-3. I also have some experience in web design and database management so I could probably handle #4 + 5 also. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.
  35. Super! I would be happy to help with 1 - 4 on your list and I would be able to volunteer at least 10 hours a week(that's at least what I do now, ask my wife)More depending on my weekly workload.
    Unfortunatly I am only a wee photographer and I am not experienced with oracle, however, never say never with me, it seems like I was born with a computer coming out of my head...
    I currently spend a great deal of time in the forums, particulary general. And I know this site like the back of my hand. Been a member since 1-09-01. Hope I can help
  36. I'm an Oracle DBA. I could contribute eight hours a week. I live
    on Long Island, so I would have to work out some way to get access.
  37. I appreciate what this site has given me and I would love to give something back.

    Categories 1 -4 would be the areas that I could provide some help with. Looking at up to 5 hours per week.

    I live in Australia so phoning is out but perhaps the alternative hours may be usefull.
  38. I can help on 3 and 4. I'm pretty tech savvy, but not too sure how techy I would need to be. (I build all of my own computers and run a number of ftp servers, but have no experience programming, using oracle, or playing w/ non-OS-X Unix based systems). I can work 5-10 hours and much more during the summers. I'm an undergraduate student in philosophy who will graduate in a total of 2.5 years (after this semester I'll be done w/ 1 year) and then go on to law school. About "job" number 3, I aced ethics this semester :)
    Anything that I can do I will, I want to keep photo.net alive and well.

    Jeremy Moore
  39. Phil,

    I would be happy to help out in any way possible. I think that it would be best if I stayed in areas 1 through 5 above. I have 20 years in data processing (both support and development) but it has almost all been in the mainframe arena, which will not help much in 6 through 9. If there is some way that you think I can help that far down on the list, let me know.

    As for hours, I would have to limit that to 4-6 hours a week. I am sure that I would go over that pretty regularly, but that is all I could promise.

    BTW: I am now heading over to make my $25 dollar donation. Keep up the good work.
  40. (Nothing like 30 minutes of brush-clearing for cleaning up the mind.)
    Professor of mathematics, age 56, experience with Unix, computer liaison
    chairperson in my department, sound knowledge of technical fundamentals of
    photography, apparently have a reputation for being level-headed (much to
    my surprise), substantial experience in writing of articles and computer
    If converting to a non-profit corporation means devolution of power, I'm
    all for it. With all due respect to Philip (this wonderful site was born
    from his vision), power in the hands of too few results in a feedback control
    mechanism prone to hunting (in the technical sense.) I'd like to see some
    form of subscription policy implemented, and would be happy to see
    officers being elected, despite the ensuing bureaucracy. I nominate Brian
    for office (sorry, Brian.)
    When and if things calm down, I'd be happy to help.
  41. Philip,

    I would be happy to help with categories 1-6. I can contribute 7-10 hours a week.
  42. Yeah, I've been around for a couple of years, reading and learning more than posting. I've been very appreciative of the time and effort of others and would like to give back.
    I'd sign up for 1, 2 and especially #5, as I think this area is weak.
  43. I'd be happy to help with 1-4 for a few hours/week.
  44. I can see your interest in using me drop slowly...

    I think I should be able to lend 2-3 hrs a day. I looked more closely at my schedule. Obviously this will have to be flexible, which I hope it will be since this is volunteerism.
  45. Philip, your participation has been missed. Photo.net's discussion forums have changed 100% for the better in just this last week. Hope you get to check in from time to time during your sojourn.
  46. Phil, as a telecommunications specialist, I'm familiar with computers, operating systems and website design and some hosting. Lifetime photographer, moving to support myself and wife fulltime with photography and art. I want to help 8-10 hours a week with 4-6. Very little UNIX but willing to learn. I own the names Cameraview.net and YosemiteView.net (Yosemiteview is inactive right now) have been in the process of moving toward an interactive maps of the places I travel to and photograph.
  47. I would love to help with 1, 2, 4 and 5, for 5 hours/week. I am a
    web/anything vaugely computer designer/developer, and know
    unix all to well.

    Although photo.net being a 501c3 non-profit corporation won't
    change me mind either way, aside from the initial cost, I thiknk
    it'd be a great way to insure the future of the site.
  48. I would be willing to help in any of the above areas with the following caveats:
    • My Oracle-specific (Admin, PL/SQL, etc.) skills are weak.
    • My TCL background is shaky (and I'm not too interested in shoring it up :)
    Taking into account the responses already posted, I believe I would be most useful contributing to efforts in category 4 (Bug Tracking/Reporting) and category 5 (Managing Editorial). I could donate approximately 4 hours per week in small pieces during my regular workday.
    Background - I have been a dedicated Photo.net lurker since 1998. Professionally, I write driver and middleware code for telecom/datacom embedded computing applications and am familiar with large-scale software development using Rational ClearCase (version control) and ClearQuest (bug management) and I could pick up CVS with little difficulty. On the side, I've been tinkering with XML-RPC and SOAP and grappling with the philosophical ramifications behind the words 'web services'. Additionally, I have strong Perl skills and enjoy applying those skill to the creation of support tools. Finally, I am an organized writer and communicator and have a personal interest in expanding the static portions of Photo.Net. While I do not write creatively, have received compliments on the quality and clarity of my writing from my peers in the past.
    I would like to help grow Photo.Net because Photo.Net has helped me grow as an amateur photographer. Since my own start-up company was carved up and destroyed by investors and VCs, I now have the free time available to help ensure one of the many good things associated with Ars Digita continues to florish.
  49. Let me add 1-3 also....just want to be apart of a good solution. Extremely anxious to get a chance to contribute to the effort, adding to the travel and digital side of the forum especially.
  50. Well, it looks like you have plenty of help - however, I can donate 6 hours a week with 1, 2, or 4.

    A desire to help this site better return to its roots of helping new users explore and advance thier photography skills.
  51. Philip -

    I'd be very interested in helping photo.net use the base of users it's got and grow into a more powerful tool and an even more compelling forum. My situation would allow me to contribute a fair amount of time in the short term. I have 4 years experience in online product management, focused on enhancing and introducing products for consumers (10 years overall in consumer-oriented product management). Of course, if your need is primarily technical, I'm not of much use there, having had access to a group of programmers .

