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  1. Using Gossen Ascor Flash Meter
    Problem is only when using Vivitar Filters with 283 Flash, Meter set for 200 ASA Manual 35mm No Metering in Camera 35mm Lens f=1:2.8 Without Filter meters reads 4 1/2 f=16 do not want to give everybody the red Eye! Subject to Camera 8-10’ when using Filter meter reads 0
    Filter Color makes no difference how to resolve this Issue please
    Bought Kodak Plus 200 Have never used this Film before
  2. Are the filters on the flash or the camera lens?

    What's the purpose of the filter?

    Simplest option would seem to be, not using the filter. There's no filter that'll prevent red-eye. Red eye is caused by having direct flash close to the lens.
  3. Filters for Vivitar 283 Flash not Camera, that is why I am trying to use Filters to prevent Red Eye with Bare Bulb Flash.
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    OK, point taken, but for what reason are they being used, please ?
  5. You need a meter reading. - I assume it has to be greater than zero to count. So you have to light something way closer than the planned subject get a meter reading with and without filter and apply math to convert the reading with filter to the planned subject distance. The difference to without filter should be the same amount of f-stops.
    Side notes:
    • Color filters on a flash eating more than 4 f-stops sound strange to me. - I'd expect to lose 3 or less.
    • To avoid red eyes I'd usually enlarge the distance between flash and lens and be fine.
  6. I must just repeat - red eye will not be affected by putting a filter on the flash.

    The Vivitar 283 isn't a 'bare bulb' flash. Just a standard Fresnel-reflector type.

    Use bounce flash or a flash bracket to ensure eliminating redeye. A filter won't work - unless it's dark blue or green, but I doubt that's an effect you want!
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    I have the 283 and (I'm pretty sure) all accessories for it - the lenses were either fresnel for wide angle or distance concentration, a diffuser or various colors. None did anything for red eye. The camera flash bracket Vivitar produced for the flash or the 283 specific bracket which held a white card at 45 degrees to the vertical position of the flash head would eliminate the red eye problem. Detailed manuals were available for the flash and all accessories. Might be worthwhile for the OP to find those on line..
  8. The bog-standard hotshoe-mount design of the 283 usually gets it far enough from the lens to make red-eye a non issue anyway.

    I still can't work out if the OP is winding us up with this, and other, rather off beat questions.
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  9. A lot of my formative flash photography was done with a 283 on the hot shoe of my Canon A-1. I rarely had red-eye issues even firing straight on, although as said bouncing makes it a non-issue.

    I too am puzzled by most of the questions the OP is posting...

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