W/NW 2022 Pic-O'-The-Week #19

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  1. Welcome everyone to Week 19 of 2022, the Leica and Rangefinders W/NW Thread! Here’s a winter scene from the Potomac Great Falls at the C&O Canal National Historic Park.


    Leica M8, 21mm f/2.8 Elmarit-M (Pre-ASPH)
  2. "No time for Highway Patrol Sergeants"
    Nikon S2, Nikkor-S.C. 5cm f/1.4
  3. L1001480BW copy.jpg

    L1001477BW copy.jpg

    L1001491BW copy.jpg
    Leica M10-P
    CV 40mm Nokton f/1.2
    B&W via Nik
  4. The cloud effect in the first and second shots is quite atmospheric. I liked the birds in flight in the third. It would have been a majestic shot of rugged natural beauty if not for the intrusion of architecture and the tanker on the horizon. Enjoyed them. Regards, Arthur
  5. My shots, again rehearsals. We have been beset by further east coast lows, which have created quite devastating floods to the north. My back yard is again like Lake Placid (minus the alligators).

    People I have known. The first, a bartendress: imago6.jpg
    The second, someone I haven't seen for months now:


    I hope the rain stops here. Can get out then. Regards, Arthur.
  6. 002L&R Torreón Muralla Ruinas Chinchón TeleElmar135.jpg
    Tele-Elmar 135

    011L&R Tejados Gente Abajo Plaza Chinchón TeleElmar135.jpg
    Tele-Elmar 135

    015L&R Cerradura Tornillos Roñosos Puerta Vieja  TeleElmar135.jpg
    Tele-Elmar 135

    026L&R Libro Antiguo Escaparate SummicronDR5.jpg
    Summicron DR 5 (50 mm)

    The four with Leica M4-2. Fuji Superia X 400. The B&W desaturated with PS​
  7. Steady hand with the DR. Nice with great color
  8. 1st is Palos Verde, CA

    El Segundo Beach on super windy day.

    Mysterious former Photo.net and fabulous photographer being mysterious at a bar on the Redondo Beach Pier.
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  9. To echo already comments. Luis triguez, that last shot is magic. I tried enlarging it. I cannot decipher the text. What is it?. Illuminated manuscripts are precious things. I have a deformed DR summicron. Yours is beautiful in its rendition. Bravo to you, and thanks. Regards, Arthur.
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  10. I really like Allen's Interesting shot, well seen and quiet with just a little edge :)
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  11. Thank you very much for your words, although I am much worse photographer than all of you. I'm not very good at translating from Latin and even less so with Gothic script. I enclose my 1966 Summi DR 5 on my M-3 with the viewfinder mounted on the camera. Cordial greetings to all of you and thank you very much for admitting me to your masterful forum. luis




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  12. Luis, do you have your own darkroom?
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  13. Humid walk on the trail Saturday afternoon, with the Leica CL and 11-23mm.

  14. not anymore. Today I am going to give an old friend a few rolls B & W that I have in the fridge for years, so that he can continue. I already only use digital since 10 years.:(
    But I still using all the old lenses on the digital cameras,
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  15. Me too. I wish I could afford a digital back for a Hassleblad 503 C I have. But I may break down and buy a Fuji MF one of these days.
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  16. Every day I find it more difficult to use the reflexes. They are very heavy. This is my last favorite for street photography: Fuji X with Voigtänder Heliar II 15 (23 mm equivalent) adapted with a Fuji ring for Leica M.
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  17. Luis, when you use a manual lens on the Fuji, do you open up the aperture to focus then close down to shoot? What exposure options are there. I've been looking at AA Artisans.
  18. Hi Sanford!
    For candid and almost all street photos I do it like that::
    As a general rule we must remember how to use "Zone Focusing". For my 15mm I focus at 5 ft. and f8.
    If the objective is something stationary and not looking at us, you can use the manual focus

    MIN. SHUTTWER SPEED 1/200 depending on the focal length of the lens.
    We have to remember that each lens is 1.5 X. For example: for a 50 we will have to use no less than 1/75. For a 100 not less than 1/125. For more security and if I'm on the move I don't use less than 1/200

    COLOR 0
    SHADOW TONE -2 (on a heavy sun)
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  19. I wanted to say for a 100 not less than 1/200.:(

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