WedNEsDAy PiC #48

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jose_angel, Nov 26, 2008.

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  2. As usual, please feel free to post your PiC of the WeeK on the next 24-48 hours. Nikon gear, one image...
  3. Choo-choo, koo-koo.
  4. D300, ISO 200, 24-70, 1/60, f/9.0, pop-up flash
  5. Was out cross-country skiing on Sunday. When we had reached our destination we played a game of 'find the picnic table' :)
  6. jfz


    At a local farm near a state park
  7. Scan from Fujichrome 50
  8. I took this picture last thursday the 20th. Uhmm! I am sure it is still admissible even though today is almost Thursday again! I call this guy a city boy coz I took this shot in Kyoto which is a big city compare where I live (Niigata) and he is so used to people. I got maybe 10 feet away from here and he just ignored me. Nikon D300 AF-S 600 f/4
  9. Late Autumnal landscape - Nikon N70, 28mm f3.5. Taken last Saturday on a cold but pleasant walk.<p>

    <img src="">
  10. jvf


    The Castele of Hamlet 24/11/2008 06:52 D700 ISO200 F/16 30s 24-70 2:8 (38mm)
  11. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, near Las Vegas
  12. Light snow one recent night at my house
  13. Hotel lamps in Galena, IL (D700, 24-120 VR)
  14. Not much this week, but can you believe it's basketball season already!
  15. [​IMG]

  16. D300, Sigma 10-20mm f4.5-5.6 EX HSM...
  17. Let's try that again...
  18. D300 fun
  19. Hockey fun
  20. Camera toss - D300 aloft while shutter was open.
  21. Most peculiar photograph, Waldemar. It would have never crossed my mind to snap this one.
  22. Arizona Ironman 2008 - Sunday, Nov 23, 2008
  23. <img src="">
    D300, Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 -- 1/90s f/2.8, ISO-400
  24. Well, I did take some photos yesterday. They are however rather depressing...... They all reflect the result of the wildfire storms we've just gone through...... They are most of them taken while sitting on my large Warmblood Destined, he weighs in at about 1800lbs - so he's a rather large horse. In my right hand I have my Shetland stallion ColieOlie & he weighs only about 400lbs - - then I try to photograph.... I'm using a horrible lens - a Tamron 28-300 f/3.5-6.3 - - anyhow, the complete series showing the devastation should anyone want to see it is here - - - but I'm posting a horrible shot of my little Shetland ColieOlie as he looks around at the devastation that used to be a mountain side filled with brush & trees.......
    D200 & cheapo 28-300mm Tamron lens...
  25. ISO 3200 F2.8
  26. 5 minutes ago: D80, iso 1600, 50mm f1.4 Ais shot wide open
  27. Paint rollers on a rail, backstage Beverly Hills High.
  28. Earlier -
  29. Olvera Street, Los Angeles. D200, 18-200 VR, at 30mm, 1/40s, f4, ISO 100
  30. D70...ISO200....F7.1.....1250
  31. My keys, I took this with a coolpix (S550), since Nikon had my DSLR (D80).
  32. and now the pciture...
  33. goin' fishin'...
  34. Message in a bottle
  35. Can not resist the great exhibition :).
  36. okee dokee...
  37. At the botanical gardens...
  38. And now the picture, sorry about that.
  39. Hope I'm not late.
  40. I'm a little late too eek
  41. I am way too late but just got back from the beach
  42. I`m impressed... so many good and beautiful pics. I usually use an clumsy old faded laptop and liked the images
    but, yesterday I had the opportunity of inspecting the thread with a pro-grade 21" monitor... astounding.

    I know it doesn`t matter but I especially like to see wonderful pics taken with non-top of the line super-expensive
    gear. Definitely the photographer is inside the brain, not inside the camera.

    Personally I consider this WedNEsDAy PiC as an exercise, it serves me to try keeping fit photographically
    speaking... I`m already wringing my brain thinking on my pic for the next week...

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