    Where I could help:
    - moderating
    - editing, nudging, and writing as experience allow (and expert help - I'm not an expert in most of the areas where expert advice is necessary) to help add tutorial and educational content
    - as exposure allows, thinking about other ways to enhance the experience of photo.net

    So, I guess largely 2, 3, and 5 (unfortunately needing to learn the tech side), but also willing to help in other ways. I do live in the Boston area.

    I've been "into" photography for the last 15 years, though I've
    too often found myself short on time for it. And, uh, the last really good movie I saw was "Wag the Dog"...
  52. This is what I do for a living, and I'd like to help improve photo.net's availability. I might be able to handle some subset of alerts (as appropriate) piped to my pager, if you have a good monitoring system; if not I can build one (more precisely, adapt the system I customized for work). Likewise if you want to trust me with the enable password on your router, you won't be the only one. I don't really want to deal with people other than contributors, and it's a bit of a waste of time for a novice like me to try and moderate, but some extremely large companies and agencies trust me with their data, and I'd like to think you could, too.

    Sorry about the private email to philg, I scanned straight from the title to the list of tasks. I probably could commit to 4-8 hours/week of as-needed assistance, sometimes more, sometimes less (depending on my workload).
  53. I posted my response early this morning. Now I want to add some comments and suggestions.
    The list Philip made is very detailed and organized. That is very helpful for volunteers to find their position. This list also explains why photo.net is one of the best web site on the internet. The quality of a web site or any system depends largely on the clarity of the mind and techincal quality of the designers. Hardware and software come after that.
    The whole idea of this post is a breakthrough for photo.net. It allows photo.net to grow from a personal hobby and a small team project to a big truely internet based community system (see the diversity of these volunteers).
    That is very exciting. On yesterday's NY Times (Curcuits, 3/28), there is an article "As the Web Matures, Fun is Hard to Find".
    We all agree that we find fun here in photo.net. But it would be more fun if many of us can do something for it and raise this baby by ourselves.
    The importance of this techincal list made by Philip is the list itself. Once you have this list, you can enhance it and make it better. Once you open your mind, there is no way back. I strongly support the idea of "501c3 non-profit corporation". That will make photo.net fully devoted to photography itself instead of its share holders.
    One technical suggestion. It seems the current user accounts on photo.net are plain flat account without group permissions. If you make user accounts true UNIX-like accounts with group permissions, you can form different groups and build internal group BBS/Forum/Email aliases. This is also easy to manage.
    One financial suggestion. Many of the users on photo.net own business in photography industry. It would be helpful to give them some space to provide their service on photo.net (a.k.a. yellow page) if they pay small amount of fees. They can also give discounts to photo.net users if they want ;-). This is a win-win game.
  54. I can help a few hours a week with 2,3 & 5.
  55. While I don't have heaps of time, like most people, I'd love to go in and fix something once in a while.

    Making anonymous CVS access possible could allow people like me to check out the current code base, see if they can do something and contribute back a patch.

    For example, it's been about 6 months I've been mentioning my availability to do some cleaning up on the photodb equipment tables content (removing duplicates, and so on) to Rajeev and Lisa. I have been told that as soon as some UI was written to do this, I would be able to do it.

    While I have more experience with Apache/mod_perl/PostgreSQL, I could certainly hack some interface to do this kind of stuff.

    Also, some people might like having access to the actual code of a working, popular web site for educational purposes. Some kind of web interface to CVS would be nice, though optional.
  56. 5 to 8 hours a week. I'm borderline qualified for the following:

    #2 - User Handholding - There are many areas of photo.net that I haven't explored, so there is some risk that a use would ask about some area I haven't been to. I have done support before (answering calls from users with problems).

    #4 - Bug Tracking - Lately I've been working as a Cobol/Perl programmer so I'm familiar with bugs.

    #5 - Managing Editorial - I have used Unix and HTML. I have a personal web site where some of the HTML code was generated by Perl programs that I wrote. I don't know Unix editors.

    #6 - Programming - I would have to learn some stuff to do this. Lately I've been working as a Cobol/Perl programmer and I have used Unix and C in the past.

    #8 - Database Administration - I have used Unix and SQL in the past. I don't use them currently. I've never used Oracle, but would like to learn it.
  57. I could donate a few hours per week (4-8?) on any or all of items 1 through 4. This is a great site for learning about photography, I'd be happy to help keep it that way to the best of my limited abilities. The non-profit status isn't extremely important to me.
  58. Phil, I'd be happy to help out for about 5-10 hours week. Switching to a non-profit means nothing to me (mostly because I'm not really sure what that means). I just want to keep the site up and productive -- I've found it to be a tremendous resource.

    I can help with anything in the 1-5 range (although I'm not crazy about #3). I have about 10 years of IT development and management experience, most recently a few years with the web. I know HTML fairly well and have a decent, but not stupendous, knowledge of Unix and vi. I think that my strong suit is actually the people end of things -- I'm told that I'm really good at explaining technical things to even the most non-technical person so they can understand it.

    BTW, I know of a pretty good web-based bug tracking system if you are interested (and I know how to customize it).
  59. Phil,
    #8) I can handle the database administration for Oracle. I'll commit 2 hrs a week(I can put more hrs but I can't commit now) on one weekday on-site in the evening (if u can help with parking in Boston). I work as a Datawarehouse Architect for a large company near Boston. I am quite familiar with Oracle database. I can offer my data-modeling and dba expertise.

  60. rom


    I can probably help by contributing around 4 hours every week. This is a welcomed break from my work (writing my dissertation, managing students' grades, etc.). I am from GMT+8 timezone and would probably be able to do the work that is needed whilst you guys are resting.

    Areas that I can work on:
    1. User account management. My experience with this one - well, I manage our college mail and web server - managing accounts is not unfamiliar.
    2. User Expulsion. I have several Yahoo! groups under me and have expelled quite a number of spammers and non-conforming users from the mailing list.

