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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by canwewin, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. It's never too late to start the thread!
    Kind of new to medium format...here's my shot
    Mamiya M645 1000S
  2. Interesting scene, Ludwig. Glad to see you stepping in to fill my boots.....my very large boots. Not quite sure you're up to the task, but this is a good start! This one is reposted from another forum, but it's all I got for now. Rollieflex and Kodak Ecktar:
    Mr. Liberty
  3. airesflex, ektar
  4. RZ67, Portra 400
  5. Here's mine--
    This is one of a recent series called "G Tree, a series I planned for a very long time. One of my morning running routes in Brooklyn's Prospect Park takes me through an area called the Peninsula which is, appropriately enough, situated on a peninsula jutting out into the park’s lake. About a year and a half ago I noticed an especially picturesque fallen tree, probably debris from the very rare tornado that passed a couple of years ago along the terminal moraine which runs most of the length of Long Island, from Brooklyn to the east end. One of the first things I noticed is that someone had carved a large letter “G” into the tree trunk, and I planned to make that the focus point of my composition.
    With my usual propensity towards procrastination, I delayed going out with my camera and tripod, but lately I've noticed that the park workers have almost finished clearing the fallen trees from Hurricane Sandy, last October, and I was afraid they'd cut up and chip the “G” tree before I got to photograph it.The Thursday before last the light was perfect (overcast—sunlight caused harsh shadows), so I finally got out with my trusty Rolleiflex and exposed two rolls.
    Rolleiflex 2.8E (Xenotar) with Rolleinar I CU lens
    Ifford FP4+ developed in Rodinal 1:50
    Scanned from an 11 X 14 print made with an Omega B-8 enlarger on Foma VC FB paper developed in Ilford Universal PQ and lightly toned in KRST. 1:20
    This is the first image I've uploaded from a scan of an 11X14 silver-geletin print made in a new tabloid-size scanner. I've long been unhappy with negative scans, since they are not really representative of my prints, which are my real end product. I think this is much better.
    Unfortunately, I cannot attach the photograph here, despite having uploaded it to both PhotoNet and Flickr--when I paste in the URL it just doesn't work. Here's a link ti the photograph on Flickr:
  6. This 4-frame stitched panorama loses a lot of its impact when shrunk to 700 pixels wide...each frame was 4070x4070 so that's roughly a 15x linear size reduction!
    But the colours are nice, so here it is.
    Mamiya 645AFD, Kodak Pro Back DCS645M at ISO 400, 45/2.8 "S" lens at f2.8, 30 seconds x 4 frames.
  7. Just recovered my jump drive this morning, so here is another one. This is Ilford HP5 developed in HC110 shot with a Rollieflex 3.5f Tessar(?).
  8. We got some nice shots here!
    Ray that's a stunning panorama
    E. Short I remember your "Mr. Liberty" shot. The second picture is great!
    Here's my first try with infrared film, Rollei Infrared 400 (E.I. 6)
  9. Thanks, Ludwig.
  10. Our Lady
  11. Thank you, Ludwig! Nice to see you using a Mamiya 645 1000s for your striking B&W photos - I still have my first old M645 1000s.
    I thought I'd show some detail from the panorama...here is the lower half of Orion (the Orion Nebula is the small reddish feature near centre).
    Also, I forgot to mention that I used an AstroTrac unit, which goes between my Manfrotto tripod and Benro ball-head, so the stars are not trailed...not that they would trail all that much in 30 seconds.
  12. ...and here is the precise location of that Orion section, marked on the panorama itself:
  13. A 60" tall print of the pano would bring out all of the detail in the sky. Sadly, it might financially bankrupt you in the framing stage. And adding an additional reinforced wall to hold it does not help. The universe is big so the prints should be big too. :)
  14. First time caller, long time listener...
    Warehouse Window at Night
    Mamiya 7ii / 65mm / Provia 100F / 4 min. Exposure
  15. Welcome, Jim. Nice pic.
  16. Thank you, E. This was scanned with the V750. It is much more capable that I expected.
  17. Barn boards and shadows, late afternoon
    P67, 90mm LS Takumar on Verichrome Pan
  18. Ben Randall, I think that is a stunning rooftop scene. Where from?
  19. Fickle Flickr didn't like my changes...
    Mamiya 7ii / 65mm / Provia 100F / 4 min. Exposure
  20. Abbotts Lagoon, at Point Reyes National Seashore. About a 2.5 mi hike in to a remote Lagoon where I set up my Pentax 67II, used the 135mm Macro for this one, from this position provided the best containment. Velvia 50, Lee .09 hard grad.
  21. E Short, thanks, that's very kind. It was taken from a rooftop in Rue De La Harpe in the Latin Quarter in Paris. I rented a studio on the top floor and there was a roof terrace above, great views. Half an hour later there was an amazing sunset, so got lucky
  22. Ohhh, duhhh!!!!! Our Lady...Notre Dame.....Paris. So-called world traveller here feeling fairly stupid!!! Thanks, Ben.

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