What type of photography does William Eggleston do?

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  1. Same old tiresome FredG...
  2. "You accused those who write about art of having a misplaced ego" Sam.

    Err no, although some who chase the coin. But they are not the Artist a important distinction.

    "I’m not your mate, never have been, never will be." Sam

    You do have to be my mate, for me to be your mate. Like to think its a free world, to be someone's mate, even if they don't want me to be their mate.

    " You haven’t challenged me" Sam.

    Okay. Be happy.
  3. Ego, Sam.

    None of us are so superior to other folk.
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  4. " You haven’t challenged me" Sam."

    More important challenges than folks ego.

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  5. Reminds me of the Donna Reed like TV-mom who, when her son would get in trouble, called him Jeffrey instead of Jeff. Only Donna Reed had class. And FredG is not a very effective outing, at this point, and outing has never been a very effective tactic anyway.
  6. I think the writings about Eggleston's work is more interesting than the work itself.
  7. lol, I don’t. But your position is certainly valid and appreciated.

    Maybe there’s something to it in that interesting or not interesting is probably not the best adjective to capture Eggleston’s work.

    If I were to choose one word for Eggleston, it might be observant. Two words might be peculiarly observant. Three, peculiarly, colorfully observant.

    If I were to sum it up with an oxymoron, which I think is appropriate, I might say Eggleston’s photos are earnestly droll.

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