  61. 10. I'll produce your new photonet TV show and/or serve coffee and donuts.

    • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    • Couple of hours a day.

    • 7 years NT/2000 and Domino system administration, some Linux and Solaris, user support and training.

    • I'll help whatever status photo.net takes.
  62. I'd be happy to help. While not a computer expert, I'd be qualified to help with either user account management, user handholding or user expulsion.

    As far as qualifications, I've been a lurker and sometime poster around here for a couple of years now. I'm what would be considered a serious amateur with a pretty good knowledge of photographic basics.

    I'd be willing to work 4-6 hours per week in the evenings or on weekends. Just let me know what you need.
  63. It seems that most of the volunteers you mentioned in the list are computer related. Photo.net also needs some well trained art/photograph critics who can review uploaded photos and write high quality comments to help people improve their photographic skills. Current rating and critique system has its shortcomes and no algorithm can beat serious critics.
  64. I agree with S Liu... Maybe a panel voted on by members to critique/rate/whatever the photos...and to provide helpful suggestions, recommendations, tearing apart in a humane way to teach useful lessons.....maybe only photos submitted for serious ratings/critiques/whatever. Maybe find a way to use the general populations thumbs up or down before the photo moves on to the panel for serious judgements.....
  65. I can help with 5, 6 or 7, but I have to admit I don't know TCL, which might be a bit of a problem. I'm comfortable with unix and most other programming languages though. As for physical location, I'm an MIT student, so I'm already in the boston area and probably up well past the point when hard working professional photographers go to bed. Time available would fluctuate greatly depending on whether its final exam time, summer vacation, etc.
  66. I answered previously and would like to outline.

    It seems that most offers are from people who have much greater skills in the areas that you require than me.

    However in regards to IT related matters I am completely self-taught and love learning.

    My current skills are very much related to basic HTML, however other abilities which may be useful are my problem solving skills and the ability to pick up quickly what needs to be learnt.

    I am not exactly sure what you mean by Web forms but I have constructed and used various Web forms. Due to my limited knowledge I do not know if what I know is relevant.

    I would enjoy helping new users learn the ropes of Photo.net because I enjoy the ideals of this site. A place where people work together in a community and learn together.

    Thanks again for this opportunity to give something back. If you feel that my skills are not what you need perhaps you can provide links where other users in the same position as myself can teach themselves the necessary skills.
  67. I'm willing to help with 1,2,3,4, and 5 (I've been a heavy user of VI for the past few years. If that's disqualifies me then let's just say 1 through 4). I could swing 4-5 hours a week, perhaps more sometimes. I've been a photo.net reader and contributor since 1996, but lately not so much. Regardless of corporate status, I wouldn't mind giving a little back for the photography education I received from Philip and the likes of Glen Johnson, Don Baccus, Bob Atkins, Dan Smith, Russ Arcuri, etc.
  68. Although it's looking a bit redundant at the moment, I can
    contribute ~5 hours/week on 5-7 and 9. I've been a professional
    Unix/Linux administrator for 7-8 years now. I'm currently the
    most senior person in a group that runs ~700 Linux and Solaris
    systems spread across the US, Europe, and Japan. My TCL
    and Oracle skills are a bit rusty (~4 years), but should be good
    enough for debugging relatively easy problems. I have quite a
    bit of experience with random networking equipment, mostly
    Cisco, and I've built a few redundant Linux-based load
    balancers. I spend most of my time these days doing perl
    programming, dealing with vendors, writing documentation, and
    designing large upgrade projects, but I still know my way around
    a log file :).

    Non-profit status doesn't really matter to me.
  69. I can contribute about ten hours per week, and can do just about any of the listed tasks. I have heavy Linux/Unix (Solaris&AIX) admin, including shell, Perl, vi and emacs. Quite a bit of HTML, but not recently. CGI and non-dba Oracle. I've installed and set up CVS, but not used it a whole lot. I'll be happy to learn AOLserver. Plenty of networking experience and some Linux and AIX load balancing.

    Just let me know what I can do.

    Michael Ward
  70. I volunteer to help with whatever you guys might need. I'm not qualified for tasks 6-9.
  71. pilot - photo.net Cessna Citation Jet

    will fly for film
  72. I would love to contribute to photo.net by volunteering for points 1 through 6.

    I can contribute about 5 - 10 hours a week.

    I have some experience with ACS and AOLserver. I am fluent in HTML, Unix Shell, editors (vi, emacs...) and CVS.

    <p>so it doesn't really matter if photo.net is converted to 501c3. (I don't know what 501c3 is, but i guess it will be only organizational change!).
  73. pmj


    As Nikon Editor, taking care of #5 for the /nikon section seems an obvious task for me. I think all I need right now is SSH access to photo.net and a pointer to the CVS you're using so I can learn how to use it.
  74. No programming abilities but I have lots of time to help. Numbers 1 & 2 should be
    doable. Hell, I must already receive 15-20 emails a week from members of this site!!<p>
    Set me up!!
  75. 1-4, and interested in learning 5.

    I have done customer service over the phone for 2+ years and another 6 months writtten and email CS, and I do tech support for a dial up/client based isp. So I can talk and write pretty, and deal with user confusion and error.

    I would be into helping, but am short on time with a baby to watch. I would guess 2-5 hrs/week based whether or not the kid settles.

    Non profit status doesn't make a difference to me, but I bet we could work it into a canon vs nikon sort of thread.
  76. This thread has been uplifting. The call for help has been heard and the many thoughtful responses make it clear that a strong base of capable volunteers exist. I'm not part of the management, but I want to say THANK YOU for volunteering. Photo.net is a real community.
  77. I have professional experience in SQL programming, and in moderating forums (ie. #3). I can contribute 2 hrs week.

  78. mg



    I might not have had the kindest words lately, and I have deleted all my pictures, and haven't surfaced much since our latest (quite animated) discussion.
    I have virtually left Photo.net mostly for one reason: the bans.

    I keep an eye on what's happening - though you might not care much about me, which I understand. And I'm pleased at least by the fact that Ian MacEachern was accepted to re-enter Photo.net. And also to see that you have taken the initiative of posting this thread. Finally, glad to see as well the many responses you had so far.

