Wednesday Landscapes, 8 November 2017

Discussion in 'Landscape' started by Leslie Reid, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Fred, believe it or not, I had forgotten that Color Efex (in NIK) has a curves and levels filter. PSE has both of these as separate tools, but the curves feature is quite limited. Just for the hell of it, I used the Color Efex filter and lowered the blue channel considerably with respect to the shadows and midtones. You be the judge - - please! 1483029_50b375ec26bbfcc7371220d4dba82a8a copy2.jpg
  2. Clearly this has been learning experience for me.
  3. Michael, glad you've learned stuff about the software. That's always a plus. Sorry to say, the photo isn't working for me. It still retains some of that strong blue and the rest now feels even more over-processed to me. It's like there's an overlay of mucky yellow-green over the whole thing. Not sure if you've had enough of this particular image yet, but if not, I'd start from scratch and use a much lighter hand. I think you can still bring out the stellar fall glows without losing touch with reality.
  4. I have found that blue skies get shifted to violet when I upload them. I desaturate the blue sky a bit to compensate.
  5. Fred, in no way did I expect comments on the image's overall merit. I was using it to demonstrate what I learned in Color Efex. Thanks for recognizing that.
  6. Great suggestion, thanks!

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