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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by jenkins, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. I have a website and got the .com domain for it, I have filled out the Google local ad page but still can't see my website in the first 10 pages after that I gave up. What is the next move, what am I not doing?
    I am new to websites.
  2. Simon... If we told you, then our sites might not be in the top 10<g>. Seriously, you now need to do search engine optimization (SEO). This is a two step process: Optimize your pages and meta-tags to prepare to have search engines "spider" your pages, collecting all the important words, then submit your site to all the search engines. Sounds pretty simple, right? There is a lot to it. You can do this manually, and do some research through searches, on SEO, but the truth is, it's easier to hire an SEO expert. Alternatively, the cheap way is to buy an SEO software package (either software or online service). It should be able to search your site, recommending changes before you submit to search engines, and then be able to submit the site for you, in an automated fashion, to all the major search engines. I hope this helps. Also, it takes up to a month or two in order to start showing up toward the top. And you probably can't expect to type in the word "photography" into a search engine, and expect your site anywhere near the top 10 pages. However, you may be able to contend for a search for Somewhere, New York. If your website is the one you list on your page here, you will have problems with SEO because it is a Flash, and not HTML site.
  3. Everybody wants their website to appear in the top search results. But of course, that's not possible for every website. Search engines use algorithms to find "good" websites. Basically, you need to make your website "good". That means useful, information-rich content.
    It depends what your website offers, but here are a few tips. Use accurate page titles (including your location if that's relevant). Focus on using all accurate keywords in your meta-tags for example. Don't try to fool search engines with "keyword stuffing". If you're willing to spend money to attract website visitors, look into Google's AdWords programme.
    This is a useful document:
    Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
    with lots more information here:
  4. I have been extremely naive here, first off I thought Smugmug pushed your site and then somebody told me that getting a .com address would rank the site higher which I did, then the google listing I filled out I thought would catapult it for local listings.
    I didn't realise there was so much to it, I thought Google just crawled and picked up the site. Well both your posts are extremely helpful, I really don't have any spare cash to throw at this so It looks like i will have to learn and do it myself, Thanks for the links Colin I will be looking at those.
    My site is very basic, if you had a second can you see any flaws straight off?
  5. Just to clarify something I wrote - I said that search engines use algorithms to find "good" websites, and that you need to make your website "good". What I meant was search engines use algorithms to rank "good" websites higher. They also find the websites that they don't classify as "good" - they just don't return those sites very high in search results.
    Google knows about your site alright. If I search for your actual domain, your site shows up as the first result.
    I just had a quick look at your site. It looks good I think. It would be nice if the "proof" across your photos was a bit more discreet. I'm not familiar with SmugMug, but if you could add captions to your photos - in particular the location of where they were shot - that would be the most helpful in terms of search results I think. If someone searches for "photos of the Outer Banks" for example, your site is not going to be returned by search engines unless that text appears on your site. Search engines don't know what your photos are of unless you provide a text description.
    One other suggestion - I think you should change your header from simonjenkinsphotography to Simon Jenkins Photography, unless you have a particular reason for styling it as one word. If someone is searching for your name in particular, they more than likely are not going to type it into their search engine as one word.
    Other than that, I think it's just a matter of promotion and spreading the word about your site, maybe through social media, etc. Google AdWords could be worth looking into. I'm not that familiar with it, but I think you can cap your costs pretty easily, and I think they have good reporting tools to analyse what's working and what's not. It could be worth trying it for a few months and seeing what response it generates.
  6. I just had a quick look at your site. It looks good I think. It would be nice if the "proof" across your photos was a bit more discreet.

    I hit a button one day Colin and think I deleted my watermark, it has been missing ever since, I am working to get it back, the big proof watermark is ridiculous.
    Some great tips there Colin that I will act on, good point about the elongated name, I will change that also, not sure why I did that in the first place. Thanks for the suggestions I have a much better understanding now than when I posted the thread :)

  7. The first lesson I learned is have a unique name for your Website, something short and easy to remember (it works, mine is wsrphoto, try it on Google), then as suggested, use unique words to accurately described your Website. Folks don't stay if they immediately see the search words don't apply, and in your case "intercoastal waterway" and other geographical descriptive words might help.
    Also as noted, use a Google account to update their database along with the others (Bing, Yahoo, etc.). They don't search the Internet so much anymore as users send their file of updates for their Website and pages. That said, do you know how many Simon Jenkins there are, and how many are photographers? Remember there's a lot of photographers like you doing the same thing and far more just hyping themselves in search engines. And by the way, I didn't see an "About" or "Contact" Web pages on your Website. It helps to let visitors know who you are. Good luck.
  8. Scott there is a very well know journalist called Simon Jenkins back in England where I am from he pops up all the time, I know what you are saying about the name, but I'm not going to change that now. There is a contact button at the bottom but it's just an email link, it's very small I need to change that and I don't have an 'about me' link that needs to be added also. I have now changed all the things Colin suggested, next I will update you suggestions, thanks for the input.
    I have a Google email and have filled out their pages, in what way do I update Yahoo and Bing, what do I do?
  9. Hi Simon
    My first post here. I am from Melbourne, AU.
    One of my websites ranks in the top 3 on page 1 for "wedding photographers melbourne". Another is generally top on page 1 for "modelling work melbourne".
    I usually have front page rank (top 3) for "budget wedding photography melbourne" also, have held most of these spots and been unshakeable for the last 5 years.
    I am a pro photographer with 30 years behind me, and in recent times, an seo specialist website designer. I won't work for a Melbourne based wedding shooter, for obvious conflict of interest.
    At the risk of upsetting people and getting disliked instantly, I won't challenge anything said on this page. I run a blog in which I explain to people exactly how to go through the process of achieving what I have done. I have done it for other industries too- it is NOT simple- it's a constantly moving target, and you are shooting through a 1000mil f16 manual focus lens "at twilight".
    That should put it all into perspective nicely for you. But as any photographer knows- timing and execution are everything... and you only need the one killer shot!
    I don't know what's right and wrong here on this forum- I am sure somebody will tell me someday. Can we post links? Can we plug our services? For now I'll lay low. Can we do PMs here? If so, just PM me, and I'll point you in the right direction.
    There are ways that a handful of us could work in with each other here, to blitz our respective markets, but that's a tale for another day.

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