    I wish a few other bans could be reconsidered, and that a clause about the rights of ban members on their images could be added to the rules and other copyright issues clarified if needs to be.

    Now, if I would be back as an active member on PN, what could I offer as a contribution? Nothing from what I see in your list. But maybe a few other things - more like ideas that would cost nothing to you and to me just a bit of my time - the goal being to make this site a better place... If you think you need people for that kind of stuff, do let me know... I could spend anything between 5 and 12 hours a week, depending on how interesting the job would be to me... I would only be considering helping in purely photographic matters.
    My 2 cents: your Number 3 is very important in my opinion. There are probably many people here who are qualified as moderators, but since I don't know all of them, I would just let you know that Philippe Gautier - whom I know pretty well -, Mary Ball, Brian Mothershead, and Marshal Geoff have all the confidence I can have in anyone to be the best possible moderators. Just an opinion.

    I hope Photo.net can restart to be the place it was or even better.

    Best regards.
  79. photo.net has been an educational and entertaining resource for a long time. I'd like to give something back so, if you'll have me, I can volunteer 5 hours a week.
    I can help with any item except for 3, 7, 8, and 9. I'm a programmer by trade and have extensive experience writing distributed applications. I am most fluent with C++ but can pick up a language quickly. I am very comfortable working on Unix with the usual software development tools including CVS. While I don't have Oracle experience, I have enough database skills to read and understand SQL.
  80. 7 quite well. Camridge, MA resident as well.

    Can help out with 8, 9.

    Hours per week - some.
  81. Hi folks.

    I talked with Philip (he was kind enough to call and take about an hour out of his day to talk with me directly) and tried to suss out the situation that prompted this call. My expertise is in building large, stable networks that survive byzantine failures. I also do a little software development (C, C++, Perl, PHP, and shell, mostly). I am an amateur photographer and not experienced enough to moderate.

    Looking at the volunteers, people fall into two classes: nerds, and photographers. Nerds, read on please...

    I have some suggestions which I proposed to Mr. Greenspun, and which I'd like to present to those of you who have volunteered technical skills, in order to see what might be worth implementing. As per my email, I have organized them by number, cf. Philip's list.

    #4 -- Bugzilla or Gnats, which are web front-ends for organizing and prioritizing bug fixes. If photo.net does not yet use such a system, I'd be delighted to set it up. Who among you, that has volunteered to fix bugs, would derive benefits from such a setup? If the number is greater than one, I (or another willing volunteer) should set it up.

    #5 -- submission of articles directly into CVS from a web form. This is relatively trivial -- either ViewCVS, Chora, or CVSWeb can be set up with a modified privelege system so that users may edit CVS'ed files in-place. Rollback is always possible, and if there is a need for scripts to integrate this with the ACS installation, I'd be happy to do it. I've set up the ACS and OpenACS on my laptop, and my rudimentary skills with such would (I think) enable me to set this up. We use a similar methodology where I work, and clients love it.

    #7 -- Philip mentioned considering the purchase of a couple more 2U commodity Linux servers to accomodate development and email handling. I am assuming that someone is willing to set up qmail on the latter; if not, I'd be happy to do it. IMAP was also specified as a means for hosting vanity emails (foo@photo.net) and for manipulation of the user feedback mail to deliver to volunteer pools. Obviously these machines could also handle spillover load from the frontend servers as needed. For remote management, I suggested a dedicated Cyclades terminal server to concentrate serial consoles from the main Solaris box, the loadbalancer, and all of the 2U's. In addition, I feel like a PC-Weasel card (which allows Intel hardware to behave like Sun boxes inasmuch as the BIOS is accessible remotely -- see www.realweasel.com), would be a useful upgrade. At $350/box, however, it would cost as much to equip the 4 2U's with Weasels as it costs to purchase the terminal server itself. Those of you who have offered to administer boxes, would you be willing to patch kernels and make live upgrades remotely, if you knew you could recover from a botched kernel install by using the Weasel? Would the ability to do a hard reset on an overloaded box, or manage SCSI buses remotely, outweigh the expense? I am equivocal about this, but I have made enough midnight colo runs that I felt like suggesting it. I have a naughty OpenBSD mailserver which is getting Weaseled as soon as the card arrives at work. Normally, I'd use a regular Cyclades card in an existing 2U, and a bunch of minicom scripts, for serial concentrators; but Philip pointed out that the price of a z-Series Cyclades card (16 ports) was greater than that of some of the low-end (8-port) TS boxes. I checked the pricing and this is correct. Also, Cyclades now makes $9/apiece RJ-45 to RS-232 DB-9 crossover cables, eliminating one of the main hassles of setting up serial concentrators (eg. pinning out those f*ckers with parts from Greybar Electronics and RJ-45 cable).

    #8 -- How about allowing observation of the instance via OracleTool (www.oracletool.com, free) or the late ArsDigita Cassandracle project... I did not have a chance to ask Philip whether either of these are in place, and if so, whether he or Rajeev would accept suggestions from professional DBA's who have volunteered here. My limited experience doing Oracle DBA work has convinced me that offering a read-only view of an instance's internals is very valuable. Those of you who are offering professional DBA skills, would you find a 'viewport' into the main photo.net instance valuable, or not?

    #9 -- there was mention of switching from a somewhat untrustworthy Ascend loadbalancer to an Alteon which Rajeev purchased on eBay. (good buy! those Alteons are great) I suggested rolling this out as soon as practicable, partly because the Alteons have an SNMP MIB which allows monitoring of connection hand-offs (and, implicitly, of load sharing). Does anyone disagree with this, and if so, why? I also suggested a bit more distributed and fine-grained monitoring of the hardware and network availability, in order to allocate the photo.net upgrade budget more wisely, so that money is not spent unnecessarily. Would those of you who volunteered technical skills be willing to consider running a Thoth monitoring node on one of your systems?

