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  1. Now a certain Maria Bostenaru once again has spammed the site with endless boring pictures of the same corner of the same pizza and the like. I wonder if it might be appropriate for admin to ask individuals who upload great amounts of pictures of zero photographic interest to other photographers to stop doing that? If the pictures are SO important to the owner, maybe he or she then could just upload them in “private/publicly invisible” mode if possible, so they do not occupy so much space for others to have to laboriously dig through?
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  2. I plan to do a blog of cooking but unfortunately had no time in the past years because all the time something professional occurs when I want to do that (now some project evaluations, last time I wanted to do that an exhibition). BTW I am member since 1999.
  3. Hi Maria
    Thanks for replying. May I recommend that you do not use this site as an archive for random pictures in connection with your coming blog projects elsewhere on the net? And since you have been a member since 1999 you should by now know how much effort most other members put into their creations before uploading them for everybody to see and contemplate.

    Also I think it is bad for this site's reputation and that potential new members coming across loads of uninteresting pictures of the same pizza, will likely not be interested in joining us and that would be a shame. Furthermore, it is not the first time other members have given you comments about not uploading such a large number of uninteresting and technically inept pictures.

    I think photo.net actually offers an invisible/private option for uploads. Worth investigating that possibility?

    With a little effort - and inspiration from other members' photos - I am sure you'll be able to present us for pictures far better and more interesting in the future, And not just use photo.net as a cloud-archive. Many thanks.
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  4. I like pizza. Where are the pictures?
  5. Maria is a paying member of photo.net, and has apparently been so for many years. One of the benefits of a paid membership is that you can upload and share an unlimited number of photos.
    As long at the rules are followed, it is irrelevant what other members think of the quality of the uploads.
    If there is a need for change in rules or site functionality, that can be communicated to the moderators without publicly shaming a person that is doing nothing wrong, as far as I can see.
  6. The answer I get whenever I complain about something posted is
    Sometimes it is hard to "unsee" something, though.o_O

    Some people have lots of head portraits of animals, others have old cameras or water tower images.
    I 'value'/rationalize my cameras in terms of costs of a pizza, BTW​
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  7. Here you can find the many pizza photos: You click "Explore > "Browse by categories" > "Recent images" and then you scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you clock "Load more..." and you keep on scrolling a little, and THERE you have them. Enjoy.
  8. The purpose is not to "shame publicly" anybody, but to point to an unfortunate possibility that degrades this site and does not help getting potential new members on board. It might be a "right" as a paying member to upload whatever and how many photos you like but it does not help the site to be visibly flooded in this way, to the contrary. After all, said member has uploaded in total more than 13.000 photos. And has thereby obtained only one Editor's pick. That is of course perfectly legal as the rules are up till now. But at the same time it also gives a hint as to quality and the possible joy for other members to spend time to look at? I could use this photo community as an external harddrive and just dump all my pictures from my camera's memorycard on to here, it would be perfectly legal, but I think most of you would be thankful if I save you that experience? I have before pointed to the option in "settings" under each photo to choose "Make Private." That might be a good solution so as to not flood the members' screens when viewing "Recent images"?

    Similar (and even much more thriving) photo communities are not only curated but strongly curated before allowing photos to be publicized. And this site could certainly use many more members, when thinking about the plummeting popularity and flight of members over the last few years?
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  9. If you on your page go into "Photos" and under each individual photo click "Settings" you'll find the option "Make Private". Might be a good solution?
  10. I'm sure you mean well. However, telling people they can't upload pictures, regardless of the reason, makes others shy about uploading theirs. No one wants to be embarrassed. Especially newcomers. So rather than encouraging new people to join, you scare them away. They won't feel welcomed.
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  11. Not only pizza, also biscuits what's not to like!
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  12. I have not told anyone that "you can't upload pictures" I have just pointed to the unfortunate fact that if you upload not just one or two clompetely inept and boring pictures, but overwhelming amounts of them, it contributes to drag the interest for this community down. You tell me, what do we all prefer to spend time to look at: boring images or interesting images?

    Up till now it is technically so that ALL uploaded pictures show and take place up in the category "Recent images", where it sometimes is hard even finding one's own pictures drowning among some enormous batch-uploads. Maybe that could be changed somehow?

    The woman in question with the many many pizza-photos and house-wall photos etc. has before by other members intensely been begged to curb her inclination to upload vast amounts of this type of photos. After all, she has by now far more than 13.000 photos uploaded on her page. And has achieved only one Editor's pick from that mountain of photos. And even that pick I cannot understand at all.

    Would you like it, if I used this photocommunity as my external hard drive and uploaded all my pictures directly from my camera's memory card to here? I could, it is perfectly legal. But would you prefer that I beforehand made a selection and just uploaded pictures I particularly liked myself and I thought might be interesting to be looked at and commented by my fellow members? Is that not the very purpose of a vibrant photo community?

