What is Soligor?

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  1. FWIW with this ancient thread...

    I've had two Soligor lenses.

    The first was an FD mount 21mm that came with my first "real" camera-my A-1. I used it some, but never really warmed up to it(I didn't aprpeciate WAs in those days like I do now) and Ebayed it for a decent price that I've long since forgotten.

    Much, much more recently I picked up an F/AI mount 100mm f/2. It came the same way I buy a lot of 3rd party lenses-it was in a bag with a different camera I'd bought(maybe an EL2 or something along those lines). I put it to the test against the venerable Nikkor 105mm f/2.5(Sonnar-type) and found that it resolved decently at similar apertures to the Nikkor when used on my D800. It may have been a bit sharper, it may have been a bit softer, but really that was splitting hairs. What did stand out to me, however, was that even used in the shade it had less contrast and a whole lot less "punch" than the Nikkor. Consequently, once again, the Soligor went on Ebay and brought what I thought was a strong price(nearly enough to pay for the camera I bought it with) and the Nikkor is still in frequent rotation especially with slide film on manual cameras.
  2. I have a CZ Jena 20mm f/4 'zebra' Flektogon in Nikon fitting! Courtesy of a T4 mount that some clever soul has adapted to the lens. At least I think it's a one off custom job. Although the machining looks factory professional.

    Man, that lens was w--i--d--e for its time! And no slouch IQ-wise either.
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    Well, I did provided in my post a like that takes you to a page with all the specs for all the Sologor lenses, including this one. However, their dimensions are in millimeters and don't account for the two strap lugs at the side, or tripod mount. So, I will just tell you that from my eye, using a tape measure, it looks to me about 16" x 4.25"
    And that site says the diameter is 89mm but at the filter end I measure 88mm, but about a quarter-inch down the lens, the diameter bumps up to 89mm. Probably where the lens hood slips on (If I had one). The filter ring is an 86mm thread and I just noticed that the filter threads are a little missed up on my lens. Oh Joy

    Also, from my recent searches, I believe that I have found what the OEM case is. Many examples of this lens have the case seen below, with the lens. Looks pretty solid but big.
    And these two images: Here and Here

    After all these years it still astounds me how somebody can scrutinize every word I would write in a post on a thread yet never read anything else other people had posted previously, which could explain anything that I would write. Then make a snide comment that does nothing to contribute to the thread but, reminds me why I stopped coming to this site for so many years.

    Like Mr. Curry said, the lens mount is changeable, like an adaptable, for many camera systems, even to a Nikon. It was also mentioned in an earlier post.

    Also, Mike Halliwell is correct, in that this is where the thread about this lens started. I remember reading, all those years ago when I joined, about not starting a new thread where one already exists on the subject. I would agree that this should not be the best place for questions about 3rd party lenses, but since this site never addresses the need for such an equipment category, (Yet another reason why I Love this site the amount that I do) any equipment category is appropriate so long as the same lens was ever available in the system mount of the forum category it is posted in, and the post is not specifically about the mounting mechanism.

    For those that remember Sologor Lenses, they might remember the popular interchangeable Y/S mount system that had for a while. This is in a not that system..lol
    Apparently Sologor came up with another system. That later mount system, this lenses mount system, is known as the U/S mount system.
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  4. As I understand it, though I don't remember where it says it, a Nikon product anywhere
    along the way in the process is enough to discuss it here.

    You can, for example, scan with a Nikon scanner the Ilford film used in your Canon camera
    with a Soligor lens.

    I have some contact prints made with paper film and glass under an enlarger with an
    EL Nikkor. It seems that those qualify, as the EL Nikkor was in the path. I haven't
    posted any of those yet.
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    I have not found a suitable case yet. The closest thing I seen that would work was an old Canon 600mm FD lens hard case. It looks pretty similar to the soligor OEM one. The only good canon case I found for sale is way too much money. I'm not spending hundreds on a case.
    I am seriously considering making my own case.
    I can not find a place to buy the parts to make an aluminum clad case like that one I pictured earlier. I am thinking I can make one out of wood, line it with felt and wrap it in leatherette.
    Or if I find a cardboard tube with the right diameter, I could line it with a a layer of neoprene covered in felt or satin. Then wrap the outside with a leather, but I have not priced out those materials yet, nor found a suitable cardboard tube source (maybe a rug stores trash). Plus I doubt my leather work skills and think I might have the local leather smith do that part. Or I will glue some other material to wrap if leather is cost prohibitive (not sure what that material would be)
    But if all those options are too expensive ill just just make a quick and dirty one out of Cedar and Lauan and paint it.
    I also, I still have to buy a lens cap (using a green plastic cup lid currently) and find a hood for it.
    Wish I had the tool to fix the dent in the filter threads. I need to find a repair place. Every time I need a manual lens worked on I find out that the guy/place I used before is no longer an option, & have to find someone else. Its a dying art... shame.

  6. Funny you mention Cambridge: The King of Bait and Switch.
  7. I think back in the 70's Cambridge was a different outfit. Much in the same class as Willoughby's and the like, they had their own house brand (Cambron), similar in quaity to Willoughby's "Cavalier" and some of the stuff from Spiratone. I actually went into their NY store back in the 1970's and it was a pretty decent, real store. Not necessarily the best, but OK. I can't remember now which of those stores it was, but at least one of them once had big bargain bins, and I recall in about 1970 getting a wonderfully well preserved leather case for my Leica IIIb, for five bucks. I still have it!

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