    Please comment on any or all of the above suggestions, yea or nay. I would like to see any budgetary impact from the changes generate an equivalent or greater increase in revenue, whether or not photo.net is reincorporated as a 501c3. There is no business case for throwing away money on unnecessary hardware, but likewise I feel like the biggest potential gains (in terms of volunteer utilization) require some investment in hardware to support them. What say you?
  82. Hi,
    recent lay off. Last position-Web Developer.
    Live at Lexington MA.
    Thank you
    Igor Bitman
  83. pilot - photo.net Cessna Citation Jet

    will fly for film

    you can fly the beaches with a photo.net ad trailing from the plane!
  84. I am an Attorney in private practice in Hartford, CT. I have derived a great deal of pleasure and knowledge over the past couple of years from this site. I would be happy to volunteer five hours per week in areas one through three. My computer skills limit me to those areas.
  85. 1 I'm probably too far from the states for (Rep. Of Ireland), 2,3 & 4 , I could quite easily and would like to do for probably 5+hours a week, I can code html fairly well if thats of any use. I'm Calm, level headed and stay out of the flame wars. If I'm any use, I promise to do my best. I'd like to give something back to this fabulous community rather than just looking in and taking always. I became a committee member of the Rugby club for the same reason, have played for about twenty years, Saw things that needed changing and decided to do something about it by getting involved, rather than just bitch about things like most people do. Anyway I'm yours for 5 hours a week if that's any good.
  86. 7 8 and 9 some hours a week yes I can help, I do that for a living. Ive done unix for 6years, networking 3years (cisco) It seems like quite a few are willing to work with these tasks and thats good. Now we have this thing with the timezones, when you US-guys are sleeping we in europe are awake. So maybe you should have one euro-team and one us-team (and maybe asia-team?) to make sure the uptime is high. that way you dont have to get up in the middle of the night fixing thinks when a daemon stops running. (Maybe we can have a discussion forum to bounce idees also?)
  87. You hit the nail on the head! My suggestions are all centered around the notion that, with a global pool of volunteers, the wisest investments would be those which allow Philip and Rajeev to leverage the volunteers' skills, and do less on-site work themselves. I am hoping that technical folks like you will be inclined to evaluate my suggestions and those of other technical volunteers, so that Philip and/or Rajeev can simply 'green light' the most promising ones.

    A discussion forum specifically concerned with technical volunteer work on the site might be very useful for this purpose. It would be ideal if it was easy-to-find and moderated (well, at least somewhat). I would hope that the petty perl-vs.-python-vs.-tcl nonsense, for example, could be weeded out (ala Nikon-vs.-Canon threads ;-)).

    You have about 1 year more experience than I do in each of the above-mentioned fields (Unix, and routing). It seems like you're in the same boat I am. Would you care to comment on which of the suggestions are worth spending time on, and which you would consider most important? I got the impression that monitoring and remote hardware administration were the most pressing concerns, followed by contributor workflow and site documentation, which is why I concentrated first on those issues. With full remote console access, do you think that a global volunteer pool could free up Rajeev to do documentation, etc. instead of admin drudgery? Why or why not?

  88. I am a nerd, however my geekiousity in the computer realm
    doesn't reach into network/server/OS systems much. <P>I am
    however a Boston-based writer, photographer, and student
    designer. I've been a photo.net member for years now and
    would be happy to contribute articles and/or edit static material
    for a few hours a week, no problem. I'd also be happy to help out
    with the newbie handholding and/or contribute to any newbie-
    oriented static pages that could present the FAQs and constantly
    belabored points in a perhaps more accessible and 'functional'
    manner. <P>I am slowly gaining experience in the more
    advanced functions of digital communication, and being close in
    location to the HQ of sorts, would be happy to perform menial
    comp tasks provided there's someone to give me a once over
    and do a little-handholding. I'm sure there are enough qualified
    folks here, but if need be, I'm happy to do my part in restoring the
    good name of Photo.net!
  89. I would be happy to help out with Items 2-4 (or 1 if necessary). I have the requisite skills for these items. In fact, I have volunteered for bug tracking and reporting before for both websites and software companies so I am reasonably proficient. If you need the help, just ask.
  90. I can volunteer for #5 (managing editorial).

    My skill set: been working (using/programming/etc) with Unix for quite some time now. Regularly use emacs and/or vi every day. Regularly use bash every day. Have used CVS for quite some time to manage C software development. HTML docs should not be much different I assume.

    I know some HTML (basic tags, and tables and frames).

    Can contribute at most 5 hours a week (mostly on weekends).

    Would definitely like to learn more about web-stuff (aol-server and more importantly db-backed sites, etc) as we go by. I guess volunteering would provide a hands-on opportunity if you let me sneak around other parts of the system over time.

    So, can I volunteer?
  91. Im ready to help wtih 2 and 3
    i dont have enough time for the others about
    maybe 5 hours a week tops for me.
  92. Huh, several weeks without Photo.net and I find this on returning...Anyway, tasks 2-4 should be possible--usually half an hour every day, when the flame warriors take a break for reloading. (Currently I'm located in Central Europe, so that time is nine o'clock in the morning for me.)Good luck to Photo.net,
  93. I am an IT lead technical Specialist for a national Insurance chain.
    I can and do HTML, XHTML, some ASP, some Java and Javascript, and I can run several test tools, eg WinRunner, TestDirector, LoadRunner (all trademarked Mercury Interactive testing tools). I have been a photographer for about 30 years, love it, my wife, daughter (OSU Honor Student) and son are all studying and learning photography.
    I would like to help, in whatever capacity you see fit for me. Just let me know.
    I am here to help.
    Ronald R. Goodwin
    Columbus, OH

    ps - I believe Photo.net should consider the non-profit org route.
  94. I am a application programmer. I can do web page, using tools like TCL, Sql, stored procedure, CVS, some javascript in UNIX environment.
    <br>I also handle a bit server admin work. As I have been playing with Solaris, Free BSD and Redhat.
    <br>A bit network too.
  95. I can definitely help in areas 1-3, and possibly 4; 5-10 hours a week, minimum. Background: cursory familiarity with Web-related environments (tangentially related work experience); strong art background/training; enthusiastic (as in fanatic) amateur photographer; ready to help in whatever way I can. And lastly, I think non-profit status would be great for photo.net.
  96. I'd be happy to help, and would be able to give 5-10 hours/week, sometimes more. May day job is tech support, so I'd be more than happy to help with the following, as it's what I do all day every day, and could do with my eyes closed and both hands tied behind my back:
    #2 user handholding
    #4 bug tracking and reporting
    I also have limited HTML and programming experience but as I said, #2 & #4 are what I'm really good at.
  97. Oh, i guess i forgot to add my experience. Over 5 years in tech support supporting just about everything you can think of. Very good with people, I'm the guy you hope to get when you call the tech support line. Like I said user handholding and bug tracking and reporting make up a large part of the day for me at work, so I'd have no problem doing it for this wonderful site after hours for nothing.