    Following your opinion the result will be that maybe the inept feel welcomed and invited but the adept flee. It has already happened to a large degree. And I very much miss many of the competent ones. And the overall interest for the site will just deteriorate further. But no doubt your attitude is much more in tune with the times than mine.
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  13. At least I restrain myself uploading "annoyingly boring" animal head portraits to one or two at a timeo_O
  14. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Moderator note:
    Members have the right to post their own photos in any quantity as long as they meet site rules. If someone isn't interested, they are encouraged to scroll past photos they don't enjoy. Not much more to be said.
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  15. Philip, if the purpose is not to publicly shame someone, perhaps a public message isn’t the best way to go. There are options to send Private Messages (called PN Conversations) either to another member or to a moderator.
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  16. I find it much more legitimate and honest to have an open and tranparent debate with all interested members in stead of sneaky behind-the-scene-actions. And as a highly democratic person, of course I'll leave the White House when asked to...ehm I mean, of course I shall follow all rules and majority decisions on this site loyally. I have described the dilemma, now it is up to others to decide whether or not they recognize the same dilemmas as I or not.
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  17. Thank you dear Moderator Sandy for commenting and leaving nobody in doubt what is allowed and what is not. In stead of the kind of "end of discussion" tone, I could have hoped though for a little debate whether you and others can see the same dilemmas as I have seen them? And maybe a good solution could come out of it in the end? After all, my efforts are all about trying to contribute to saving this site and giving it a good future. As things are now, the only result iwill be a further deterioration of the general interest in this photo community. And we do not want that, do we?
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  18. Then don’t claim you’re not shaming someone publicly! Read your own words and then consider that you made them public.

    Only in the whacky world of the Internet and social media run amuck would sending someone a private message be considered sneaky. Yes, I must know what you think of Maria’s posting of her pictures, I must see pics of what my next door neighbor had for lunch, and I must see selfies of everyone and their mother who’s visited The Grand Canyon. Please, more, more! :rolleyes:
  19. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Moderator Note

    1. Uploading images by a paying member to his/her portfolio is not, of itself, spam; neither does doing so violate the Terms and Conditions nor User Guidelines.
    2. Spamming the site is a severe violation and more often than not is dealt with immediately by the member's account being banned forever - I caution not to make such an accusation, without cause
    3. 'boring pictures' is your opinion; to which you are entitled; however that opinion is irrelevant in this conversation.
    4. 'zero photographic interest to other photographers' same as point 3 above.
    5. an accumulation of opinions, irrelevant to the main topic, especially when directed only toward one member, is often interpreted as ad hominem, which is indeed a violation of the rules of this site: I caution on this point also.


    Yes, your dilemma was described here: 'so much space for others to have to laboriously dig through' - and - 'You click "Explore > "Browse by categories" > "Recent images" and then you scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you clock "Load more..." and you keep on scrolling a little, and THERE you have them.'


    The salient points which it seems that you are attempting to make are:

    - if one viewed RECENT IMAGES then one had to wade through lots of photos of Pizza, which you found to be inconvenient;
    - the second salient point is the suggestion to use 'Private' on the images being uploaded.

    However, most of the remainder of your commentary, whilst veiled as being "site help", reads as accusative, aggressive and sarcastic.


    Noted also you have recently uploaded many images of substance in a saucepan with a title "It's my right, remember?" and as a result, members viewing Recent Images have to scroll past your repetition.

    The timeline of these images' upload appears to come after and as a disgruntled reaction to the Moderator's Note by Sandy.

    This reaction is also a salient point and it goes to the assessing the real purpose and intent of the Opening Post and the subsequent posts, by you.


    I shall converse with Maria with a view to identify her goals and how they might be achieved, if possible, without many repetition images appearing in "Recent Images".

    As has already been suggested this could have been easily and better managed by a polite PM to a Moderator explaining the situation of wading through many similar images in "Recent Images", rather than posting a public accusation that a long standing member is a Spammer, which clearly she is not, and then continue to ridicule that member on several irrelevant matters, for example "only one editor's pick"


    It is good you bring up the point of what does turn away new members . . .

    As evidenced by complaints by new members in their PMs to Moderators, articulating what they find distasteful about this site, is one point worthwhile sharing now (and I make a direct quote from one of many making the similar point):

    "Dear William,
    . . . I find the attitude reflected in some threads to be unnecessarily aggressive, sarcastic and sometimes misogynistic.

    I am not a goody two shoes woman, I am a senior executive and work in an engineering field, with many men: nearly all men, nowadays, in my area of work are genuine and consummate professionals, however it seems that in several internet forums there are people who hide behind anonymity and some of those seem to simply be cranky old men who have a poor attitude to those who do not have their same opinion, or worse, simply carry and exhibit a knee jerk discourteous attitude to women and young people."


    That's good you have finally clearly outlined your intent.

    In light of one fact that we do know turns away new members, you might consider publishing a retraction of the accusation of spamming and further consider a public apology for the many unnecessary and irrelevant comments directed to a fellow member and her photos and her photographic skills.

    Further it would certainly show you indeed to ‘give the site a good future’ by you deleting the multiple images of your saucepan which are blocking up the site – seemingly posted only in a fit of reactionary paddy.

    Note that commentary on moderation is not to be carried out within threads.

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  20. Besides, pizza is essential ...


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