Where is the serial number on canon lens?

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  1. I've just brought Canon EF 100mm F2.8 L IS macro lens and their is an offer for cashback. On the form it is asking for the serial number. Where would it be and how long is the number?
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    Have you looked at the warranty card?
  3. On mine it is engraved on the steel mount - you have to take the lens off the camera to see it.
  4. On that lens, the serial number is where Rick suggested. Hold the lens pointed away from you, and you will see it.
  5. Now that the main question has been dealt with, does anyone know if there is a pattern to location of the serial number? It doesn't seem to be chronologically determined, at least.
    On some of my Canon lenses, both recent origin and early lenses still in the list, the number is on the metal (or plastic) base plate, as in the case here.
    On some others, similarly both recent origin and early lenses still in the list, it is stamped into the lens barrel on the bottom near the mount, with or without paint.
  6. I don't know if this is a general pattern, but it is on the barrel without paint on my EF-S lenses, on the steel mount on my EF lenses, and on the barrel with paint on my 1.4x converter.
  7. Does everyone know where the VIN is located on their vehicle?
  8. EF 70-200 2.8 IS MKI and 135 2.8 SF: on the barrel with paint
    EF-S 17-55 2.8: on the barrel no paint
    EF 85 1.8: can't find it anywhere
    W T: On the label on my driver door and on the engine block.
  9. [[EF 85 1.8: can't find it anywhere]]
    The photograph on the B&H website shows the serial number on the back of the lens near the rear element.
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    EF 85 1.8: can't find it anywhere.​
    Have a look at black shroud on Camera Mount end of the lens: mine is difficult to see as it is NOT painted, this is the same with my EF 100F/2.8 Macro (the first version).
  11. Found it! Thanks guys. It had to be at the precise angle under the light for these old eyes to see it. So I dug out the 28 1.8 and it's in the same spot.

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