    Some programming experience from one of the helpdesk jobs, some HTML experience from building several small web pages, and some Linux experience from reinstalling Linux 10's of times on my home PC.
    Fairly new to photography, having started as a serious hobby about 5 months ago.
  98. (i) Sign me up for "6," programming -- as long as I don't have to deal with MS tools.
    (ii) Sustained load per week is probably 8. Willing to sink much more initially to ramp up.
    (iii) 10+ yrs UNIX programming (HP/UX, SunOS 4.x, Linux) in production environment.
    (iv) Non-profit status has no impact on my willingness.
  99. I can do 5-7 hours a week and help on # 1, 2, and 3. I would love to help. I can do all the required skills for these 3 areas.

  100. I would be willing to lend a hand on the technical things, probably 4 hours a week or so (more if there was some project I found interesting). I could also do the banning thing except I have bad judgement and no taste.
  101. I can code. I know Unix. Well, many other things too. Maybe that could be of any use. I could put a couple a hours/week on this if photo.net is a non-profit corp.
  102. Hi, I would love to help. I'm a 4th year computer science student and have development experience in C, C++, Java, on various flavours of UNIX(AIX, Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX) as well as Linux. I am also familiar with Oracle though not with some of it's "finer" features. I have sysadmin experience with the above Unix systems and Linux. I also know HTML and enjoy working with other people. So if there is something I can do to help, please let me know.


    Steve Greene
  103. 7,8,9 for me please Sir !

    I have Oracle 9i installed on Linux redhat 7.2 with a chunk of disk ready to go. A few wrinkles along the way but nothing serious.

    Currently I and am investigating ACS and associated technologies.

    The latest versions of ACS all seem to be J2EE based rather than TCL - this is fine by me as I'm currently working heavily with the J2EE architecture - but is this the way Photo.net is going to go ?
  104. I can help with anything to do with Oracle and Solaris/Linux. 8i, 9i on any platform / OS etc etc. Been doing Oracle for 11 yrs and teaching it for 9.

    I work as a Oracle Parallel Server Architect / DBA as my day job in the silicon Valley...can code for you too...

    Would be glad to help out Photo.net !!! Could probably do 3-4 hr a weeks without bitching... ;)

  105. I am the Project Manager for Wide Area Networking at Xerox - I
    am hoping that I am over qualified for request number 9. I could
    be on call for support if that would be more realistic. I have
    enjoyed Photo.net and I wnat to make sure it continues.

  106. For Melanie, 501(c)3 is the tax-exempt status of a non-profit organization. Since consulting to organizations in this field is my business, I'm available if the site wants to do that ... though I don't see why it would be necessary. I have no objection to someone owning this. As for other contributions, I could help manage editorial and edit, something with which I'm familiar. A couple of hours a week during this period would be about it, however.
  107. hub



    I have several year of Sysadmin experience (Linux and Solaris) including
    administering system remotely over slow line , have an ADSL connection to
    the internet and
    currently have plenty of time to spare. So if you need help to manage
    the system, I can give you some.

    I wish I lived in Boston area, but I'm not... (hint, hint)

    I'm sure I also can help in other areas as I know programming, CVS
    and I'm quite willing to learn the rest.

  108. Philip, please sign me up for number 1. Legit ids are very important to me and so is photo.net. Is there a tentative plan as to how this would be accomplished? So you know my background following is my current resume summary.

    <p>Over twenty years experience in information system technologies with eight years in distributed/multi-tiered object-oriented design and development and over five years specializing in CORBA, J2EE, RMI, sockets, Jini and messaging middleware. CORBA projects encompass encapsulating database access, location/naming service, firewall issues, fault tolerance, load balancing, transaction service, performance monitoring and object life cycle management. Previous initiatives include large-scale architectural re-design and development for mainframe to client/server system migration, large mainframe transaction processing systems and implementing Electronic Commerce. Database experience as a developer and administrator using LDAP, Oracle, SQL Server, mainframe IMS, DB2 and VSAM. System design efforts employed UML and ER-Modeling with the past five years of development using Java, Sun certified since June 1999. Experienced in Unix, Linux, Windows, Novel and IBM mainframe environments and functions as a team member responsible for himself, mentor for the less experienced or the motivator and leader for a project team with critical goals.

    <p>Really want to work on number one and it seems you have enough technical volunteers. But if we need something technical for number one I will be glad to take it on. Who should I contact or will someone contact me?
  109. I'm a computer science student with a fair knowledge and some experience in web programming. If you need any work with HTML+CSS+javascript, cold fusion, java, PHP, DB2, or any other technology that I can learn reasonably easily, I'd love to help and contribute.
    I'd be happy to lend my skills in any technical (read above) or non-technical way as long as it's in a remote way (I live in Australia)!

  110. I can do 1 through 3 and then i'm lost happy to call up users down here which could save some phone bills. 5hrs a week.

    Thanks for creating the best site on the web.
  111. I can help out, but I am located down in Australia. I have alot of computer building, fixing, installation, using software, mostly to do with Windows. I know a bit about Webdesign, but not scipting and such. Can help with email questions, answers.

    Looking for something to do, during the day here as I don't work due to a back injury and at 48, people don't want to know you.

    Anything I can do, just ask.


  112. ooo - a few Aussies I see round 'ere, good to see :)

    Well, I'd luv to help but I'm not sure how tho.

