Weekly Post-Processing Challenge - May 10, 2015

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by michaellinder, May 9, 2015.

  1. Happy Mothers Day, one and all. Hope you get something out of this week's image.
  2. And here's the original.
  3. Hummm...
    Corel PaintShop Pro X3 - Kaleidoscope filter to get primary image. Cut & Paste man into center. Jacked vibrancy & saturation. Crop to Square.
  4. Thanks, Michael. Original idea, Rick! I spent less than five minutes on it--some cropping, then a preset in Nik/Google Silver Efex Pro with some minor tinkering.
  5. Ooops. File too big. Try this:
  6. I had the same idea as Daniel as far as a "stop that man from drinking Coca Cola" theme, but wanted to accentuate the red colors of both the Coke can and the stop sign, while toning down other red colors. Also, I wanted to include the man in the background as a subtle reminder. Then I noticed the irony of the sign, "Bike Races Specials- hot dogs and nachos", which I wanted to accentuate. I decided that that was sufficient, although one could then easily head into National Enquirer editing territory.
  7. I've tone mapped the image and added vignette, to emphasize the stop sign and coke drinker looking back at you.
  8. In PSE11, I cropped a bit on the right side, then adjusted levels. Then, I used Silver Efex to convert to B&W, and then adjusted structure. My last step was to use Color Efex to add darker contrasts, and to concentrate luminosity on the subject's face.
  9. Thanks Daniel :]
  10. I went for the bright colors. Kicked up saturation and vibrance in Lightroom and moved to PS5 and duped layer, changed to B&W with layer mask to reveal colors. Duplicated that layer and changed layer style linear light
  11. oops!
  12. I applied photoshop CS5 pixel bender Oilpaint filter and then applied the unsharp filter with the
    following settings: 20, 20, 1
  13. I swapped the red and blue channels.
  14. Any one up for next week? If not ....
  15. If not what? :)
    I have an image I'd like to see what others can do to.
  16. Me embarrassed!
    If not.... Meaning You got something:)
    I withdraw my proposal:)
  17. Humm... Clearly didn't hit the right button last night.
    Thormod - If not --- means if no one wants to post I will. If you want to start the thread, by all means. Thread usually starts Sunday Morn (EST) or late Saturday night (Anytime :) )
  18. Yes, I have an image I'd like to see what others would do with it.
    Do I start the thead? Sorry for late reply, keep forgetting that this forum requires a "Confirm" not visible without scrolling down.

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