Weekly Post-Processing Challenge - May 24, 2015

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  1. I have been struggling with the colors on this one (I always struggle with yellow...). So, looking forward to everyone's version.
  2. And, here is the large version
  3. The guy and the umbrella in the background detracts from the subject. Unfortunately I don't know PS well enough to remove them. You might want to crop out the whitish line to the right of the subject.
    As far as the yellow, I lowered the yellow saturation and luminance slider a little and added a little orange for the skin.
  4. Good image, Line. I cropped in LR6 and converted to High-Key in PSE12.
  5. [​IMG]
    In DX0, some white balance adjustment and "Kodak Ektchrome 100" color rendering.
  6. Line - Thanks for starting us going. I was ...busy today.
    I found the people in the background in the way. I really liked the angelic feel of the girl sooo...
    1. Cloned out the boys
    2. Copied layer & fractalized the girl. I wanted the highlight lines & slight aura.
    3. Slowly erased her face from the fractalized layer back to the original, which I really liked.
    4. You wanted yellow, so I bumped the yellows.
    5. Overlayed some rain, lightened mode. Erased any rain streaks from the girl & resized it.
  7. I instant saw this image in Black and White, it highlight the expression and, as Rick said and get it, the hands
    I used a custom preset on Nik Silver Efex stand alone and with Control Points I made the up left corner a little darker and another to try to hightlight the rain drops. Then I call it on Capture NX-2 to make it a little sharper using Unsharp mask.
    I decide to not crop, but I would like if was framed different to show a little more of the gate, putting the girl a little off center to the left. I like the presence of the boy and the woman.
  8. I went for the natural look, normalizing the colors, toning down the highlights and upping the shadow detail (all in PSCC raw converter).
  9. The girls expression is good. All I did was clean up the lighting levels, adjust for skin tone and remove the extra people.
  10. Line, thanks for rescuing the WPPC for this week. I'll be back as soon as I can figure out how to process your image.
  11. I went a little crazy this time. My first attempt started with basic adjustments in PSE11 - cropping from the right side and levels. Tonal and contrast adjustments were made in Color Efex using dark contrasts and brilliance/warmth.
  12. I forgot to mention previously that I also used the spot healing brush in PSE11 to remove the small area of gray umbrella to the right of the yellow.
    The next version involved a conversion to B&W in Silver Efex. Thereafter, taking Adriano's lead, I used a control point to darken the upper left. Finally I boosted the structure in the highlights.
  13. Finally, I decided to go abstract with Color Efex. I added quite a bit of low key, then used polaroid transfer to add a rough frame, and finally solarized the entire image.
  14. I went for fairly subtle adjustments to this nice photo. I removed distracting elements using cloning in CS5, increased yellow saturation and lightened the umbrella using hue/saturation, and added some raindrops by painting them in.
  15. My version: basic processing in ACR with little more saturation, used adjustment brush on north outside panel of yellow umbrella to reduce highlights, saturation, exposure to match the other two panels. Opened in CS6 on rasterized layer isolated umbrella and de-saturated the rest. Cloned out background visible people and umbrella behind the yellow one, used noise and unsharpen mask filters ,cropped on the right frame to remove the gate post.
  16. correction: intended to crop but did not crop, had already cloned out the white spot on top of the gate post as it was distracting in B & W.
  17. Pretty much the same as the two above, but I treated the umbrella differently.
  18. I used the aged photo preset in lightroom 5 and reduced clarity. In PS5 I painted the raindrops with white to enhance them a little. Nice photo Line.
  19. Black and White conversion in Darktable using a Agfa 200x style. tweaked the exposure a bit and cloned out the lettering on the umbrella. and increased the grain a little.
  20. Black and White conversion in Darktable using a Agfa 200x style. tweaked the exposure a bit and cloned out the lettering on the umbrella. and increased the grain a little. I would have done everything in Darktable but It was rendered a bit too big so I rescaled it in Gimp.
  21. Line - Hope you got some takes that answered your question.
    Again thanks for getting us up & running.
    Anyone for next time?

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