    I mean I'm no professional photographer but I take alright photos I s'pose :p

    And I know ASP/SQL and DHTML, CSS etc and am learning PHP/MySQL at the moment.

    But if you think u have any use for me ... lemme know! I mean I am pretty busy these days with full time work, school and starting a business but I'de luv to be able to help:


    ... ahem, sorry - couldn't help myself :-D
  113. I'd like to help. I found this site by reading the Guide to web publishing. I also love photography and thanks to this site I'm taking better pictures now.

    I work building sites now so if there is anything I can do to help let me know. I'm in Pasadena, CA.
  114. I'm not a DBA (and I don't play one on TV ;-), but I do have 16 years of Oracle experience (the first 12 at Oracle Corp, helping to build Oracle's own application development tools, ie, Developer/2000 and its precursors). Lately I've dabbled with UML, Java, J2EE, etcetera.

    I have a spare (win2000) machine of my own with Oracle9i and plenty of capacity to test/debug/prototype database functionality.
  115. I am quiet happy to help out with no. 2 (emails etc), and I cant help nag authors and change word into html form, but thats about it for no. 5 if thats any help. This is to start off with.. maybe a bit later I will be able to help out with no. 3, but being a uni student, I dont know if I'd be taking on too much. :)

    Experience.. let me see...
    * heaps of email experience.. just make sure you let me know if you want me to do no. 2 and I'll make a new email for it...
    * Webmastering.. I have done a couple of pages, so I know HTML fairly well and if I cant figure something out I cheat and use Dreamweaver! :) I can read it though, and I can read web form format as well.
    * Photography wise - I have a good idea for composition and colour, and I am striving to make my photos live up to that at the moment!
    * I like helpin people.

    Time - I think between 5-10 hours a week.. maybe more? depends on the time that uni allows between thousands of assignments! :)

    Let me know!

    (I will not be using this email for email processing if you require me)
  116. Bug hunting. If there seems to be a ( user-experience, not programming ) bug, then figuring exactly what it is, and possibly finding a way of destroying that bug/category-of-bug from the user-experience ( html 3.2, clarification-of-language/meaning, digging to get correct background-info for some discussion that missed something crucial for our perception's growing, discovering the underlying patterns of system-malfunction. . . ) is my thing.
    I'd promise 1h / week 'till September ( though when I get working against a problem, oft continue and continue... )
    background? I'm a Linux-geek, working on my first Linux From Scratch version ( and for me it's gonna be PostgreSQL and SQL-Ledger, not oracle: can't afford manacle. . . )
    P.S. if you need to track a number of software packages' home-sites and want that done concisely/automatically, try Web Secretary
  117. Hi Philip,
    I would love to volunteer for user help, monitoring the forum, and bug reporting as I am a software pro. I can bring in interviews of some leading photographers too if needed.

    I think its a great opportunity for me to pay back this site for so much it has given me.

  118. Love to help. Have Linux, SQL and JSP experience with a keep interest in photography - just get in touch.
  119. This is all fine, but what do we do in the meantime? We have an "abuse" address which just responds by an automated message!
    I have a lady to whom I wrote politely telling her not to make abusive ratings in an anonymous manner. She responded 1/ by saying that I was harassing her(!) and 2/ by posting my full name with an insulting comment as a caption to the three pictures that she posted:


    What on earth can I do about something like that?!

    I really feel that we should not allow persons that have not posted a minimum of say 10 picturtes themselves, to be allowed to anonymously rate other persons.

  120. This is all fine, but what do we do in the meantime? We have an "abuse" address which just responds by an automated message!
    Sorry about that. We’re behind a couple weeks in getting the new system setup. We will start responding again to feedback@photo.net and abuse@photo.net at the end of May. In the mean time, please forward any problems, abuse or otherwise to me: kyle@photo.net
    Thanks for everyones support and patience!
  121. I am very much for the 501c3 non-profit corporation idea.
    I hate to be the negative guy, but has anyone considered the liability? How are the risks of opening up Photo.net to an
    international group of programmers being managed?
    I have been a fan of Photo.net for years.
    I think that it would be a great tribute to Phil G. to
    see this become an institution that stands on its own
    and walks us into the future of photography and imaging.

    I can volunteer non-programmer time (1-4) at about 1 hour a
    week. I can do directory management, HTML, and non-programming
    system work, with an available mentor, as well.
  122. Extensive online user education development experience, both
    at a major software developer and in silicon valley 'boutique'
    environment. 20+ years photographic experience, including
    professional photojournalism, photography editor and writer. 13
    years total in publishing industry, including all phases of print,
    online and other electronic media development.

