What time is photo.net on?

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  1. I am sorry if it has been answered before but what time is photo.net on. It's definitely not any time zone in the USA.
  2. Check what time zone you have set (look under Preferences).

    I suspect the server time is US. Your message was posted at approx 23:37GMT which corresponds to mid afternoon/early evening in the US.
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  3. Sandy Vongries

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    Last address I had they were based on the West Coast, USA
  4. It's on opposite Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. [And that's the truth.] :)
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  5. Sam I’m on Central time and yours was posted about 7:50 Friday night here. I’ve wondered myself about this, there’s no method to the madness. Maybe whoever manages that could simply use GMT, a universal time.

    Rick H.
  6. What silliness! GMT is as 'universal' as any other time zone.
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  7. ok thanks everyone. I got it now.
  8. Sorry q.g. but no. Greenwich mean time is the standard worldwide and you can use that to determine local time of an event anywhere in the world based on how far off of GMT your location is. Mine for example is five hours behind or six depending on whether we are using daylight savings time as we are now or standard time as we do in December. It’s often used in amateur radio operations so that operators in different parts of the world can use a standard regardless of the time zone they are in. Somehow I suspect you already know this but others often don’t.

    Rick H.
  9. Hammer time.
  10. Sorry Rick, but that indeed is nonsense. GMT is just one of many time zones, and you can use any other to do what you describe. Who cares that there is some silly habit cultivated by some of counting how many hours difference there is between local time (zone) and London time? Who of us looks at a clock and says "it is five thirty in London, so it must be plus or minus x hours over here"?
  11. I have no idea what other people are seeing but the time shown at the bottom of peoples posts is my local time. Which is British summer time GMT +1.
  12. It seems to be displaying UTC+1 for me, which is not my local time zone.

    Would you prefer UTC instead of GMT?
  13. When i sign in it is my local time. If i sign out it is edt ... eastern usa. Namemedia is in MA.?
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  14. Perhaps, yes. Because the presumptuous UTC is an even better demonstration of the silly perspective that makes people blind of the fact that time is the opposite of universal.

    Lets make whatever time zone the date line is in 'universal', instead of that of a place where, as ever, they run quite a bit behind.
  15. Time is very much universal. I agree, instead of using some random point on the Earth facing away from the Sun as a reference, we could time stamp pnet posts using the time elapsed since the Big Bang, or whatever was the start of the universe.

    I personally have a a bigger problem with the reference used as the start of a year, since January 1st has no astronomical significance at all. I think we should start the year on the day of the December solstice instead, but then people on the southern hemisphere could still object to that and suggest we use the June solstice instead.
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    Hmm... why not use my
  17. We already share a date. And whether the calendar year starts on january 1st or any other day does not make a difference for what moment on that day, or any other day, our 'universal' time would be.
  18. UTC is the best that we have at the moment , people being people , there will always be arguments.
    "Time" can be debated at length , but the world must have some "universal" standard in order to function.
    Does "Time" in fact exist - - - - -THAT is one of the debateable questions.
    I don't mean to cause any friction here.
    :D :D :D :D.
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  19. "Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind."
    —Nathaniel Hawthorne
    This is the kind of thinking that led to our creation of God, and has made such a mess of things. ;)
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  20. As someone flying airplanes between continents for work, I can't even begin to imagine how messy it would be if we didn't have universal time. Whether people like what it's referenced to is a different story.
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