Wednesday Landscapes, 29 April 2020

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  1. You are invited to upload one or more of your landscape photos and, if you’d like, to accompany your image with some commentary: challenges you faced in making the image? your intent for the image? settings? post-processing decisions? why you did what you did? the place and time? or an aspect you’d like feedback on? And please feel free to ask questions of others who have posted images or to join the discussion. If you don’t feel like using words, that’s OK too—unaccompanied images (or unaccompanied words, for that matter) are also very much welcomed. As for the technicalities, the usual forum guidelines apply: files < 1 MB; image size <1000 px maximum dimension.

    Here's an odd one from three years ago. I had a hard time deciding on whether or not to include the waves in the crop. I liked the ambiguity of the waveless version, but I liked the lines that the waves provide.
  2. Very special area where a small stream has gone 3-4 meters down in the soil

  3. Mount Rundle Sunrise, Banff National Park, Alberta

  4. Somewhere east of Asmara
    Guerrillas in the Mist, as it happened
  5. through the Madrid mountains
    008LAND Subida al Cabrón La Pedriza Panorámica.jpg Canon F-1n. Sigma X.Q.39-80. Kodak Gold 400
  6. Sunrise over Punta del Este skyline as seen from Punta Colorada.
    Sunrise over PDE.jpg
  7. LakePan_6.jpg Down by the lake
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  8. This is from a trip to Alaska last August. I took it hand held through a tour buss window. It was the first time all day we got any rays of sun and I could resist snap the shot MemeryLane_44_04252020_ON1_1000.jpg .
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  9. landscape_0430.jpg Pasquotank River, Elizabeth City, NC
  10. From early this year, Southern Arizona, 6x7 film. A1779j (1200x955).jpg
  11. from the driveway leading up to jefferson's monticello home monticello va 805.jpg
  12. I'm sorry. I was wrong, These picture is for May
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