    Would be delighted to participate in any suitable fashion.
  123. I also volunteer. Things you need/might want/probably don't want to know :-
    1. I can probably manage about 3 hours a week, almost every week. Much more some weeks, but some weeks I couldn't guarantee more than 3 (my day job is in IT)
    2. Skills: I...
      • am an expert in UNIX (I'm a member of the Austin Group), particularly Linux but also Solaris these days. This includes administration.
      • have strong shell scripting skills (Bourne/ksh/bash; no csh at all)
      • can do CVS stuff (but no experience writing CVS *info scripts),
      • am an Oracle DBA (SQL (Oracle8).
        • know Tcl but not AOLServer
        • can use vi (but prefer Emacs)
        • know TCP/IP well but not IOS magic
      • I am not the right person to do editorial stuff, I think; I can do HTML and CVS, but nagging authors is not my thing (at least during my free time).
      • I have no creative design skills whatsoever
      • I'm always polite but not always patient
      • My time availability is variable.
      • I don't care if photo.net changes itself into a 501c3 corporation, or even a small green monkey.
      • What I'd like to get out of this :-
        • Improve my photography
        • What I'd say I'd like to get out of this if I thought it could happen:-
          • Get free stuff (even on loan)
          • Become really good photographer
          • Life fulfilment
          • Money
          • Sex
          • Trips to interesting places
  124. I'm an amateur photographer and a computer scientist with an interest in on-line communities. I'm more interested in the photographic and editorial aspects of this site, but probably more qualified for the technological ones. In response to the specific questions:
    1. I'd be happy to work on aspects 2 - 6 of the list, that is: user handholding, user expulsion, bug tracking and reporting, managing editorial, and programming. I have some system administration abilities, but I suspect they may not be entirely aplicable.
    2. I could commit to <= 4 hours per week, maybe more if I end up liking it.
    3. I have basically the skills listed for the tasks I've offered to do: I administer (editorially, not technically) conferences with 500-1000 active members and < 300 posts per day using the Caucus discussion forum system, which is about the extent of my on-line editorial experience. I'm currently a software engineer (read: code grunt) for Lockheed Martin Air Traffic Management, and I'll be going back to school for my Ph.D. at the U. of Oregon in the fall. In the past, I've worked as a systems administrator for my old school, and done database-backed web application development for U.S. West (now Qwest) and others. I've played with the ACS a bit, so I have passing familiarity with TCL, the AolServer API and Oracle, though I'm a master of none. My resume has more complete background information, in case ift's of interest.
    4. It wouldn't make any real difference to me at this point whether photo.net were incorporated as a non-profit. It might, however, strengthen my leftist accademic credentials, which have been tarnished by my current gainfull employment...
  125. Hi, I'd like to help photo.net out, especially in item #6. I've done lots of AOLServer/TCL programming, data modeling, and page flow with the ACS before. I worked for Arsdigita two summers ago. I'm motivated greatly by the construction of web sites that let people do things easier. I can probably contribute about 5 hours/week, probably more after school gets out in two weeks. I'm very familiar with ACS 3.x TCL code, conventions, etc. Thanks!
  126. 1. if you decide to go the 501(c)(3) route, i'd be happy to help with the initial paperwork, as well as the follow-up materials. i have some experience counseling non-profits.

    2. i'd be happy to help with ser mediation issues; i.e. dispute resolution, sancions, tech assistance, etc,

    3. i would love to help with finding and formatting articles for the forum. i already perform this function for print publications.

    thanks again for making the photo.net experience possible. see you around the 'tute!
  127. (i) I can help out with _Managing Editorial_

    (ii) ~ 4 hours (weekend)

    (iii) I am currently adminstering a linux mail/web server running apache and sendmail (part-time). I've done webdesign and web development work in the past. Please refer to my homepage for more information

  128. I'll be happy to help.
    My experties are in Database developer (Oracle pl/sql), web developing in general
    Testing (working for the leader company in this area.

    Eli Mordechai
  129. I'd like to help with user handholding. I've got 7 years of IT support under my belt and am quite good at helping newbies.

    I can also do HTML in vi(m) if I have to, and could help with editorial, but prefer to do handholding.

    I also like the idea of dedicated critiquers. If you decide to do that I'd love to help.
  130. I am more than willing to volunteer to help photo.net grow. I think
    I could handle helping on 1 through 5. I've done help desk work
    in the past, so I'm pretty good at explaining to people how to do
    stuff. Additionally, I have some Unix and html experience so I
    could probably handle the managing editorial work.

    Anyway, I love this site and would really enjoy helping out!


    Daniel C. Rice
  131. Hi, I would like to help.

    I'm a information system engineer. I have knowledge of the following:
    1. Web design (mainly the programing aspect, in design I suck, big time)
    2. Oracle and bata bases
    3. Some unix knowledge (I do know vi good enough but like emacs better)
    4. I will continue contributing photos (comes without saying)

    I can contribute about 3 hour a week (some more some less)(usually more) since I am in the IT business (at least until I get back to the academy).

    I live in Israel so the time difference might be a bad thing and good thing (I will never be draged to speek politics).

    I love this site and I get so much out of it, I guess it's time I pay my dues :).

    So just say when, and have a nice vacation.
    Guy Michaeli
  132. I could probably help wit htwo and three. I spend quite a bit of time here at night, learning what the school takes forever to teach me. I am also pretty good dealing with people, and getting them back on track. I help tutor firstyear students at school in Photograghy, and I have myself also resorted to privately contacting other members to peacefully find an even ground on a difference of opinion regarding the equipment we discuss. I am studying Photograghy at LCC in Eugene Oregon, and have already started to try and get a start in Stock Photograghy whi;le doing the occasional wedding, portrait etc.
  133. With all the help on offer, it seems pointless to add more but here goes...

    I can help with anything from 1-9. I started out as a freelance photographer after I left school (following a year as a newspaper management trainee) and I've been in the Computer industry for twenty four years (which doesn't mean I stopped taking photos or, for that matter, working in the newspaper industry :) ).

    I currently do Unix and Oracle support, Oracle scripting (SQL and PL-SQL, Korn shell scripting (can also handle Bourne, Bash and c-shell) and have been known to write the occassional system routine in C.

    I can offer 5-7 hours a week, more on occassion.
  134. I can help out with 1-6. Can spare 4-6 hours a week. Converting to a 501(c)3 would be a wonderful bonus to everyone involved in this effort. I have my own business and some of my employees are photo.netters and would probably help your organization if I ask them.

  135. I don't know if this thread is being currently monitored or not, but I would be willing to do what I can for a few hours a week. I am not a computer programmer or anything like that. Just a photographer. I've been around for a while, you know who I am. If there is anything I can do, ask.
  136. 10 year Oracle DBA can contribute up to 20 hours per week.
    tel 617-720-0252 (Downtown Boston, MA)
    Dave Lyon
  137. (i) I can help out with 1-4 (ii) I can contribute 5-10 hours/week.
    (iii) I code HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, ASP, Flash, etc. I have
    expertise with usability and accessibility and I'm moderately
    familiar with a Unix shell. (iv) I don't care one way or the other
    about for or non-profit status.
  138. im sure you could always use a A+,MCSE,Network+ guy which is what i am ...so can throw a few hours in for needed tasks ....I also work with Linux and SQL

    i can email my full Resume' to the needed party ....

  139. Just happened to come across this thread. I found it interesting how many of the people who volunteered or made comments are still active in their own way trying to make this site a better place. Also a posting by Brian when he was just getting started in helping the site.

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