where to sell fine art photography?

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  1. I'm asking about online websites where fine art photography can be sold, and about your opinion about these websites .
  2. Who do you think will be the customers for your particular images? Are you anticipating the sale of prints? Will these be already mounted, or are you expecting to sell just prints? Or, are you looking at selling the work digitally? If you will be shipping the prints, to which countries/continents are planning to market?

    You can imagine that it's rather difficult for anyone to comment directly on your question without you mentioning at least something about your work (silver prints from large format, with prints that cost hundreds or thousands? A4 prints from a P&S camera?), the audience and price point you're thinking of, and your own history of selling work in other venues.

    You've posted two photographs here on PN, and your bio says nothing about you or your work, so we can only speculate on all of the things we'd actually need to know to help you with your question.

    Have you explored the prospects of working with local shows and galleries?
  3. I'm a person with dslr who think he could TRY to sell some of his work online(actually i have only 1 picture i consider being worth trying). I live in EU and this is market I'm interested in.
    I live in small city in poland and we don't have photography galleries.
    Somy of my images may be appropiate for stock photography websites, but these are easy to google, so I'm not asking about them.
  4. Pawel, If you don't have photographic art galleries, perhaps you could show your work elsewhere. Personally, I do not know of a single photographer selling photos online, unless they are well known, or have something really unique to offer. But if you can express who you are, personally, to collectors/buyers, then you stand a much better chance of selling your images, and that is difficult to do online. Try Zatista. But keep in mind, won't find many people selling photographs there. I just started using it for my web front end, with no expectation that anyone would just happen by my store there. I will be using it to send people there to buy an image, until I get some new galleries lined up.
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    Do you know anyone who has gone online to buy art from basically anonymous photographers?
    If so, I imagine they are not paying very much for it.
  6. Hi,
    Anonymous photographers do sell images - maybe not to collectors, and not for thousands of dollars, but still. If it's a reproduction, it doesn't matter if the price is not high, because you can sell the same image multiple times.
    I sell images on my website, and people get there via Google's search results. It's possible.
    People who want to buy an art print for their living room usually don't care who the photographer is, they don't know the big names anyway.
    Try featuring your work on FineArtAmerica, Zibbet & Etsy too.
    Good luck :)

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