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  1. actually I put effort in making the food photos. I am trained in architecture. When I could travel, I was doing a lot of architecture photos. I stopped putting those on photo.net because I put them on FB. I agree that around 2006 or so when on PN only photos max. 1024 wide could be uploaded, I used to edit them in a programme before putting them and because of this they were less. I have a friend who is not on FB to whom I sent the FB albums to see through upload all pictures (on a certain architecture topic where I was travelling) and then download the album (the option is now not anymore available on FB) and he said me that I have many fotos from a similar angle. So it happens not only with food. Actually I've done fotos of food before in 2005 when I was waiting for my scholarship in Italy, but then there was the option to put fotos in comments to fotos, so I had one with the final result and for the steps I had in the comments. Now this is not possible, this is why I made albums. The reason why I have many from similar angle is exacly because I try to find a photographic expression. It is work to do also food photos, in spring I was putting the table with dishes and table dress and everything as I was suggested on cooking groups on FB, but also the porcelain actually is present in books and exhibitions and I've combined that with the food. This was not there in 2005 when I did the photos with the cell phone as my film camera that time did not photograph indoors. Actually also when my mother is taking photos of me two taken one after the other are not the same because my eyes are different. I really put effort in making new recipes only when there is sun and look for reflections. Going back to architecture photos I have some hidden albums because I am thinking of a project on interwar architecture across Europe. I photographed a lot and need to organise the material with geopositioning, name of the architect etc. Last year I applied for funding but although I had 87,3 from 100 I was not funded :( Now with the pandemics I could not renounce doing photography but it is mainly in my home. I the first galleries which appear me there are some topics I tried to play with, which are sunflower and lavendel compositions, and also the mirror installations (which include also drawings of me). Not having a car I was not even able to go in a field. And BTW the food in question is not pizza. I ate in Canada once something similar called pizza, but it is not pizza, it is Flammkuchen, a French food from Alsace :) And, yes, I exhibited sometimes in photo exhibition. If I had a bigger house, I would like to put these photos as well as my drawings on the wall, but the walls are unfortunately full. Withe the pandemics I even bought some sunflower painings :) and would like to paint lavendel as well when I will have time (as said, now project evaluations coming and I am also writing an article). Maybe I should have a second home as I stay with my mother. But mainly my photos are interesting for archive reasons, for example in Bucurestiul meu drag, as archive of the city, or as archive of student life in Karlsruhe. Now with the pandemics I have the feeling that my mother is doing more interesting photos as she is taking photos of me. We did the Getty challenge of redoing works of Romanian painters and I wonder of an account on Flickrl to put these outside FB. Like with the Getty challenge when it take time to dress and everything, or with the architecture photos where it takes time and effort to get to the buildings, also the food takes time to prepare and to put in the right setting.
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  2. What I have been claiming is that MY PURPOSE is not "shaming", but I find it hard to point to a pecific problem without mentioning the specific problem. And by soft and blandly generalizing I would most surely achieve absolutely no reaction or change by that, and the person in question would most probably not even be made aware of the mentioned dilemmas. Besides, the person in question has before by other members IN PUBLIC been strongly asked to stop uploading tons of these kind of pictures that seem completely irrelevant and uninteresting to the vast majority of other member. And this person has after all uploaded more than 13.000 pictures to her page, so it is not a question of a mediocre and boring picture here and there, but a very visible phenomenon that has the potential of influencing the general impression of this site in an unfavorable direction. After all, most agree with me that a photo community's purpose is to share and comment each others pictures because there is potentially something of interest to look at? I think that in these whacky times (to use your own phrase) we are getting so very sensitive and overly protective that we prefer to live with unnecessary problems than take the opportunity to better the situation. Because, what do you actually achieve in the zealous effort to protect the "weak"? You keep on getting endless amounts of pizza-photos and the like, but photographers with more ambition and more interesting pictures to offer, they will leave this site. And what future do you then think is in store for this site? That should be easy to figure out.
  3. By now I feel that I do not belong here in this photo community at all. Especially after all what the last moderator wrote. Talking about defaming people, oh boy. The moderator has even stipulated that I am not allowed to reply here to his in my eyes unnecessarily aggressive, condescending, defaming and insulting post.

    Therefore, can somebody please help me with a step-by-step guide as to how I unsubscribe completely from Photo.net and delete not only all my pictures but my entire profile-page.
    I thank you in advance.
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  4. I took a time-out/sabbatical from P,net some years ago. It did both me and the community a lot of good, I think.

    The way to go away is to go away and not come back. The instructions on how to delete and edit your profile and portfolio are pretty standard if you just read the instructions on those pages.

    You cannot delete material in (archived) threads, of course. You were told that when you joined.
  5. Thanks for your reply, JDMvW, I shall wholeheartedly take your advice, and never come back again. But a last question: I do not understand what you mean by writing, "The instructions on how to delete and edit your profile and portfolio are pretty standard if you just read the instruction on those pages." Which specific instruction-pages do you mean? Where do I find them?I can delete each of my uploaded photos manually by going into "Photos" and "Edit details" and "Delete". And I can go into my account page and try to change a little Avatar etc. here and there. But I see nowhere, where I can delete my entire profile-page as such. It keeps being there. When I search in the Forums postings I come across others who have had the same problems. Seemingly nowhere or no button to click in order to get finally and completely out of here. Yes, apart from that I have understood you, that archived threads remain no matter what.
  6. Look at the menus in various places on a particular part.

    But when I check your profile and portfolio, it looks like everything except for one picture is gone already.
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