W/NW Pic-O'-The-Week #17

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  1. Hello all, Happy Friday or whatever day it is wherever you are. Time to start posting your favorite pics for this week. I thought last week was a good strong showing so lets keep it up. I must confess that I thought my photo of last week was taken with a Leica Summicron, but it turns out it was actually taken with a Fuji 23 at very close range and wide open. Here she is again and this was definitely taken with a Sumicron 50. I only mention it because I think its cool to compare the signatures of the lenses not that it really has much to do with making a photo. But it also shows how classic Leica film lenses can work on modern mirrorless cameras. Ok, lets see what ya got!
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  2. Shot with the 90 Elmar-C I got yesterday, one of the least expensive Leica lenses. Doesn't appear to suffer at all except for being no faster than f/4.

  3. Here's the same M240 at work, this time coupled with 35 Summicron. M1000546.jpg
  4. That's good, Uhooru. I myself am unconvinced about 'signatures' of lenses, but there you go. If I can be so rude, who is she? I managed to drop my monochrom this week (with its everready voigtlander 75mm lens) onto the pavement. So it goes. So a couple of shots from my local supermarket, one of a 'checkout chick', Jaylee, (if I can be absolved with a mea culpa, mea maxima culpa for an outrageous patriarchalism), and one of a hapless hunter and gatherer. The elmar does a good job, Ray. You should be well pleased. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1) shoper.jpg
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  5. The monochrom, to me, continues to be forensically unforgiving. Perhaps, brutalist is the word to describe its rendition. I'm thinking I'll put it away for awhile, and go back to film for a bit.
  6. Leica M6, 50mm Collapsible Summicron
  7. Fuji TX-1 + 90/4. From my balcony something in Winter. Nice weather these days but not dramatic.

    TX-1 22-4-18.jpeg
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  8. Typo gremlin. "some time" in winter.
  9. This winter Alex_Es?. Where's winter for you? We in the antipodes are still waiting for autumn to appear. God, we've f'd up this planet's climate, haven't we? Good shot. It's, I think, pano. How did you do it?. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  10. MP, 50mm 'cron, Acros
  11. Thanks for the good words!! Shot this with my Fuji XT-1 + 90/4. Scanned on a flatbed, an Epson GT-F740. It's actually quite good, though a dedicated scanner would be sharper. Actually this maybe ideal for landscape, where you really do not want a hard edge.

    This photo was taken between December 2017 and January 2018. Official winter. It's been cold in northern hemisphere. During the past week I needed the heater. Only in the last day or so have temperatures risen. It will be 30 degrees C in Kyoto tomorrow. Thus we will have jumped from winter directly into summer.

    We been having bright skies in the Kobe area recently but no meterological dramas. The sun has shifted behind the apartment complex, so the great sunsets are out. Time to get back into street photography?
  12. It was a hectic week for me, and I am not too happy with my pictures this week....BUT - I tried a used Voigtlander Ultron 28mm f1.9 Screwmount lens at the store, using an M adapter. The lens has pitting on the rear element glass, but neverthless manages to give a reasonable image. I don't think I will hang on to this lens for long, but I wanted it to do some test shots on a IIIg body that I picked up off Craigslist. Yay. Now I own two cameras! Anyway, out of technical interest I share the photo.

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  13. 2k18-031-019 ces13 bc 4x6.jpg A cold one at the Market. Fed-2 / Jupiter-8, Kentmere100, OA & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill
  14. Don't sell yourself short michael_levy. And Bill Bowes: do you live in these markets? They are such great pieces of ethnography (and damned good pictures as well). And thanks for the seller contact (though I'm putting a purchase off till the A$ recuperates a bit). Still I've dusted off my zorki 5 with collapsible lens and loaded it with film (particularly after my misadventure with the monochrom yesterday. The pavement is such a hard thing). Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  15. And only to find that the zorki doesn't work - wont wind on. Ah, such is russian life. Off to the veterinarian this week it must go. Hopefully, some shots in a few weeks time. And stric, such a good shot, well composed, and just captures the vibrancy of that young child. It's good. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  16. Hello again. There are two Farmers Markets within range of my small moped or the Bus. . both in Kailua, which is just 7 miles away. Thursday evening is for my weekly veggie-fruit-sundries shopping, the Sunday market is for several hours of hanging about with friends with what we call Talk-Story in Hawaii, and keeping my "foodie" status in shape. A 36 exposure roll goes thru a camera for sure. People pay no attention to me now, so some shots could be used for "black mail" for sure ! Put that Zorki to use & let us see some of your work!! Aloha, Bill
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  17. You sure that knob around the shutter release is all the way up? Sometimes both the Feds or Zorki do not get the knob out all the way. Bill
  18. Bill Bowes, you are a gentleman and a scholar. It was, as you suggested, a trapped shutter release. A bit of jiggling, swearing, incantation to the rain gods, and voila, it works again. I've lost the film (though it was only a half used cassette). Thanks. It's late afternoon here. So, I'll use it tomorrow (going to Coffs Harbour for a tribunal hearing - a long drive each way). And herewith, if it works, a photo of said zorki (with a bottle of antenax, a safelight, and my ageing hp as props) with collapsible lens, and the shutter button returned to its proper place. Thanks, I had not thought of that. I'd been winding the speed dial, and everything else. Feel a fool - it was off to the vet tomorrow, but now it will be in use:
    zorki 5.jpg
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  19. Adam, just love the use of depth of field as part of the narrative in this photograph.
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