What do they do with their thousands of images?!!

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  1. The difference is the connection for the SSD is Thunderbolt 3 and SD card readers are basically USB connections. Transfer rates are much much faster on an SSD. Also, you can obviously get much larger SSDs then SD cards. Why would you use limited in size ROMs? I can't think of a slower way to access data.
    Especially when you can get raid 5 or raid1 cabinets which provide a fair measure of redundancy and/or reliability.
  2. It seems that SD people are trying to keep up. SDXC address up to 2TB and SDUC up to 128TB.

    As far as I can tell, SDXC up to 1TB are available. 2TB are waiting for demand to catch up.
    Also, they have faster transfer rates for the bigger cards, up to about 4G bit/s, and transferring
    on four pins at a time.

    But I believe the discussion was for long-term storage, where write time isn't so important.

    It seems that BD-R is up to 128GB for quadruple layer. I suspect for long-term reliability,
    it is better to use 25GB single layer.

    Otherwise, I have been interested in Ultrium tape. I have an LTO-3 drive, which is up to 400GB
    per tape cartridge. I am not so sure how long-term it compares to the others.

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